[clip] MORE Sergeant Jung JiHoon/Rain at the Arirang World Peace Festival in Washington, D.C. (5/8)


~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

And here we have a SUPER video of Rain at the Arirang World Peace Festival, shot by Cloud USA’er @tonicNY.  Many thanks for your hard work, Toni! (FYI, Toni also helped coordinate the delivery of the flowers and gift on the ground in D.C. for Rain and Sangchu.  Seriously, a hardworking Cloud!  Everyone please thank her!  ♥)

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on May 9, 2013.

11 Responses to “[clip] MORE Sergeant Jung JiHoon/Rain at the Arirang World Peace Festival in Washington, D.C. (5/8)”

  1. A big thank you to all Clouds who shared their videos, pictures and their accounts of the day! They were like manna to a starving people and on US soil no less.!! Though I was heart broken to not be able to attend…I was thrilled for all of you who did get to attend this event. I don’t know how you all kept from passing out from pure excitement when he stepped out on the stage! WOW!
    Also, another big thank you to Terri and Stephe for sending the gifts and flowers to Jung Ji-Hoon! It made me so proud that you thought to do this for them.



  2. Thank you TonicNY for helping Cloud USA on this event!! I’m really glad you got the tickets and watched our man performing. He was amazing! 😀


  3. An awesome fancam. Yep it’s because of Clouds willing to share their video footage that I can see and enjoy Rain’s performances. These fancams keep Rain’s fans worldwide supporting him strongly. I believe Rain has one of the best connected and unified fan clubs in k-pop.


  4. I too say thank you . A real #1 Cloud.


  5. Thank you so much,TonicNY!! We really appreciate your hardwork and gentleness.(^^♪


  6. Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my video here, on twitter and on You Tube. My hands were a bit shaky being that it was my first time taking a video of Rain as I can usually have steadier hands. I think I need more practice and need to keep filming him so I can get better at taking his videos….
    So many Clouds have shared beautiful videos so I was happy to finally be able to video one of my own.
    Also you’re Welcome about the gifts but I really did not do much as it was Terri who ordered them and Latasha the Sales Director who went out of her way to make sure they were set up in their dressing room. I just confirmed it all as I was right there. I am sending flowers to Latasha as from my very first phone call to her about the possibility of attending this event she has been nothing but gracious and kind with being so friendly and pleasant to deal with even on my last phone call to her on Monday the 6th when I almost didn’t call her as I never received a reply from JIART and had given up hope. She said “I am glad you called me, we have tickets” then the rest is history.
    About picking up tickets for another Cloud, why wouldn’t I when I was already there, I was a bit nervous as I was only able to get back to the theatre by like at 4:50pm and tickets were to be picked up by 5pm(Washington traffic is bad ). Another aspect of fandom is not just about the artist it is also about the new friendships that develop while supporting that artist. It is so much fun to talk to other fans who share the same interest as you. I met some really beautiful Clouds and hope to meet more in the future.
    I am very happy it all worked out.


  7. Toni, thank you sister cloud and to all our cloud brothers and sisters nation wide because so many of you have contributed so much so all of us can enjoy Rain/ JiHoon in concerts during his films and his life basically.

    So to all of you known and unknown I thank you so very much and I appreciate you more than you know. We are clouds and we love our man JiHoon and those of you that share your pictures, videos and info, you ROCK! I love you all… Muah💭💗☔Jules/Lotus

    BTW JiHoon, you look absolutely gorgeous! Hollywood swinging!!!🎬 Your in fighting shape 🎤 in every way! I am so anxious I can’t stand it. Hahahaha Hollywood watch out our man is coming, 👑of Kpop! JiHoon I love you my brother….


  8. Wow, thank you so much for this great footage tonicNY


  9. felizz de tener noticias de rain , gracias


  10. Thank you tonicNY for your diligence in coordinating Bi’s goodies. No doubt he enjoyed them.

    Poor thing……he’s done these songs so much, dude went into the “opera” voice for a few seconds being silly no doubt. LOL. I guess he needed to break up the monotony for a little bit.


    • Not only that, tonicNY also picked up tickets for a Cloud that was on the road but couldn’t get there in time to pick her own tickets up. Even though she had already left the theater and was on a city tour when I called her and asked her if she might be able to do that.

      She didn’t even hesitate. She’s one sweet lady.

      Terri :-}


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