Yesterday’s (5/4) Consolatory Train Rain Treat

Consolatory Train Rain - 5_4_13

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

For those of us who missed the live streaming of this performance this morning (in the U.S.A.), here’s Rain performing “Hip Song” and a delightful “Instead of Saying Goodbye” in today’s Consolatory Train at the Family Rock Festival.

[Video credits: vividly12blue on YouTube and ratoka on The Cloud]

All I can say is Rain sure does look like a short-timer to me.  :-}

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on May 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “Yesterday’s (5/4) Consolatory Train Rain Treat”

  1. I wasn’t aware that this event was being broadcast live until about 15 minutes before when I was just doing my morning routine of checking online while having breakfast and came across the tweets. It was an awesome Saturday morning treat and a great line up of singers. I am very happy that many fans were able to be there. There are so many beautiful pictures and videos being shared from this event. Thanks to all.


  2. For those who missed the live streaming… here is my ‘fan account’

    The reporter keep on interviewing people the first half hour of the show. The good thing is, from all the people they interviewed, they all said they want to see ‘worlde star’ – ‘비’ – ‘RAIN’.
    When its getting closer to RAIN time, the server got quite busy, keep on freezing.
    And when “Instead of Saying Goodbye” just started, the reporter appeared again to say goodbye to the audience >.<
    AND half way to the song, we got to see the fireworks instead of RAIN @#$!!!
    So you didn't miss out a lot because you can see more of RAIN on the fancam than the live streaming ^^

    Thank you for sharing the fancam ^^


  3. thanks!!!!


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