[fanmade] For Sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon: There’s Not a Hero Like You

Latin Cloud Union

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Please enjoy this lovely fanmade video project from Rain’s Latin Clouds, in honor of his promotion to Sergeant.

Thank you, Latin Clouds.  There is no other hero like him, indeed.

Terri :-}

[Video Credit: Rain Imyours on YouTube]

The Latin Clouds’ message posted on The Cloud, by Tefi:

My dear Cloud Sisters,
We want to share with you this video we have made to celebrate Rain’s Promotion to Sergeant. Clouds from different parts of Latin America have sent their pictures to show their love for Rain and our continuous support.  Also, just to make our dear Sergeant smile a little bit, the admins of some of the fan clubs here have posed like him [in some of his photos]…We truly hope you like it!
Latin America is waiting for Rain!

~ by Cloud USA on May 5, 2013.

5 Responses to “[fanmade] For Sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon: There’s Not a Hero Like You”

  1. So nice thanks for sharing


  2. So beautiful sisters. Mucho Pesos😃


  3. Thank you for sharing our video!!! We had fun doing it… of all the admis I think I’m the cutest… hehehehe *dreams* grateful to all the clouds that participated! =)…


  4. wwooww happy and proud to be clouds! rain unites us! thank you very much for uploading this video , yes Latin America is waiting for Rain! the world is waiting for rain , thanks for video Rain Imyours , excellent work


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