Tweets (and posts) abound: Consolatory (t)Rain on May 4.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Source credit: K-Force Consolatory Train Twitter. English translation by  화니.)

-Military broadcast ‘Consolatory Train’ scheduled for May 4th-

Time : 19:00~2100 / Location : the Bundang-gu Office square / Guest performers : 9Muses, First, Rania, Girl’s Day, Jeockw, Kim Kyung-Hyun (The Cross). Kyunwoo, KCM, {Mighty Mouth ^@@^}, and Rain / This concert is open to public.


(Source credit: Consolatory Train sub-page English translation by  화니.)

The guest list for ‘Consolatory Train’ for the 15th Air Force Special Activity Wing scheduled for May 4th (Sat)

MCs : Leeteuk & Yun Sung Kyung

Girl’s Day
Kim Kyung-Hyun (The Cross)
{Mighty Mouth ^@@^}


(Source credit: The official Seongnam City Twitter. English translation by  화니.)

Family Rock Festival’ will be held at the grass square in front of Bundang office (district office) from May 4 (Sat) to 5 (Sun), for two days, under the sponsorship of ABN TV and the Defense Media Agency, with the support of Seongnam city. Visual show “Consolatory Train” featuring many singers including popular singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) and various event programs will be provided. So bring the whole family and make it a day to remember^^



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One Response to “Tweets (and posts) abound: Consolatory (t)Rain on May 4.”

  1. Wow, he’s certainly staying busy right up til the last day. His time has gotta be flying by fast.


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