[article] Rain’s Fans Donate a Large Sum to Celebrate 11th Anniversary.

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eNews World 4/30/2013 — by Grace Danbi Hong

Rain’s Fans Donate a Large Sum to Celebrate 11th Anniversary

Celebrating his 11th anniversary in the army must be rough, but we bet Rain is smiling up a storm with his fans doing good deeds for the special occasion.


For his 11th anniversary on April 28, Clouds, Rain’s fanclub name, donated a large sum of 11,370,000 won to UNICEF to support children. The donation not only came from the official Cloud fanclub in Korea, but from all around the world, including Canada, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, Vietnam. The donation was made under the name of ‘Rain Fans United.’

‘Rain Fans United’ stated that it is donating to be even just a little help for children suffering all around the world. 2013 also happens to be United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation, and the fans found it fitting to celebrate Rain’s 11th anniversary, which falls close to World Malaria Day 2013 on April 25.

The fans hoped that the donations will be used to provide clean water as well as medication and supplies for malaria.

Photo Credit: Rainy Entertainment

~ by Cloud USA on April 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “[article] Rain’s Fans Donate a Large Sum to Celebrate 11th Anniversary.”

  1. Well done CLOUDS!!! I’m proud of it to be in this family! 😀


  2. So awesome.


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