Rain’s fans from 17 nations donate over $10,000 USD to UNICEF for his 11th Debut Anniversary.

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CLICK image for the UNICEF international site.

» Our previous post announcing the Charitable Donation Project to Celebrate Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary, back on April 10, is HERE.

The project has come to fruition ( ₩11,370,000 KRW = $10,200. USD), and UNICEF Korea has posted about the donation on their 유니세프 WeAction (UNICEF WeAction) Facebook page. Way to go, Clouds. We did it! Congratulations, Jung JiHoon! Big Thanks to Rain’s official Cloud Fan Community in Korea, of which we are a part, for initiating this very worthy project.

Rain’s philanthropy has been as much a part of his life as his entertaining. He has given to many, many worthy causes over the years, large and small, local and international, personally and professionally, before leaving for his mandatory military service, and in doing so, inspires his fans to always follow his lead. Our hearts go out to all the children of UNICEF, and we hope to have helped them in some way, no matter how small.

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(Source credit: 유니세프 WeAction @FB. English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board)

Applause! To celebrate the 11th anniversary of his debut, Rain’s fans from 17 nations including the USA, China, Peru, Spain, etc. sent a contribution of ₩ 11,370,000 to UNICEF. +_+
It is true that Rain is a very kind-hearted singer who gave 50 wells to Cambodian children as gifts in 2006. Like him, his fans seem to be big-hearted. @_@
The devotion of his fans from around the world will make a valuable gift for both young friends who need support and Rain. 🙂

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~ by Cloud USA on April 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Rain’s fans from 17 nations donate over $10,000 USD to UNICEF for his 11th Debut Anniversary.”

  1. Clouds are so awesome. :-}

    Terri :-}


  2. This is awesome news! So glad to have taken part. *SMILES*…………………


  3. Aww, I wish I knew where to donate. I would have love to donate money.


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