Information regarding Rain in the USA in May.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


As posted by NovemberRain @The Cloud Rain News Board. Big thanks to her and the other Clouds involved in getting this information.^^


NEW INFO regarding RAIN in USA, posted by NovemberRain @The Cloud 4/20/2013
Source: RAIN’s Little Cloud blogspot

Various reports have been made regarding Rain and his participation at events in Washington, D.C. (USA) commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. Not all reports are accurate and as more information has been made available, we at RAIN’s Little Cloud have tried to keep you as up to date as possible. We will continue to do so.

What has been confirmed by officials at ROK’s Defense Department:

Arirang World Peace Festival event will be held May 8, 2013 at 3 p.m. (EDT)
in Washington, D.C.

Public information services support soldier Jung Ji-Hoon will only
compere and bring the festival to a close.

New information has been reported at a website dated 2013.04.19 but it has not been officially confirmed by ROK.

brief English translation by BiArashi
source: qqq at DC Inside

Arirang World Peace Festival event in Washington, DC, USA on May 8, 2013 at 3 p.m. at the Warner Theatre. Department of Defense PR support crew Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) and Sangchu (Lee Sang Chul) are going to participate.

‘세계평화페스티벌 아리랑’행사는 미국시간으로 2013년 5월 8일 15시에 Washington, D.C. Warner Theatre에서 열리며 국방부 홍보지원대원으로는 비(정지훈)과 상추(이상철)가 참가 예정입니다.

Additional information – Confirmation of Event at Warner Theatre

source: staff at RLC

Contact was made by RAIN’s Little Cloud with the adminitrative office of Warner Theatre regarding this event since it is not listed on their website. A spokesperson at the administrative office confirmed that the Arirang Festival for World Peace is listed as private and not open to the general public. The spokesperson suggested that the host of the event be contacted regarding how to attend; however, they did not have a name for the host available.

~ by Cloud USA on April 20, 2013.

14 Responses to “Information regarding Rain in the USA in May.”

  1. Hey are any clouds planning to go?


  2. Terri and I were talking about this by email We are glad RainRain is coming and hopefully one of our Korean Clouds are invited to Washington This way we can all be filled in with videos and pictures


    • I second that Robin. What I would truly like to see is Bi with either/or the President and the First Lady. That’s the pic I want to see the most. Mainly, because it’s something Bi wanted from before and secondly to see 3 of my “favs” in one photo together would be awesome. Can’t wait!………..*SMILES*


      • Yeah, I really do hope that at least a few of our Clouds have connections in D.C. and can get tickets AND will share their pics/vids with the rest of us Clouds.

        Pretty, pretty please??? (Yes, that is Terri begging…)

        Terri :-}


        • I just went to Facebook and there is a page commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and it’s mainly dedicated to Korean War veterans (I wanted to know more so I do like I always do). It struck me just how diverse our armed forces really are (Not that I didn’t know that already). Even though back when this war was being fought there were still racial and equality struggles going on in our own country, but when it came to fighting in the war we were unified. It struck me how People can truly become “brothers” at arms. I’ve said many times before we are all more alike than we are different.

          (*end of soapbox moment……putting violins down now*)….SMILES


  3. Reblogged this on Lynn's World and commented:
    Awww, not open to the public. : (


  4. Awww : (


    • I know. 😦 😦 😦

      But we kind of expected it, with him being here as an ROK soldier (i.e. the property of South Korea) rather than a civilian. *sigh*

      Stephe ^@@^

      P.S. But that doesn’t mean Clouds can’t be a presence in the area anyway, right? A testament to the media and everyone else that Rain has fans of every kind here!


      • You know, I love the fact that Bi will be here. However, I felt from the beginning the event would probably not be open to the public. Mainly, because of recent events in the news and the extra precautions that would have undoubtedly been necessary to put into place. However, that being said, the event itself marks something between the U.S. and Korea specifically. To be blunt, the GENERAL American public may not have been interested enough to warrant the event being open to the masses anyway (IMHO). Our government officials host various dignitaries from different countries all the time and those type of dinners, events…etc. are private too. Sometimes you’ll see a blip on the news, sometimes not.

        I just hope whoever gets “the golden ticket” to be at the event gets some really good pics from inside the shindig. I am definitely looking forward to that!!


        • Like you, I also figured that this would be a private event from the get-go–especially with two nations’ President being involved. However, I’m thinking that the Korean media are going to be covering the heck out of this event. So, surely some cameraman somewhere will be capturing any “presidential” moments that Rain happens to have.

          And if not, maybe like at the most recent Time 100 event, someone will be so mesmerized by him that they won’t be able to stop themselves from posting pics of themselves with him somewhere on the Internet.

          Either way, you better believe that we will be on it like Donkey Kong. LOL.

          Terri :-}


          • On like Donkey Kong indeed!! You better believe Somebody will be all upon the sexy soldier goodness that is JiHoon Jung. Also, Bi and Barack……I can hardly stand it! I also love it when Bi turns into a giddy fanboy like he was with Sting. *SMILES* He’s so cute.
            Love those “real” moments like that. If I was in the same room with Bi and Barack….O-M-G!! That would be a Depends moment if ever there was one……*just saying*…..LOL!! (*just kidding actually*)


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