[+ article] Tweets abound: ROK Ministry of National Defense on Rain coming to the U.S. in May.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


And so, the “news” of Corporal Jung JiHoon participating in a Washington DC fashion show, in hanbok, is greatly exaggerated. (Who’s surprised at more incorrect Rain articles? Anybody? *crickets* Didn’t think so.)

*Note: The military is saying May 8. The press is saying May 7. We’re going with the military on this one—although, it could be a two-day deal (or not). The actual dates should be nailed down in the coming days, so just hang loose and keep your ears open, everybody. Goodness! Rain, SangChu (Mighty Mouth) and his troop mates on the east coast in three weeks! You know, our soon-to-be sergeant didn’t get to meet the Obamas when he was here for the 2011 TIME Gala, to his disappointment, so this just might make up for that. 🙂

We are sending good vibes out into the matrix for the summit between President Obama and President Park, and the Festival Arirang for World Peace. We hope it makes for an even stronger bond between us all. ^@@^


(Source credit: Republic of Korea Defense Department spokesman @Twitter, 4/17/2013.)

[English translation by 화니] :
Some newspapers say that ‘Rain’ will attend a traditional Hanbok fashion show, but this story is not true.
Public information services support soldier ‘Rain’ (alias Jung Ji-Hoon or Bi) will only be the Master of Ceremonies and bring the ‘Festival Arirang for the World Peace’ to a close, in Part One and Two of the event that will be held in the USA on May 8th to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, respectively.



DramaFever Blog 4/17/2013 — by Missy

Rain to MC the Korean War 60th Anniversary ceremony in Washington D.C.


Singer Rain is getting ready to make an appearance overseas in celebration for 60th anniversary of the Korean War commencement. Rain, along with ten other celebrities who are currently in the military, will be attending the ceremony, which well be held in Washington on May 7th.

“World Peace Festival Arirang” will be separated into two parts, and Rain will MC the first half as well as the special performer. In the second half, Sang Chu will take over as the MC, and will meet with former soldiers as well as families of deceased soldiers who fought in the war.

This ceremony will be particularly special, as it is held on the same day as the summit meeting between President Park Geun Hye and Barack Obama in the White House.

(Source: http://www.news.nate.com)


~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2013.

25 Responses to “[+ article] Tweets abound: ROK Ministry of National Defense on Rain coming to the U.S. in May.”

  1. Further word is Rain is definitely coming to the U.S.A. to this festival. The event will be held at the Warner Theater. Calls to the theater have confirmed that this is a “private” event. Rain will be MC’ing part of the show. It’s still unclear as to whether or not he will be actually performing.

    Anybody have an invitation to this thing??? LOL.

    Terri :-}


    • OMG!!! I wish!! ;( so sad its private!!


    • i wish i only live an hour away and would give anything to see him there are 3 major airports he can fly into does any one know when exactly when and where he will be arriving because he can come into bwi reagan national or dulles im hoping dulles because ts the closest to my house and easiest to get to so that even if cant go to the event maybe greet him at the airport
      i bet the event is going to stay private because the first lady is suppose to attend and because of the attack in boston


  2. I am heading to DC for this and hope it is open to the public. Any further info on venue or anything?! I count on you Clouds to have the most up to date info!! ❤


    • Just got a tweet that it is supposed to be at the Warner Theater. Not confirmed yet though, and the event is NOT on the theater’s event calendar. Don’t know if it will be a private event or not.

      Terri :-}


  3. I read about this on Hancinema. I e-mailed Terri about it
    Just wonderful, time to make plans to go to Washington


  4. I am not jealous…I am not jealous..I am not jealous…at all 😉 Dammit !I am jealous 😀


  5. God willing and with pain meds in tow, I will make the 3 1/2 hr. trip to see greatness. Plus both my father and father-in-law were Korean War Veterans.
    But mostly for Rain…Lol ^~^


  6. Ok, I think I’ve calmed down a bit since yesterday. LOL. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about going anywhere. I was all over the map yesterday with my excitement (and this morning). I sure hope its open to the public. I agree with Stephe it would make sense this type of event would have some seats for the public. I hope they don’t wait until a couple of days before the event to post the details.


  7. Awe this is so Awesome! JiHoon will meet him I know it! I’m so excited for him. 😀


  8. If this really happe, i would love to get in touch with the clouds that are planning to come, so i can meet them.


  9. This information was confirmed I see. As I said yesterday, it sounds Hella exciting and hopefully Bi will get to fulfill his wish to meet The President and First Lady.

    As far as it being open to the public, keep your fingers crossed but don’t hold your breath. My state just got rocked with explosions this early a.m. and they still don’t know if it was just an unfortunate accident or a terror attack. All this stuff seems mighty coincidental to me, but hey who am I. Also, with North Korea still tripping who knows. I do hope no further incidents happen and the good will that is being promoted can continue.


  10. Omg!!!!! Omg!! I want to go sense i heard about this!!!! I would sooooo love to go see bi!! Omg i live him sooo much!!! 😀


  11. This certainly sounds very tempting to go to, its an 8 hour drive from where I am and to maybe see Rain on my birthday would be the most memorable. Do hope more specific details are given out and civilians can attend. This could possibly be a concert type event but there is no mention of it anywhere. Happy and proud fan that Rain and his fellow celebrity soldiers are part of this meaningful event.


  12. OMG!!!!!…I’m smiling from ear to ear…..:D I hope they air this on tv


  13. The more I think about this, the more exciting I think it’ll be. There will be a lot of news agencies from the East as well as ours. I believe Rain will be filmed as well. Wouldnt it be kool if the Prez said, “oh Rain, yes Ive heard of you” wishfull thinking lolss.


  14. That loud thud you heard was me falling over in shock and excitement. Is this open to the public or is it private?


  15. Yes!!! I am happy about this. I hope fans will organize to go at least to the airport since who knows if civilians can attend the ceremony. Security will be tight. I also hope Rain will get a chance to meet the Prez this time.


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