Kim TaeWoo jokes around with his junior, Rain, about Kim TaeHee. :P

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Soooo, Big Tae—back a while, you tried to impress your “little brother” Rain and puff out your chest by lying to him about dating award-winning actress TaeHee while you served, eh? Only to see HIM do it now FOR REAL. Bwahahaha! Hilarious. kekekekeke

(I have to wonder if TaeWoo hyung realizes he’s admitting that Rain and TaeHee are dating with his statement. Well, of course he does. LMAO! Confirmation #2. Thanks, dude! kekekeke) ^@@^



DramaFever Blog 4/11/2013 — by Missy

Kim Tae Woo Told Rain He’d Dated Kim Tae Hee Too

During MCB Golden Fishery: Radio Star, which aired on April 10th, Kim Tae Woo appeared on the show as a guest, revealing that he once had joked around with Rain about being in a relationship with Kim Tae Hee. When Kim Tae Woo admitted to having a close relationship with the singer, the MCs asked, “We heard that you lied that you were in a relationship with Kim Tae Hee during your military years so you could get closer to Rain. Don’t you feel sorry?”

Kim Tae Woo then replied, “I think Rain is amazing for making that statement a reality (for himself).”

What kind of white lies did you tell your friends to get closer to them?


~ by Cloud USA on April 12, 2013.

23 Responses to “Kim TaeWoo jokes around with his junior, Rain, about Kim TaeHee. :P”

  1. RAIN and Kim Tae Woo are both my favorites. Love the music.


  2. Wow….just wow…


  3. Yup, Popularity Award and Best Couple Award? And 2 Best New Actress Awards for widening her eyes during acting. Splendid just splendid! I must say, Rain totally deserves her. They deserve each other because they both suck. Yup, k-netizens, spread the hate!


  4. This whole Tae Hee thing is funny. I can’t wait until July just so they can cop to it out in the open already.

    Stephe you “gone” get enough of “tweaking” Cloud’s noses with this Tae Hee stuff. Girl’s can only take so much.

    (*funny as hell to watch though……….Kekekekekeke*)


    • Hey, I can’t help it if I’m not “hung up” like that…

      Goading wasn’t my intent, truly. It gave me a great laugh because Big Tae is always saying something to ride Rain’s rails. He’s so funny, and a cool big brother.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Stephe says: “Goading wasn’t my intent, truly.”

        I know that…….I was just yanking your chain. *SMILES*………………


  5. Terri showed me a video clip at an awards show the other day when Rain and TaeHee casually met as colleagues in the audience for a few seconds. 2007-ish… By that time, she’d done lots of dramas and films, to my knowledge, so it stands to reason Rain and other celebs would have recognized her name even if they had not met.

    You know how guys brag to their friends and younger guys who look up to them that they know this actress and that model and this beauty queen and that singer to make themselves look good at the time? “Heck yeah, dude, I met Scarlett Johannson and she’s crazy about me. She won’t take no for an answer.” I’ll just bet that now that he knows it was B.S., Rain has been teasing Big Tae every chance he gets. LMAO

    An ex-boyfriend of mine did that once to get my attention because I was going to break up with him. He had the audacity to claim that Stephanie Mills called him all the time, but that he preferred “his Stephanie” (me). Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. ROFL!

    I also think that by “to get close to Rain”, they were actually trying to say “to impress Rain.” IMO

    Stephe ^@@^

    Edited to Add: They were like, where is KTH? Oh, there she is, by Bi! *playing musical chairs* LOL


    • Yah I’m guessing it was a miss translation to me it looks like they were saying he’s “know” her since then. I’m probably just interpreting it wrong.


      • Heck, Dot, I have to re-read stuff like a hundred times, I know they mean well, but the English and translating can be so doggone confusing. @____@

        Stephe ^@@^


    • Speaking of boyfriend’s trying to impress their friends. What happened to me was not celebrity related it was personal. However, I found out (years later mind you) that hubby showed a rather (sorta kinda not for friends’ eyes) photo of ME to one of his buddies when we were in the dating phase.

      I was like……”you did WHAT?!”….but then I remembered the pic and well I couldn’t blame him too much. The pic was pretty impressive if I do brag a little and not too, too much was shown….but the idea. *Kekekekekeke*

      This is why if you’re dating a guy in the military, be careful what photos you send to him in the mail because HE WILL show his friends. I found that out.


  6. LOL!

    As far as I know, she’s been nominated for 12 or so, and won 9 or 10 of them. So exactly what did I say wrong? LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. OK I’m confused, he said that he was dating KTH during “his” military stint, so he could get close to rain? That was 2007-09, just how long has JJH and KTH known each other then? Suspicious. (or it could just be lost in translations too)


  8. Pfffft! Award-winning actress my ass!


    • Aaah yah ……

      2003 SBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Stairway to Heaven Won
      2004 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Forbidden Love Won
      SBS Drama Awards Top 10 Stars Love Story in Harvard Won
      Popularity award Won
      2005 Baeksang Arts Awards Popularity Award, Actress in TV Won
      2007 Popularity Award, Actress in Film The Restless Won
      Grand Bell Awards Overseas Popularity Award, Actress Won
      Blue Dragon Film Awards Popularity Award Won
      2009 KBS Drama Awards Best Couple with Lee Byung-hun Iris Won
      Excellence Award, Actress Won


    • Just gosh.

      Terri :-}


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