Rain’s Argentinian Clouds donate to the victims of massive flooding in their country.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As posted by NubeArgentina @The Cloud English Talk Board, on April 9, concerning » the horrific flooding that has stricken Argentina. What a wonderful thing to do. Thumbs up, Argentinian sisters!

This is how Clouds truly celebrate and support Rain, by being a reflection of him in ALL ways, including helping others whenever the need arises, as he himself would do and has done many times. ^@@^


Donations made for Rain’s Anniversary/Massive flooding in Argentina, 4/9/2013

Posted by: NubeArgentina @The Cloud

There was a massive flooding in La Plata, Buenos Aires on Tuesday into Wednesday. The storm knocked out phone lines and left about half the city in the dark. Flood waters reached two meters in some places, turning roadways in La Plata – a city of 900,000 inhabitants – into a raging river.

The water inundated, causing property damages everywhere and rendering the food in many places inedible.


Donations were received from all over the country, and we decided to donate ourselves in the name of Jung Ji Hoon, our donation is small in comparison but it has been done with all of effort and heart…

We have done this now and not on the 24th for Rain’s anniversary as we had planned since this happened so suddenly, and the Red Cross was taking donations only up to today, so they can be sent during this week. These are some of the things we donated, that you can see on the pictures below:

1 gallon (gal) = 3.7 litres

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

10 liters of mineral water

10 liters of bleach

2 kilos of corn starch

2 kilos of powdered milk

8 liters of milk

1 kilo of corn grains

2 1/2 kilos of cornflour

8 kilos of sugar

6 kilos of wheat flour

11 kilos of rice

2 packages of sweets for the kids

5 kilos of herbs

3 packs of tea

9 kilos of noodles

2 boxes of clothing including: pants, short and long sleeves shirts and coats





~ by Cloud USA on April 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “Rain’s Argentinian Clouds donate to the victims of massive flooding in their country.”

  1. Awesome job Argentinian Clouds!! Rain and all Clouds feel really proud of you!! 😀


  2. felicidades amigas clouds de argentina !! rain estara muy orgulloso de ustedes !! un abrazo y mucha fuerza a todos los inundados !!


  3. Awesome!


  4. good job Rain’s Argentinian Clouds !!! we are so proud of you! Keep it up! As an example for Clouds all over the world!


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