Rain included in SOOMPI’s K-Pop MVPs from the Past 15 Years.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The “Rock Lee” of K-Pop is right. Hear, hear!

“Bad Guy” put him on the map, and he’s been there since. What a terrific video. You just knew the guy had something special. ^@@^


SOOMPI News 4/1/2013 — by soomp

[Soompi 15th] Our Picks for K-Pop MVPs from the Past 15 Years

2002: Rain


Rain was rejected by many agencies because they didn’t think he was attractive enough – talk about sticking it to the man. Rain is the Rock Lee of K-Pop – a genius at hard work, who’s shown his detractors time and time again through his success not only in music, but on TV in hit dramas like Full House, and on the big screen as well.

Debut song: “Bad Guy

Runner upLeessang

» To see all of SOOMPI’s pics for K-Pop MVP, see their post in its entirety on their news site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on April 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “Rain included in SOOMPI’s K-Pop MVPs from the Past 15 Years.”

  1. Rain looks so good


  2. This is my first time seeing the Bad Guy music video. It was great (minus the part of Rain getting shot….even fictional its weird to watch). Who is Rock Lee? Congrats to Rain on being a MVP on Soompi’s list.


  3. Im not sure what was wrong with these peoples eyes?????? Maybe they should go get them checked. “Not attractive enough” they need glasses!! He is crazy gorgeous! Are we sure hes human lol just kidding!! But he is amazingly perfect!!( just my opinion) 🙂


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