[results] More info on the Rain Twitter Trend Event #SgtRAINsD100.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

More results from the global Cloud event on Twitter celebrating Rain’s promotion to Sergeant and D-100.

Report on RAIN Twitter Trending #SgtRAINsD100, 4/1/2013

Posted by: NovemberRain @The Cloud Rain News Board

Dear Worldwide Cloud friends,

Thank you for supporting #SgtRAINsD100 Twitter Trending on April 1st, 22:00 KST – April 2nd 00:00 KST. We are proud of the results! #SgtRAINsD100 trended in 3 countries: South KoreaPeru and Indonesia.


There were an estimated 3500 tweets per hour. We did great! ^^

trend2 (1)

Thank you [구름] 강상연님 for Sergeant 100 event. And to all translator contributors: 화니님huhuhuhuBenghi.

If you missed the trending time, you still can leave your congratulatory messages for RAIN until April 5th at http://www.pindax.com/8756 Read the instruction on how to post http://rain-cloud.co.kr/board/view.asp?mstSeq=12&mstpSeq=&bcmSeq=6&seq=54842&page=1&searchType=title&searchStr=

See you in our next RAIN Twitter Trending.

°     °     °

[TWITTER TRENDING] Thank you ! We made TREND IN PERU !*__* #SgtRAINsD100 ♥

Posted by: Tefi @The Cloud Rain News Board



~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2013.

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