[article] Should North Korea’s Pandering Propaganda Worry K-Pop Fans?

Cloud USA co-founder Terri’s take on the alarming situation on the Korean peninsula, for K-Pop fans. Well done, Terri.

— Stephe ^@@^


Hellokpop 4/1/2013 — written by TerriKR, Hellokpop Chief Editor

Should North Korea’s Pandering Propaganda Worry K-Pop Fans?


K-Pop fans care a great deal about happenings that could potentially affect South Korea and their favorite Korean idols. So, as North Korea’s talk of war has escalated over recent weeks, we have become increasingly uneasy. Adding to our worry is the fact that some of our favorite K-Pop idols like RainSe7en, and Leeteuk, and actor Yoo Seung Ho, for example, are currently completing their mandatory military service in one of Republic of Korea’s three Armed Forces branches.

Certainly, the “warmongering rhetoric” coming out of North Korea is disturbing to more than just K-Pop fans. Kim Jong-un’s talk of being in a “state of war” with South Korea and of potentially carrying out a “preemptive nuclear strike” on the United States, its territories and its military units based in South Korea and Japan is being taken seriously not only by the U.S. and its allies, but also by much of the rest of the world. North Korea is behaving so badly at this point that even one of its staunchest allies, China, has called, “for all sides to ease tensions.” Even the Russian foreign ministry has urged everyone involved to “show restraint.”


On the other hand, the United States National Security Council has reminded everyone that North Korea “has a long history of bellicose rhetoric and threats,” and that the announcements currently coming from its leadership are following a “familiar pattern.” Also, South Korean personnel of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a “joint economic cooperation zone between the two Koreas situated on the North’s side of the border,” went to work on Saturday as usual–despite Kim Jong-un’s recent “invalidation” of the Korean Armistice Agreement. The South Korean government itself remains watchful and wary of the situation, but is downplaying this turn of events.  South Korean Armed Forces are also continuing to participate in the joint war exercises with the U.S., which were reportedly the cause of Kim Jong-un’s provocation in the first place.

So what does all of this mean to your average K-Pop fan? Should we really be worried about these events occurring in Korea? Frankly, no. No, we should not. But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

When the possibility exists that people we care about might be put in harm’s way, it’s only natural for us to want to worry. Still, what good does worrying do? If we worry ourselves sick, is it going to make the situation better? Is it going to make it go away? No, it will not. Worrying does not help anything. Instead, worry only makes us, well, worried. It also makes us pretty ineffective, when you really think about it.


But what if something happens in Korea, we ask, dejectedly? What if Kim Jong-un follows through on his threats and attacks South Korea or the U.S.? Well, what if he does? Do we think that by worrying we are going to make anything better? The chances are that worrying will just make us feel even worse than we already feel now.

It would be great to be able to say that, in the end, everything will turn out all right.  Unfortunately, no one can really say that with any surety.  Not even me.  However, there are a lot of people around the world who care about Korea and who are working extremely hard to make sure that the situation with North Korea doesn’t get out of control.  So, I think that the best tack is to let those people do their jobs and have a little faith, huh?

So, if we’re making the decision not to worry, then what do we do instead?  Below are some suggestions for you:

  •  First, don’t worry.
  • Write your favorite idols, family members and friends who are currently serving in the military somewhere in the world and let them know that they are loved, missed and greatly appreciated.
  • Write a letter to your local political representative/the leader of your country/the U.N. and tell them you want “POP (Peace on the Peninsula) for K-Pop.”
  • Tell everyone you want “POP (Peace on the Peninsula) for K-Pop” on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • Visit news international media outlets, find all of their stories about K-Pop and the North Korea situation, and in the comments sections tell everyone that you want “POP (Peace on the Peninsula) for K-Pop.”
  • Share the image below everywhere.


Do you have any fun suggestions of your own?  Please feel free to post them in the comment section below.  (And please don’t worry!)

Sources: News – ABCBBCBloombergCBSCNN (12345,), The Guardian; Photos – DEMA,Chibird.com

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2013.

34 Responses to “[article] Should North Korea’s Pandering Propaganda Worry K-Pop Fans?”

  1. to be honest i wasn’t paying attention to the situation. until i went to watch the movie Olympus has fallen. it really made me think that the situation was more serious than what i thought cuz they even made a movie using the current situation as a the main story behind. by the way rain would have done an awesome job acting in it even if he had to play the evil guy.


    • Rain would have LOVED playing the evil guy, haha! 😉

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I want to see that movie so bad. Rick Yune is playing the bad guy isn’t he?……Rain’s “big brother” from Ninja Assassin.

      Anyway, I want to see him and Angela Bassett do their thing because I also thought…..geez What If that actually happened here. I mean before 9/11 the idea that we (Americans) would be attacked on our own soil was SO not something any of us would have thought could happen. Yet it did. Seriously put things into a brand new perspective…..seriously!


  2. Terri as always a great article indeed. Praying and being grateful for all those brave men and women in the military protecting our/their country and for their safe return home to their loved ones.


    • Thanks, Toni.

      And thanks for the prayers. I’m doing a lot of that myself. My nephew in the U.S. Army is stationed in South Korea right now, so as you can imagine my family is concerned and watching the news like a hawk.

      Terri :-}


  3. Reblogged this on Lynn's World and commented:
    Our Cloud sister did an awesome job on this article so I just had to share


  4. Great article Terri! Well done. You know I’m fed up with Mr. Kim Jong Un and I’ve being a fan of kpop for a few years, so I can understand why the Koreans are like, “Oh please, here we go again. -.-” with this guy. But the thing is that this guy is mental so anything can happen. Kim Jong Un is doing this “war dance” because he’s loosing face in his kindom. Daddy is not around anymore to protect him and the only one left is uncle that is maybe more mental than him so we have two crazy, rabid dogs looking for a war that nobody wants . I’m calm because I know that China is not in the same bandwagon than North Korea and I believe they’re the only ones that can stop this madness. But the situation is critical and the USA have to be very careful with it, maybe not now because they have all their toys near Korea to protect it, but after they’re finish with their training because North Korea can make a move to hurt the South Koreans just to demonstrate that they can. Kim Jong Un is getting desperate because the UN sanctions and because the North Koreans are hungry and poor. Besides, there’s a woman running South Korea and he think less of her. The truth is his kindom is in jeopardy while South Korea is doing great so he needs to make a statement of his power. I’m praying that nothing happens, that our beloved JiHoon can finish his duty without any trouble and that all my kpop boys and girls stay safe. I’m praying for world peace because if this stupid guy wants, he can hurt the world. I pray for South Korea because they bring so much goodness to the world and this evil guy wants to hurt it just cuz he’s green with envy. I hope that Kim Jong Un can understand the value of life before is too late because he really can loose it if he keeps doing stupid moves. More than worried, I’m pissed cuz he’s playing games that can hurt people that I love dearly. :/


    • That’s why I’ll never understand dictators. Your people are starving yet you “force” their devotion to you. Is it real devotion? Of course not. What is it you really want real devotion or fake devotion born out of fear. Is it power over the people you want? Power over people who barely get enough to eat?? (*SMH*) Boy, that’s some power Kim Jong-Un…..bullying starving people.

      You know sometimes (and this is gonna sound real funky) I’m like diplomacy be damned. We have all this fire power, yet diplomacy must rule the day. Dictators like Kim Jong-Un don’t understand diplomacy nor or they interested. It’s “I want what I want so there…nannie, nannie boo boo!” I don’t advocate war necessarily either, but sometimes……………………….


    • Thank you, Mari. Well said.

      Terri :-}


      • Aghhh I really can’t stand this guy anymore!! >.< When he's gonna stop? Yesterday he closed the industrial park between the Koreas and today paraded a missil or whatever the hell it is to show the world he have it!! I mean, he REALLY wants to be destroyed, he's putting the target over his head! I'm praying that China do something fast cuz this guy is loosing it and its going to bring them down as well! Please, lets get a spy there like Agent 007 or better yet, Ji Woo to smack him around and left him comatose or something like that! Yes, I know that I'm dreaming but damn, he deserves it! :/


  5. Great article Terri. Hopefully nothing happens, war do not help, but does a lot of hurt.


  6. Great article Terri as usual! I do agree. Worrying won’t do anything and honestly, there is nothing you can do about another country’s business as it were. Heck, we have no control over our own military for that matter.

    From what I understand Kim Jong Un has Texas in his sights (Austin specifically). I’m like….”Well Damn” that’s a little too close for comfort. Honestly, I am not worried at this point…..besides, President Obama sent our fighter jets over there already (*as a precaution*). We’re not stupid, North Korea.


    • *Clarification*…………”we” as in the United States is not stupid.


    • LOL. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. But Austin? What in the world? I mostly take comfort in the fact that I don’t think his missles will have a chance in h*ll of getting all the way over here. But that sure doesn’t make me feel any better for South Korea. Sigh.

      On that note (the defense of South Korea note), The U.S. has now deployed two warships (one with a missile defense system) and at Dobbins Air Force base near my home, something BIG was going on yesterday, because my son goes to the university near there, and he said they had the entire highway (four lanes in both directions) blocked because they were on the move in a military convoy. They were moving some kind of huge equipment. (He was thinking it was ammunition.)

      The U.S. has no choice but to attempt to protect our ally, South Korea. But this whole thing sucks. Someone needs to spank brat Kim Jong-un’s butt.
      Terri :-}


      • Hey, you can laugh. People here are like….Huh?? The whole situation IS funny, yet it’s such a sad state of affairs.

        That’s why nobody takes Kim Jong-un seriously. I mean truly if you’re going to pick a city in Texas. Houston is the mecca of the Oil & Gas industry, as well as the Energy industry, not to mention NASA and a world renowned medical center, where all kinds of research is done. It’s massive and they are still expanding…..DUH! That’s what makes homie “comical.” My boss mentioned a while ago, that through some of her colleagues she found out that our city has indeed been targeted by other “groups” in the not to distant past (on the DL). So Austin (*SMH*), is some obscure choice that makes no sense other than it’s our state capitol.

        All I know is the President is like….Ok you sending for me? You wanna meet me outside in the parking lot? (*grabs boxing gloves*)……*SMILES* Nah…..I’m JUST KIDDING! Seriously, I think Kim Jong-Un needs to chill.


        • You know maybe is because they’re watching reruns of “The Six Million Dollar Man” and they think Austin is THE PLACE to target! Jesus!! :/


          • ROFL! Unbelievable. Is there an underground government in Austin or something that we all don’t know about? LOL.

            Terri :-}


            • We Texans have no idea. A local radio personality suggested that maybe it was because the annual SXSW event was held recently and usually a lot of press and celebrities come with that. They think Kim Jong-Un could possibly have been made aware of the city that way. Otherwise, nobody has a “frickin” clue. LOL!


          • LOL!



  7. Ahhhh I have been a little worried. Not like OMO! omo I’m crying worried, but more like every time I hear the news I get this sinking feeling. Just as you stated I do have idols I sincerely worry about in this situation so, thanks for the encouraging words! As an International fan, its sometimes difficult to find outlets to express your feeling ^^


    • Yeah, I know what you mean, Stormy. It’s worrisome.

      Even more worrisome now is that North Korea has closed its border entry point leading to the Kaesong Industrial Complex, where many South Koreans were allowed to cross the border and work. When they closed the border, there were about 800 workers in the Kaesong Industrial Complex at the time. So, essentially they are trapped there and unable to leave. Although North Korea has indicated that they would allow them to leave, they haven’t yet, as far as I know.

      And the U.S. has sent their THAAD system to South Korea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_High_Altitude_Area_Defense.


      Terri :-}


  8. I always pray for peace between North and South Korea. And for God to keep Rain safe. Thanks for this nice article, Terri! 🙂


  9. Well said there. Even if it doesn’t involve our beloved idol, we should not support war – it will be an endless terror for everyone involved. What you have suggested is good, no need to worry but do your part, in any way you can!!! Peace on earth! aja aja fighting Sarj JJH!!!


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