[ETA: Cloud Peru’s Addition & More Project Pics] Rain Chile & Latin Cloud Union’s “My Sweet Valentine” Project

[Edited to Add:  I have added more photos from the project, including Cloud Peru’s contribution!  Please see the photo gallery below.  Thanks, Terri :-}]


~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Well, look at that!  While Cloud USA was organizing our own Saint Valentine’s Day project for Rain here in the U.S., Latin American countries were busy organizing their own lovely effort.

Above are some photos of the Valentine’s Day cards Cloud Chile sent to Rain for their “My Sweet Valentine” project.  The project was sponsored by Cloud Chile and the Latin Cloud Union.  The letters and cards were sent directly to Rain’s army address, to cheer him on and show support.

According to Nathi29, on The Cloud, this was a project that was carried out in several Latin American countries.  Such sweet clouds!

If there are any other photos of any more fan clubs from this project, I do hope someone will share them where we can find them.  [Note: Please see the new photos in the gallery below, which include Cloud Peru’s contribution to the project.]

Terri :-}

Source: The Cloud’s Spanish Talk Board

~ by Cloud USA on March 24, 2013.

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