[info] R2B: Return to Base’s global path: France, Benelux, India, and Poland.

Written and compiled by Stephe Thornton @CloudUSA.org ^@@^

(Image courtesy of CJ Entertainment.)

(Image courtesy of CJ Entertainment.)

It was back last summer when we all learned that R2B: Return to Base (2012), South Korea’s very first aerial combat blockbuster, starring Rain (a.k.a. Jung JiHoon), had been purchased prior to its Korean release by some 30 countries. (A second article is HERE.)

Since then, the movie (as R2B: Return to Base, or Return To Base, or Soar Into The Sun, or Black Eagle) has landed for theatrical premieres in South Korea, the U.S.A., Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the London Korean Film Festival in England and Scotland, in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan. It has also been released on DVD and Blu-ray all over Asia, and on DVD in North America and the United Kingdom.

But that’s only 13 countries. We couldn’t help wondering what was going on in the other places, especially Europe.

Well, folks, R2B seems to have indeed made a global path across the planet, not just some of it. You just have to overcome language and server barriers to find it on DVD, Video on Demand, local television, and Internet portals from outside of those places that bought it.

Here are three sources for six of those additional countries, plus a serious movie database in a seventh country that rivals any other.

We’ll be sure to bring you any more locations if they come to light. (Or, if you find them first, do drop us a line.) Happy viewing!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

Wild Side Films, France. R2B: Return to Base on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD (Video on Demand), for French-speaking territories. (CLICK on image to go to page.)


Splendid Film, Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg). R2B: Return to Base on DVD and Blu-ray, for Dutch-speaking territories. Release 4/25/2013. As of this posting, the film is not available on Splendid Film Germany, though it was reportedly bought by them as well. It may have already been there, or we simply overlooked it. (CLICK on image to go to page.)


(Trailer courtesy of SplendidFilm Benelux @YouTube)

Movies Now, India. High Definition TV channel throughout the Republic of India. R2B: Return to Base is not on the schedule as of this posting, but if they did buy it as reported, with this being daily television, the film could have already had a broadcasting run OR be in the queue for upcoming broadcasts. (CLICK on image to go to site.)


Filmweb, Poland. The largest Polish website dedicated to movies and people in the industry, reportedly the second largest film base in the world (IMDb is the first). Users add, rate, and review films, discuss news, and partake of galleries, forums, and contests. The R2B: Return to Base page has different movie posters, a gallery, and comments.

I was very impressed when I easily found one of the most extensive cast and crew lists for R2B that I’ve seen on the Internet. Better than R2B pages on IMDb, or even some Korean portals (Daum’s is pretty good, however), or even any of the movie’s own websites. For one of the best compiled lists of actors and production crew, I had to go to Poland. What’s up with that. Filmweb gets a huge thumbs up from me! (CLICK on image to go to page.)


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