[info][R2B] CJ Entertainment America: Where to buy the Black Eagle North American DVD.

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{*Edited to Add: FYI, the news about Black Eagle on Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon first broke » waaaay back on February 5. Those of us who pre-ordered back around the end of February got it for $9. + change as well. ^@@^}

For any North American fans who are having trouble finding the Black Eagle DVD online since it was released in the U.S. and Canada on March 12, CJ Entertainment America has put up a new R2B website in order to give you a helping hand. Nicely done. Thanks, CJ!

» Click HERE to visit BlackEagleMovie.com.




~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2013.

24 Responses to “[info][R2B] CJ Entertainment America: Where to buy the Black Eagle North American DVD.”

  1. Alright guys, great news, I mean, really great. GREAT!

    I bought a copy of Black Eagle off iTunes today for $12.99 so I can watch it on my iPad! Whoo hoo! and it came with the option to watch it Korean style with American subs, yea hea! I. AM. SO. HAPPY. RIGHT. NOW! You just don’t know. So. So. Happy! And, I’m gonna watch it again on my lunch. Who cares that I don’t make it through the whole movie, not a care, just that I get to have my Jihoon with me at work to make my day a whole lot brighter! Oh and thanks for the opinions, guys, but I still don’t like the voice done for Rain, but it’s my cross to bear. I don’t normally have a problem with dubbing, but this one is mainly because it’s Rain and he’s special and he has an awesome voice, it was the thing that drew me to him until I saw those wonderful thighs in black slacks, but I digress.

    So, if anyone wants a digital copy of Black Eagle, check out iTunes, you can rent it for $4.99 and I think you can keep it for 30 days, I think, but don’t quote. But you can buy it for $12.99 and upload it to any Apple device or media player that plays iTunes.

    Have fun! I do/did!


  2. ** Spoiler Alert **………..Maybe

    You know, I’ve watched the movie several times now since I got it and I gotta hand it to CJ Entertainment. I can tell now that they made some subtle changes that would obviously appeal to an American viewer and probably did so for other viewers in other countries as well. The reason I think so is the movie doesn’t “feel” as disjointed as it did when I first saw it in the theater. It “flows” better and I swear and be damned I can’t tell where the “changes” are really, except for one obvious thing. The U.S. Commander/leader of the North Korean operation got a little “re-edit” on his speaking lines. He didn’t speak in “slow motion” like he did on the theater version. I thought…..”oh that’s one thing that’s different. Damn good edit job CJ Entertainment!


    • Huh. You know, I didn’t notice that about the U.S. Commander in the North American version. I need to go and watch his scenes again. Maybe I was covering my ears or something. LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • No doubt he Did still speak slower than the average American would speak conversationally, But it wasn’t nearly as slow as the first time I heard him in the theater. In the theater, I felt like I wanted to drag the words out of his mouth he spoke so slow.

        You know, to be honest, even if the original purpose of the slow talking was because this movie was filmed for a Korean audience…to me it doesn’t matter. If you don’t know the language, you don’t know it. They can speak it fast or slow you still won’t understand it. I say just let the actor’s speak normally and just subtitle that part. You see that in American movies all the time, when there is a part spoken in a foreign tongue. The actor just speaks the language normally and only that part is subtitled. Oh well, not a big deal…..I’m seriously enjoying this home version of the movie and even got a certain husband to watch “snippets” of it last night. He had the nerve to ask me…..”So which one is Rain?” and I said “the cute one.” He then proceeded to roll over and feign sleep after that…..LOL!


        • LOL. Oh, that Mr. BiA. He’s such a hoot. 🙂

          I honestly have to say that the English I’ve heard in most Korean productions (even major ones) is terrible. I also tend to see the same “American” looking actors working in lots of different dramas and movies, and most of them are horrible English speakers. I keep wondering why none of the directors can figure out this is a major problem–especially these days when a global audience is watching them so closely. Every time I see it, I have to fight off the urge to write the director or the entertainment company and beg them to hire real American-English native-speaking actors for their productions. And I’m not talking about those quasi-English-speaking actors from Europe or Asia who have been living outside of the U.S. all of their lives, and who speak English with a terribly thick accent.

          Of course, there are many issues with hiring an American actor, obviously. I totally get that. First of all, how many American actors are looking for acting opportunities in Korea? Likely not many. Also, hiring an actor from overseas can be iffy if you don’t have the right industry contacts. You never know what quality you are going to really get, because Hollywood reps can be such shysters.

          Then you have to fly them to Korea and find them a place to stay. And then, if they don’t speak Korean (which they probably won’t), then you have to hire an interpreter to be on the set with them whenever they are working. And how many interpreters can there possibly be in the Korean TV/Movie industry? Probably not a lot yet, seeing as how Korean is just now gaining popularity with language students worldwide.

          And then there’s the other problem of how badly even A-List actors in Korea speak English. How rare are English coaches in the Korean TV/Movie industry? Wow. Talk about lucrative job opportunities. Suddenly, I’m kicking herself for studying French and German in school way back when instead of Korean. Then again, it wasn’t like Korean was even OFFERED in my school way back when either. Not even in college. Sigh. Heck, nothing of note was offered way back then. We didn’t even have a computer science degree offered at my school until AFTER I graduated.

          And now the same school is offering Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Italian. All they offered when I was going there was French, Spanish and German. They did start offering Russian my Senior year, and I took two quarters of that before I graduated. I’m so jealous of students these days and all of the opportunities they are offered. Sigh.

          Terri :-}


        • BiA said:

          I’m seriously enjoying this home version of the movie and even got a certain husband to watch “snippets” of it last night. He had the nerve to ask me…..”So which one is Rain?” and I said “the cute one.” He then proceeded to roll over and feign sleep after that…..LOL!

          ROFL! 😛

          The stilted English gave me a laugh, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things. It certainly doesn’t make or break the movie.

          Stephe ^@@^


          • No it didn’t make or break the movie at all. I’m quite satisfied, because I saw all the “sexy” I wanted to see wrapped up in JiHoon Jung from the beginning to the end. *SMILES*……………….

            One more thing hubby said (he was in rare form yesterday). “You know I’m the one who introduced you to Rain anyway”….LOL! I’m like….”What?? Man, we were BOTH at the Blockbuster that night when the clerk asked us if we liked ninja movies….geez! I introduced myself to Rain!”……LOL!

            (*Shoulder shrug*)……what can I say…that man of mine. Does any other Cloud have one like mine at home?….*SMILES*


            • No he did not make THAT claim, did he?? Dude, really? LMAO! 😀

              Stephe ^@@^


              • Yes, he did. He let the BS flag fly high. He was yanking my chain and being jealous all at the same time. In other words, he “introduced” me to Rain now I got the “hots” for him. I said….”you really like to hear yourself talk don’t you?” This statement he ignored and played sleep again. Yes, we “mature” adults (he and I) can be quite silly sometimes. LOL!


  3. I finally received my copy of “Black Eagle” today and it was AWESOME!!!! I watched it in my laptop just because I wanted to watch it on my own first. When it started, it was in English so I had to go back and change it to korean with eng. subs. Of course I wanted to hear JiHoon’s voice! 😀 It was all I thought it would be and more!

    The film is beautiful, exhilarating and so fast you can’t take your eyes off it cuz you’ll miss something! I will watch it again cuz I know I missed some details. JiHoon look georgeous! There were so many scenes that I just looked at him and I was breathless cuz he looked soo handsome! Humor scenes were great, he’s such a clown but they were short and not as many as I thought.

    The romance scenes were good, of course I wanted those kissing scenes back on the movie but after watching the whole thing, yeah maybe they were going to be too much only cuz the girl’s character is the no touchy kind, she’s kind of skittish so that’s why the director probably decided to take them out. Sighhh I cried watching the movie cuz the kid, the son of one of the soldiers, he broke my heart. I don’t want to mention why cuz I’ll give a spoiler and I don’t want to but if you watched the movie, you know the scene I’m talking about. OMG I meltdown cuz it made me think about the actual situation in Korea and to say the truth, I’m scared.

    Regarding the cast, JiHoon was awesome and he did an amazing job. His character could’ve used a little more background, it’s true but JiHoon gave him a heart so at the end you love his character and you want him to live so I think he achieve his goals with the character. The girl was good too and I liked the younger soldier, he did well. The kid did a wonderful job, the dad and his girlfriend did well too. All the cast did well, it was a fun movie to watch. 😀


    • Oooooh, glad for you, Mari! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the story.

      You’re making me want to pop it in my DVD again… like I haven’t watched it a gazillion times already. LOL!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I have to watch it a gazzilions times too! Specially the actions scenes, my goodness they go so fast!! I think the special effects team did a superb job with the movie! It was a wild ride! 😀


  4. You know I’m also a “Special Features” kinda girl too. I noticed as I watched all the extras, there were several scenes that didn’t make it to the final film. Sometimes I’m like “dang that should have stayed in the film.”

    However, I know this was a first in Korea (regarding aerial combat/action films) so maybe the director was being extra cautious and edited the film within an inch of its life. Even so, some scenes seriously needed to be kept in the film and would have given the characters more “meat.” Otherwise, I will say I DID enjoy the film the second time around much, much better.

    Also, was it my imagination or were they a little more “free” with the curse words in the subtitled home DVD than they were in the actual theater. If so, No complaints from me. It seems there was definitely a concerted effort to make the film appealing to American viewers and I for one really appreciate it CJ Entertainment. Good Work!!


    • BiAlamode.

      I think the curse words were there, but they just weren’t subtitled in the theater version. I did notice there was a lot of rough language. Even in the theater. I remember, because it made me laugh as it was so unexpected. I’d gotten so used to the conservatism of Korean dramas that I forgot that Korean movies can be completely different.

      Terri :-}


  5. So funny now that u mention the dubbing. I watched the movie in my laptop, you know more privacy so i can stared without being judge. LOL 😈
    So the movie started automatically. Suddenly i realized that it was a different voice and they were talking in English. My first reaction was “WTH” i couldnt stand the idea of not hearing Rain’s voice and i change it to Korean with subtitles. Im just used to it. Coming from Panama we watch Hollywood movies with subtitles all the time so i dont mind. Also i love watching animes and i find more pleasant to hear the Japanese audio with english subtitles. The characters sound more real to me that way.


  6. LOL!

    I hate English dubbing in any movie and always have, but funnily enough, I had the exact opposite reaction with Black Eagle. Thank God. LOL

    Let’s face it — NOBODY is going to ever sound like Rain. Nobody has a chance in heck of satisfying us because we’re severely biased. So when I moved on from that fact and thought from the perspective of an action movie fan who doesn’t know Rain or his voice at all, the English actor did a pretty decent job, to my surprise.

    I will always crave Rain’s voice and watch Black Eagle with the English subtitles because I love it and prefer it that way. I had to make myself turn on the dubbing, to see what non-Rain fans would be getting. I’m very satisfied with it and the added Americanisms, for them.

    @Connie : To my knowledge, there isn’t a digital copy out there yet, that’s legal, that is. (Just pirated crap that takes money out of Rain’s pocket.) When we find something, we’ll definitely share the news. I’m wondering if it can be uploaded from Netflix or any sites like that yet… anybody know?

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Thanks!  Found it on sale at Walmart for only $9.98….save over $17!!



    • At Amazon.com it was $9.99 plus shipping. Now THIS is a price I can deal with. I know I’m a bad, bad Cloud…..(*pops the back of my hand*), but the prices to get foreign merchandise just upsets my insides. I guess that’s the American in me I don’t know and I am so not cheap (*much to Mr. BiA’s chagrin*). All I can say is thank goodness, Bi merchandise is now being made available to his worldwide fans. I should get my copy before the week’s end.


  8. I love this movie, but the american dubbing sucks to high heaven. Who in their right mind would believe a voice like that would come out of Rain? I mean have they heard his voice? It is waaaaaaaay better than that hickified version of a voiceover. Lord have mercy, so I watch my copy with the Korean version and American subtitles, more enjoyable that way.

    With that rant out of the way (sorry guys couldn’t help it been holding it in since 3/12) does anyone know where I can get an online copy or digital copy? I hoped they had a digital version cause I’d like to upload it to my iPad. If anyone knows, please holla at a fellow fan, I’d really appreciate it.


    • Connie,

      Dubbing ALWAYS sucks. Especially to fans of foreign films who are used to hearing the actors’ real voices–and to those of us who hate dubbing. Still, to moviegoers who hate subtitles, then they are the best the movie industry can do for foreign language films that they want to market in various languages.

      IMHO, the actor who does the voice acting for Rain’s character, Tae-Hoon, doesn’t suck at all. His name is Sam Riegel (Regal), and he is an extremely experienced voice actor who has been working in the anime/animated movie and video game fields since the early 2000’s.

      Even though that isn’t all that long ago, he has already collected an impressive number of credits. A very talented guy. Here is his IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0726184/

      The problem with dubbing is it always (to me, anyway) makes the movie feel very “cartoonish.” If the movie was a cartoon/anime feature, then you wouldn’t get that weird feeling at all, but in an live action flick, something always feels off when the actors’ voices are dubbed. At least that’s always how I feel.

      And, alas, Sam certainly doesn’t have Rain’s lovely, sexy voice. Which is definitely off-putting to us as Rain’s fans, because we love Rain’s voice. Still, like I said, I think Sam does an excellent job “being” Tae-hoon.

      Some of the other voice actors though? Not so much. LOL.

      Terri :-}

      P.S. Sam played Donatello in the 2003 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :-}


    • Thanks for the heads up Connie. I will be watching the movie like I did in the theater then….in Korean with the English subtitles. I don’t like dubbing either. I guess we are a spoiled bunch, but I would much rather hear the inflections that come from the actor’s actual voices myself. Yes, nobody sounds like Bi and I, for one, can’t wait for the day we get to hear that sexy voice in an English speaking film again as well. Mercy I can’t wait!


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