DramaFever: How Rain has gone from hot to hotter.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s hard to pick a favorite year. Really hard. *sigh* They’re ALL so… satisfying. So thirst-quenching, like homemade Southern lemonade on a hot summer day.

But if I HAD to pick one, I’m thinking it would be his Back To The Basic abs because that’s when Rain was truly Grown Man Perfect. You know it. I know it. He knows it. (With our Raizo a CLOSE second!) ^@@^


DramaFever Blog 2/27/2013 — by KrisE

PHOTOS: How Rain has gone from Hot to Hotter

(Caps by Cloud USA. CLICK image for larger view.)










Source: DramaFever.com

~ by Cloud USA on February 28, 2013.

10 Responses to “DramaFever: How Rain has gone from hot to hotter.”

  1. Razio for sure. I wish that was my kitchen he was in. What a beautiful sight to see early in the morning. (smile)


  2. OMG this is soo difficult!! Aghhhh Well, if I have to choose ONE, then it will be Raizo cuz that’s when I knew about Rain and you know me, THE HAIR always wins!! LMAO!!! Second, when he did Love song, or Back to Basic album cuz it was the first album I bought. 😀


  3. He’s like wine. Gets better as years passes by


  4. I dont have a favorite year, Rain is hot in all the years and I especially like his braids. Im African American so his braids were a nice and sexy surprise. Rain is not only hot, he is third degree burn hot. Stay sexy Rain!!!


  5. Do I have to pick a year, I love his body through all the years
    Especially 2006 I love the braids, goes well with the body
    Not one for statues


  6. 2005
    i love how he looking so hot in stay SEXY move with body it just one hotness move and dance and strip on ekekekek
    Rainism i very love that pic their and FESTIVAL person last of the month he just show his abs and V_line make many girl-group drop their jaw so do i awwawwa :P)
    LOVE SONG when he did that exercise and bring his 6pack and sexy abs BACK that dance the move and voice JUST BEAUTIFUL i would never get enough that LOVE SONG …. is their and reserved for me next time ekekeke


  7. My favorite year is 2005. I just loved his look that year!


  8. Oh god, no escaping KrisE.


  9. Oh yes, man, I hate creepy statues too u__u”


  10. Well, maybe not in my garden…I have another spot in the house picked out for that statue. LOL


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