[article] “It’s Raining” included in most influential music videos.

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We absolutely have no doubt that it should be included.

“It’s Raining” was the song (and the album) that left no doubt in South Korea’s mind that Rain was NOT just a dancer being marketed as a singer by JYPE. It forced everyone’s perception of him to change. He was a bona fide talent and here to stay, and “It’s Raining” became his biggest and signature tune.

Remember, Jeremy Krinsley at SHOUTcast wrote, “Rain has the distinction of being one of the Korean artists credited with building further hip hop and R&B influences into the KPOP universe in the tradition of Seo Taiji, perhaps most notably by inserting his moniker into the title of half his albums. So ‘It’s Raining’ is a shoe-in as Rain’s best KPOP song, and one of the top KPOP songs ever.” This sentiment has been shared throughout the first decade of Rain’s career by many in the music realm. The song will never get old. ^@@^

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AllKpop 2/27/2013 — written by miketastic

WBW: The Most Influential Music Videos

Can anyone imagine K-pop without the music video? From Psy to Girls’ Generation, the music video is becoming the defining characteristic behind our favorite K-pop groups. In a sense, it may actually be more important than the song itself because when a new song is released, instead of buying the CD (that’s so 10 years ago) or downloading the MP3, fans are now looking straight for the music video. It sets the tone and concept, and in a lot of cases, the majority of the budget goes towards the music video compared to the album production.

K-pop music videos are some of the most innovative in the world today but there were some great videos from back in the day that were pretty influential in their own right. This week’s WBW will take a look back at some of the most influential old school music videos from back in the day and while they might be older, they’re still pretty cool to watch….

» You can see all of the most influential MVs and read this article in its entirety on the Allkpop site HERE.


Rain – It’s Raining

He had big hits before this but I don’t think you can argue that this song made Rain the man. He melds his unique dance style with an J.Y. Park original beat for one of his best videos and a K-pop classic that was the start of his journey to international recognition.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/02/wbw-the-most-influential-music-videos

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One Response to “[article] “It’s Raining” included in most influential music videos.”

  1. This is the video what made me see Bi.
    When I was a very little girl I played piano and made ballet for five years and I know the pain because the exhausting day-by-day trainings. I didn’t take the courage to make these things for all my life and to smile day-by-day, so I learned math and physics and became an engineer, it’s more safe.
    I felt that this video is about a courageous state of mind, to take the pain of trainings and to smile…and the words of the song are amazing…”When the intense music explodes in my body, in my ear there’s….Let the music control my body As if I’ve left my arms and lefts in the music. Let it go the way that my body moves…Let my body talk to the music…go rain, it’s raining…”- this means to be an artist.
    Rain_Bi, is about the harmony between the body, the moves of the body, the music, the voice, the words, the new technology – and the human mind.
    When I’ve seen first time this video, and everytime I see the videos of Bi – I feel like Bi is an artist who came from the future to explain us the “Total Art of the Future”, the connection of human mind and body with everything round him.
    Extremely beautiful, thank you for it.


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