[article] “Rain’s body is the representative body workout of the entertainment industry.”

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Gosh, 35 pounds in three months? Is anyone really surprised by this? *crickets* Nope!

This is why we hardly ever pay any attention to what Rain weighs at any given time—because he is a master at losing and gaining weight whether it be for a movie role, a CF for a sponsor, a project, or personal choice. His discipline and determination has always been pretty much off the charts—he always gets it done. He’ll weigh one thing, and then you blink, and he’ll weigh something else. It’s sort of a waste of time to even notice, haha. So we just let him be.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Rain has been referred to as the Top 몸짱 (momzzang, muscular physique) in the news, and likely won’t be the last. ^@@^

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Newsen / Nate News 2/27/2013 — [translation by huhuhuhu @The Cloud Rain News Board]

Rain’s trainer talks about his physical training

Rain’s trainer: “Rain’s body is the representative body workout of the entertainment industry.  He likes food, and his physical constitution is prone to gaining weight.”

On an MBC program on 27 February during which the guests talked about diet and exercise , Rain’s trainer talked about Rain’s training.  She called Rain Jihoon. “Jihoon has a physical constitution which gains weight easily.  Although his body is the representative body workout of the entertainment industry, after the extremely harsh training he had for “Ninja Assassin”, he recoiled {from ^@@^} exercising.  And he has always enjoyed eating food. ”

Trainer Park said, “When Rain came to see me for physical training, he had gained 16 kgs after the movie.  I am probably the only person who {has seen ^@@^} a rather chubby Rain. He told me he wanted to show his perfect abs in his MV “Love Song”, and would like to lose 16 kgs in 3 months.  We exercised together with him.”

Trainer Park continued, “If you ask Rain to skip the rope 10,000 times, he will really do it 10,000 times.  He will sincerely and honestly exercise.  If you give him homework, he will do it without fail.  It is not an easy task to lose 16 kgs in just 3 months.”

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130227n09792

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2 Responses to “[article] “Rain’s body is the representative body workout of the entertainment industry.””

  1. Picture stays in my mind, zipper part,
    Oh yeah Rain is really discipline when it comes to his training and body


  2. Wow 35lbs in 3 months. That’s about 3 lbs per week. That’s doable but hard. But yeah Rain has that headstrong mindset to make it happen.


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