[Cloud USA poll] The Rain concert of your dreams, after military.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Dear Clouds and Rain fans,

Look into the distance there. Look really hard. See that pinprick of light when you squint? That is the end of the tunnel, July 10, 2013. The beginning of Rain’s new era. Corporal Jung JiHoon’s military discharge and the start of his next decade is within sight.

In 19 weeks. Halleluia and Praise Be To The Heavens Above.

As you know, Rain has said during past Speeding Instincts that movie and music projects are lined up for him, and that he hopes to be able to thank his fans for their support with some fan meets and possibly some concerts. He has also hinted that he might be taking some months off to rest and recoup. Of course, all of this is up in the air and will be determined by various factors, time constraints, and Rain himself, depending on what he decides to do when.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let him know what you’d like IF he came to your neck of the woods for a concert. What would be the Rain concert of your dreams, in this new era?

We’ll be holding the poll open for about two weeks, and then tweeting the results to him afterwards. (Yes, you have multiple choice, and you may vote as many times as you wish. Let’s make this a good discussion. Tell him what you want!)

Happy polling! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 26, 2013.

25 Responses to “[Cloud USA poll] The Rain concert of your dreams, after military.”

  1. Hell, New Orleans has the SUPERDOME. 🙂 Just joking, way to big and for people with cheap tickets, well let’s just say he would look like an ant from up in the crows nest. I’ll go where ever he is. I have already prove that. 🙂 Washington, DC. Any where. Speaking of New Orleans Steph & Terri. When are we going to make our plans for a Cloud Burst here. I was so excited about the idea, now let’s make it happen. 🙂


    • Gee,

      Yes, we would LOVE to have a Cloudburst in New Orleans. We hadn’t forgotten our conversation at all or your invitation.

      Stephe and I had been mulling over the idea for some time now and trying to figure out when in the heck we could make a long weekend in New Orleans work with our schedules. Life has been a little nutso this year for both of us.

      We were thinking maybe we might shoot for sometime in September? When it’s a bit cooler? What say you? Please e-mail me at terri@cloudusa.org and we’ll discuss some details. Let me know at least which weekends in September are NOT good for you.


      Terri :-}


  2. What I would love (not surprizingly,lolss) is him doing a adult only show….OMG that would be the hottest show ever, it would be even better if he could do that in Detroit. He can get away with lots with that concert. I did hear he was considering it.


  3. And as long as it is in Las Vegas 😉 can’t wait!


  4. Good Morning! I would travel for Rain anywhere in the US. I am good with whatever he wants to sing new or old, R&B and Hip Hop. I do think that the large venues become too unpersonal if an artist is trying to connect with your fans and have never liked paying for a concert ticket and only being able to see the artist’s back. One thing is for sure he does need a large stage to move around and set up should be the way we have seen the performances up until now regular stage up front. Thank you for asking our input.


    • sorry meant to say “impersonal” not unpersonal. Just returned from a fundraiser Bahamas cuise vacation organized by other american singers that I follow and the concert venues were small and it gave such a great opportunity for artists and fans to really connect. While I was on the cruise I did wonder if Rain would ever consider doing such a thing but most likely due to his popularity level probably not.


    • You’re welcome, Maria. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. My heart is beating so fast at his. Oh, I have missed him soooooooooo much!


  6. I’m not German, but it world be awesome for him to return to Dresden :’)
    Hmmmm, I prefer a concert in which he plays his classic songs as well as one of two that are brand new (Pendulum, Woodkid… have done that)


  7. I live in Pittsburgh, PA but I don’t think Pittsburghers are too familiar with Rain. I know that he has performed in Las Vegas and New York but I wasn’t famililar with him then. I first saw him in Ninja Assassin in March, 2011 on cable TV and have been in love ever since. I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas and since he is familiar with Vegas, I hope he can come and perform there again. I will travel to Vegas to see him. I don’t care what songs he sings, he can mix old with new songs and as long as he brings his hips and his smile, I’m there. PLEASE COME TO VEGAS!!! LOVE YOU RAIN.


  8. My dream is to see him perform at the original Ryman Auditorium in Nashville “Music City, USA”, Tennessee. Not just any music artist is given the opportunity to perform at this venue. The stage is “holy ground” and a show there means that the artist a great and accomplished talent. Although is the home of the Grand Ole Opry, artists of other music genres perform there also, ie. Daryl Hall and John Oates, Anthony Hamilton, and Jill Scott. I believe that Jung Ji Hoon’s talent, work ethic and accomplishments merit this recognition and opportunity. The Music City is long overdue for being awash in Hallyu typhoon and the man who commands the Rain is the one who should bring it. A night filled with Hip Song, Only You, I’m Coming, You, Love Story and anything else he chooses would be an exhilarating night to remember!


  9. The Beacon Theatre in New York City or the Madison Square Garden
    Just come to New York!!!


  10. Somebody has been reading my mind! In the round…hands down. I think being back in the middle and mist of his fans as close to them as possible AND still be on a stage would be great for Rain. After I saw that video I posted on the Cloud site and saw how connected Rain was to his fans being in the middle of them….that’s where he needs to be…. to reconnect after July 10.


  11. AWWAWA lol…. I pick THIS
    Whatever he darn well wants to. You don’t care as long as he SINGS, doggone it! ekekekekkeek 🙂
    well as for me i would him to give a concert it does matter what it same old and new all i want to just see he do that hip move and sing that Beautiful VOICE of him to his audience that miss him and want to see pass 2 yrs yet he have said that he give that to his fans and on side note i do want to member clouds 8-9 whatever it is now so i can be official goes to fan-meeting as well i want to see that charming and he talk to his fan i know many of them that have been their are want to goes even more each time he have that fan-meeting going so yes… i count myself in also hopefully i am be one that …. it so good to known that k-pop so popular WORLD WIDE these day i imagine Rain come here LV do that FM or what ever it FUN stuff he bring to us i would love to see and sharing my experience with it


  12. Aww right at this moment Stephe there’s an entertainment company in Puerto Rico working a contract with a kpop solo performer so there’s a possibility for a kpop concert in my side of the woods! The kpop fans in PR are soo excited with it and I’m trilled cuz this opens the door for more kpop groups and solo performers! I’m amazed how much kpop fans we have now willing to go to concerts! It’s amazing! I would love to see a Rain’s concert in Puerto Rico, I know he can do well cuz God knows puertorrican women love georgeous, buffed men who can shake their hips well and Rain is all that and more! 😀


    • Regarding places for Rain’s concert in Puerto Rico I would like a small, intimate place with great acustics, like our Arts Center, it’s capacity is 1,945 people. Another bigger place would be The Hiram Bithorn Stadium, it’s capacity is 18,000 people. I tried to post some links but couldn’t. Sighh 😦 The stage I would like it to be round cuz that way everybody can see him. It would be great that Rain could have a fan meeting before the concert so his fans can get to know him better. 😀


  13. Tell him what we want??…….Oh, you mean on the list below…..Oh, ok my bad. I was gonna tell him too! (*wink, wink*……Just kidding…..sorta!) *SMILES*…………………………………..


  14. Great poll, Stephe.

    I seriously think it would be good for him to do a tour of the major regions in the U.S.: Southeast (Atlanta), Northeast (New York, Midwest (Chicago), Northwest (Seattle), Southwest (Texas [but which city?], Mountain West (Los Vegas) and Pacific West (Los Angeles). That way most of his staunch U.S. fans would actually be able to afford to go to a concert without breaking their bank.

    And it would be awesome if he actually filmed the adventure. You know, sort of like a U.S. Road for Rain? Ah well. That one is just a dream, but a fun one. :-}

    Whatever he does will be fine by me anyway. If he will just do some of it here in the U.S., then I will be happy.

    Terri :-}


    • That would be so damned cool. Of course I would want him to come to Houston (Southeast Texas), as it’s the 4th largest city in the nation. However, he would probably pick Dallas since this is the city where they sent R2B to.

      All because of one “little” tv series, Dallas seems to be the only Texas city that gets recognized (“picking on you” Vicki….SMILES!….Glad Beyonce is from Houston….SMILES).

      I am sure he would pick the Texas city that would be most the advantageous, he is in a business after all. His peeps would probably pick the one with not only a sizable Asian community, but the city that would more likely patronize his show. It would boil down to being prudent about dollars and cents.


    • I forgot to add my venue preferences.

      Even though I know Bi can fill up huge venues in Asia and has, he is still unknown (generally speaking) as an artist here Stateside. Therefore, I think a smaller, more intimate concert hall would serve him well here. As his popularity rises, then he could utilize larger venues.

      (In Houston, TX please see below)

      The SMALLER Venues are: (IMO)

      The Arena Theatre – saw The Jacksons here early in their career. Artists who have played here include Diana Ross. Anthony Hamilton with K-Ci and JoJo (speaking of) upcoming in late March, Latin artist Thalia, Willie Nelson, etc. This is a theater round stage in the middle. (To see inside the theater, see the links below)

      Miller Outdoor Theatre – http://milleroutdoortheatre.com/about/. Caters to all types of shows. (See the attached link)

      Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion (outdoor/has a covered section) – hubby and I saw Tina Turner’s Wildest Dreams Tour here. Many popular artists have played/are playing here such as Train, Diana Krall, The Script, Dave Matthews Band (http://impactnews.com/articles/cynthia-woods-mitchell-pavilion/)
      Well it’s not really too small.

      The House of Blues (downtown Houston) – Caters to live bands

      The Rockefeller – (the smallest of the venues I’ve listed) http://www.rockefellerhall.com/ http://cdn.theknot.com/theknot.ats.CompanyPhotos/7acd12d0-2009-497d-a7ef-32428c007256
      Please see the links above. This venue is for a really, really intimate show. Like……umm…..a ladies only show……..perhaps! *SMILES*

      The LARGER Venues:

      Stars like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Pink, Justin Beiber, etc. have played at one or both of these stadium venues

      Reliant Stadium – where the Houston Texans play and where our annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is held. The roof is retractable. It holds over 70,000

      The Toyota Center – where the Houston Rockets play (see links below)

      Well that’s all she wrote from H-Town. We have several large sports venues (i.e., Minute Maid Park where the Astros play and Compass Stadium where the Houston Dynamo (our soccer team) play, not to mention the college venues around town. However, the larger venues listed are the ones where concerts are usually held. Sorry this post is so long.


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