[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…

Revisiting RAINY DAY Season 1: Rain in Cambodia, filming one of his amazing Nikon CFs. Even jet-lagged, exhausted, and being smothered by that smoky incense, you never would have known his discomfort because he’s such a pro. And—you know how they say you can’t fool kids? These children instantly sensed the good in him and were so at ease, as well as he with them. Not even color or a language barrier kept them from communicating. Nice. ♥ ^@@^ (courtesy of seorink @YT.)

The finished 60sec CF (courtesy of MSMerra):

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…”

  1. Stephe
    can i ask u something ??
    it seem like u very LOVE the country of CAMBODIA coz i notice that u seem to post this making film of him and yet set on side bar not just that but it telling me their something about him ot just the COUNTRY so Beautiful & YES that make Rain so LUCKY get to visit ANGOR WAT ahahah i honestly want to see their too sadly i never been their and a lot been tour that place i heard one famous place in Cambodia to be at !!


    • Hi, Kongsao. 🙂

      I have thought that Cambodia is a very beautiful country for a long time. The temples and the landscapes and the people are breathtaking. It was a real treat when Rain went there and I love re-watching those videos from time to time. 🙂

      One day, I hope to visit Cambodia and see all the beauty with my own eyes. Hopefully one day, you’ve go there too!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • i know it ekekekekekke yes dear me too i was very DELIGHT that know Rain been to CAMBODIA and filming their he surly one the most lucky to see all the beautiful landscape their i bet he just breathtaking while he tour and see all that must been making his trip happy yes stephe i hope one day i can goes their and took a pic their i want to see all that landscape ekekekekk thank u reply and tell how it feel their HUG 🙂


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