[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #189: My favorite Orange so far.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


This is Episode 55 of Rain’s Korean SBS situation comedy Orange, from debut year, shared by a Japanese Cloud.

Cute things to note in this episode are: Our “Asian Prince” Jang GeunSuk runs into bad trouble with a gang of bullies, and the guys decide to go gangster on the thugs, with less than stellar results. LOL! Rain’s character 비 becomes Han EunJung’s character’s arch-nemesis, getting on her last nerve at every turn (she just can’t win!), heheheh… until he saves her butt and they actually become friends… and he starts liking her. 🙂

The featured Rain songs in this episode are “Instead of Saying Goodbye”, Rain’s beautiful duet with Sea/Bada called “Just Like You” (Neo Cheoreom/너처럼), and “Can’t Get Used To”, the song he sang in concert for a while for his mom.

» Our previous Blast with Orange episode 54 is HERE.

Enjoy! ^@@^

(clips courtesy of sizuku219)

~ by Cloud USA on February 22, 2013.

One Response to “[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #189: My favorite Orange so far.”

  1. I enjoyed it the show was funny.


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