MENtholatum Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Behold, the latest posts on the official Mentholatum China micro-blog, from 2/18. (Source credit for all caps and images: mentholatum001 @weibo)


The gist of the first post: With Valentine’s Day barely being past, Mentholatum Men Cool Aqua and Extreme lip balms contain moisturizing formulas of vitamins A and E, aloe vera, macadamia nuts essence, and SPF20 sunscreen to keep your lips cool and moist and protected from sun damage, so that you’re ready for her next kiss, no matter how long it takes to come to you. (Like Rain’s lips, of course.) 🙂 ^@@^


The gist of the second post: Meatless Monday is no longer something to do only on Chinese New Year day… Keeping a lot of meat in your diet in this new year will increase the burden on your body and keep you unhealthy. But if you develop vegetarian habits one day a week, you’ll not only taste a variety of healthier foods, but clear your body of toxins, and even if you don’t have time to exercise, fiber will still rid you of some excess body fat. (And of course, a picture of Mr. RAIN tholatum puts the punctuation on the end of that sentence, doesn’t it?) 🙂 ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “MENtholatum Rain check.”

  1. all i am saying LOVE THAT FINGER TOUCH man wish that hand is mind that body to die for that sculpt of him mercy O.o


  2. So sexy, fiery hot


  3. The last pic is cropped juuust riiiight. With a little photo shop to take care of the letters “blocking” my treasure trail view…..and yes…..well. There WILL be some “powering up” going on….for sure.


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