[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #188: More Orange.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


This is Episode 54 of Rain’s Korean SBS situation comedy Orange, from debut year, shared by a Japanese Cloud.

Cute things to note in this episode are: “Instead of Saying Goodbye” (the song AND the choreography), one of the guys apparently intimidated by 비 when it comes to dancing, and the appearance of a very young Han EunJung, who would go on to appear with Rain in Full House in 2004 as the manipulative “HyeWon”, Song HyeKyo’s rival for Rain’s love. (She’s the one with the orange scarf tied in a bow around her head.) Oh, and what looks like the previews for the next episode, with 비 all up “in the Kool-Aid.”

(I tell you, young “Asian prince” Jang Geun Suk is SO cute with that short black hair.)

» Our previous Blast with Orange episode 49 is HERE.


(clips courtesy of sizuku219)

~ by Cloud USA on February 17, 2013.

One Response to “[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #188: More Orange.”

  1. Aw. There are not many of these Orange episodes floating around. So, thank you, Stephe for posting these.

    I sure wish someone would give us some English subs for them, though. After three years of watching Korean dramas, and even though I finally know most of the easy words and phrases now, things like: What? Hey! Go! Are you okay? (and I’m okay). Dance. Contest. What’s up? Friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Darling. Honey. Sweetie. Brother (Hyung). Senior. Junior. Still. But. Help. Yes. No. Hello. Oh, and “rain,” of course. Which basically means I really still can’t understand a darned thing. LOL.

    Not that I don’t know what is going on though. I do. It’s amazing what you can still infer from the visuals without even knowing the language.

    It’s so much fun to watch Rain in his earliest years.

    Terri :-}


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