12 Responses to “[military account] “I hope you are a big help when things are hard for him.” (Reporters’ distorted reports)”

  1. We are there for you RainRain


  2. Grrrrrrr!!! It makes mad. Poor thing. I hope he is feeling much better now after all the support all his real clouds are showing. Fighting Dear Clouds and of course Baby Bi


  3. Kcm said 2 times on radio that Rain came for radio prgram while on His vacation day and heard Rain went to other performances on his vacation time as everybody was asking for Him,so He really didn’t take even 27 vacation for total his time that everybody get,and heard that
    most of these vacation came from rewards that he earned for exellences that offered to all soldiers who achieved in excellence,and Rain said He was running hard for long races like for life,or death as additional vacation days were offered for highest scores,and heard He hasn’t taken His regular vacation days yet,I’m worrying Dema is trying to get rid of His regular vacation days so they can use Rain every minutes of His left of military time till discharge,and I think this will make Rain most upset when,or never whether he can claim to take His regular vacation time,and
    these big media will disturb people again if Rain is out one more day for His regular vacation that every soldiers equally get,and why they are repeating Rain getting more vacation, without concerning of human rights with untrue stories repeating unhealthy news that need to be cleared exactly what happen
    big main medias never brought true story about it,they ony repeated rumors of evil wave that no one to deserve to be treated so unhumane what they did to Rain who contibuted so much for Korea,and Dema,from so young age till now consistently inspiring so many people including me,only few cable tv interviewed right person in military who knows, and inspecting for vacation status of Rain,but main media ignored true story,and never tried to clear yet,and just waiting for another evil news by evil reporters who earns money on disturbing people for their greedness

    Authority of Dema received awards from President of Korea recently for achieving goal at Yeosu Expo by providing 2 perfomances by Dema for gathering highest numbers of people than any other performances ,and to make Yeosu expo sucessful,and they never mentioned about Rain who really made more people to come


    • You are absolutely right, suhe.^^

      I distinctly remember those weekends listening to Speeding Instinct, after a full day of duties on Friday, Rain and KCM having to do the 2-hour radio show in Seoul on Saturday and then having to travel godawful hours all the way to Yeosu for Rain’s Yeosu interview and the EXPO performances, and then having to travel godawful hours all the way back to Seoul for Speeding Instinct again early Sunday. He looked as exhausted and as fed up during that interview as I’ve ever seen him, but still pulled it off graciously.

      And I remember seeing the CRUSH of people that piled into the EXPO that Saturday just to see Rain, and how control on the scene was almost lost. And the EXPO acknowledging that he’d made a lot more people come than usually did.

      He’s made too much money for South Korea for his fellow citizens to be treating him like s***.

      His TRUE vacation days were only 17. The extra 10 were him using his vacation for military stuff. I mean, who voluntarily does that?

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. 27.00 o_)o
    i felt bad they accuse many think he done and do MAKE NO SENSE to any been human person period HOW COULD THEY said that to Rain this to much to FIT and put the fire on esp how they said Rain it TEAR MY HEART APART …. i sad to read this kind banned word from them like this …not just hurt us but him as well i just can’t wait for get hell out that place and i BET he does want step out the DEMA so bad i can’t stand NOT one word from those ignorant person yet those netizen and how DEMA blame everything on Rain netizens who purposely walk around ignorant. U WATCH when he back from army he put an Evil SAW on all u @ass
    hang in their Rain u are STRONG person fighting


  5. This tears my heart apart.


  6. Good lord! Dare I say, I wouldn’t even stay in a $27.00 a night hotel. Sorry, if that offends (no snobbery intended), but…..no. Unless that’s just how it is in other places. I admit I’ve only traveled outside the U.S. on a limited basis. However, I do realize there’s always exceptions to every rule. But over here…..$27.00 a night, words like “seedy” come to mind.

    Good mercy Bi! Poor baby………….


    • LOL,

      Great googly moogly. I know that’s right. Forget snobbery. I wouldn’t stay in a $27.00/night hotel either. Can anyone say someone please change the sheets? Ugh.

      Terri :-}


      • LOL!……..change the sheets, scrub the walls, disinfect the curtains….yes curtains.

        I remember being at a fairly decent hotel (that shall remain nameless), when my entire office participated at a conference a few years back. I don’t even want to think about what the stain I saw on one of the curtains was. I couldn’t wait to get back home.


        • LOL. I feel ya. Luckily, when I used to be on the road all the time, I got to stay in the best hotels. But even then some of those were suspect. Hotels are just awful in general.

          So is traveling all the time and living out of a suitcase. But that’s another comment altogether. LOL.

          Terri :-}


          • It really doesn’t matter how many “stars” a hotel may be rated as. It all depends on who’s in the kitchen or the laundry room the week you check in.


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