[Cloud USA] Operation: Will You Be Mine, Jung Ji-Hoon?

Asian pop star Rain~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

The project is sweet.  The plan is simple.

Send Rain one small Valentine’s Day card sometime before Saint Valentine’s Day, (before February 14), to demonstrate your love and support.  Cards can be sent to Rain at his military unit, at the following address:

PFC Jung JiHoon (Rain)
External Relations Team
Defense Agency for Public Information Services
Duteopbawi-ro 54-99, Yongsan-gu, zip code 140-833
Seoul, South Korea

Per his unit’s request, please DO NOT send any candy or gifts to his unit address at this time.  If you are just dying to send Rain a small gift, then please send it directly to Rainy Entertainment at the address below:

Bi Rain / Jung JiHoon
Rainy Entertainment, Inc.
1st floor, 121-28 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si
Zip code 135-955
Seoul, South Korea

(Note: You can also send your cards directly to Rainy Entertainment too, if you prefer.  They will make sure he gets them.)

Let’s choose our cards well, Clouds, and make him smile.  As always, thank you for your participation and support,

Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^

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~ by Cloud USA on February 3, 2013.

13 Responses to “[Cloud USA] Operation: Will You Be Mine, Jung Ji-Hoon?”

  1. I put mine in the mail this morning. If my logic holds true, my card will miss the initial “valentine card onslaught” and will be noticed at a later point in time.

    Vicki, I agree it took a “minute” to find a card that wasn’t full of all kinds of innuendos. *SMILES* However, I found one. So me and Bugs Bunny are on our way to Seoul. (*Bugs Bunny……don’t ask*). Bi will laugh and that’s what counts.


  2. I mailed my card Friday to Rainy Entertainment………..it was difficult to find one that just said “Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day”—-didn’t want to send one that sounded “stalker-ya”, as they say in K-Dramas…..kekeke! I am hoping that this is Rain’s best V-day ever with his new Sweetie, KTH!


  3. what about sending to the YT account?


  4. This is what happens when I don’t look at my email all week. I’m all late. I now know what I will be doing on my lunch break tomorrow. This is a great idea.!


  5. I sent my Valentine’s greeting card today. I hope it arrives on time! 😀


  6. Aww, you’re “dirty” miss Terri putting that come hither pic on this post. You make this Cloud feel guilty. I haven’t even thought about my own “valentine” yet. *SMILES*………………………..


  7. Reblogged this on Lynn's World.


  8. Love the idea ^^ count me in.


  9. thank u for sharing the mailing infor.


  10. Great idea!! Let’s see what I can come up with. I’m thinking….:D


  11. Ok, time to use my new scrapbooking skills. Love the project!!!


  12. Reblogged this on CLOUD RUBY and commented:
    CLOUD USA Operation : A Valentine Day Project … Pls support our Cloud USA for participating a Valentine Day Project a so called “Will you be mine, Jung Ji Hoon”… So what do you say CLOUDS??? So send your cards to Rain… (Info for sending card is in CLOUD USA blog)..


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