[images][links][Eng trans][fan cam] Revisiting October 2011: Rain interviewed at the Mayfield Hotel & Resort.

Posted and compiled by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


As you all may recall, right before his enlistment, Rain arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul from Busan City and gave SBS’s Hanbam TV an exclusive interview about his career, his preferences, getting ready for the Army, etc.

It took place on the grounds of the Mayfield Hotel & Resort, and as usual, he was charming and pretty doggone funny, always cracking a joke, haha. 🙂 My favorite parts in particular were 1) the hostess breaking down “Busan Woman” right there in the airport, 2) when she tries to pick a string or some lint off of his shirt for him and almost gets a nipple instead, and 3) Rain hugging his girl group cardboard cut-outs so no one would take them away from him. ROFL!

Seeing as the interview videos on Youtube have either been scrubbed off or blocked in the U.S., here are two full interview video clips out of China and Japan. (They’re both the same, so you only have to choose one.)

» FC2: SBS Rain interview

» Tudou: SBS Rain interview

For the English translation of the interview, please revisit our previous post from 10/13/2011 HERE: [ETA video links][ETA Eng trans][clips] Rain’s interview segment on Hanbam TV.

And a Bonus: Check out this fan cam from Gimpo Airport. When we saw it, we were like, Okay. Look here. When Rain is trying to do an interview for network TV and you’re lucky enough to be there to witness it, do him a big favor and don’t flub it up. Give the man some room, stay in the crowd shots, don’t grab at him, and try not to breathe all down his neck. Sheesh. LOL!

(Fan cam credited to: Min / rainloverpi0418)


And more… (Images of Rain’s Hanbam TV interview courtesy of The Mayfield Hotel & Resort @Facebook)

[English translation of the Mayfield Hotel’s Facebook post by 화니]

-World star Rain in Hotel Mayfield the day before his enlistment-

World star ‘Rain’ enlisted in the army while his more than 1,000 fans were bidding a tearful farewell to him and sending him their unconditional support last October 11th.
SBS TV’s Midnight Entertainment conducted an interview with him in Hotel Mayfiled before his enlistment. This was his last public appearance before he got his hair cut. We’ll look forward to seeing him again in good health after his discharge, and we can expect to see much more of him in the future.
Rain fighting~



~ by Cloud USA on January 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “[images][links][Eng trans][fan cam] Revisiting October 2011: Rain interviewed at the Mayfield Hotel & Resort.”

  1. The interview was very nice. Thanks for finding a link to the interview and the English translation. Rain looked comfortable with the interviewer and that always helps with having a good interview. Fan cams at airports of celebrities I always find funny. It just one big circus.


  2. this is great interview at the airport.. He look Good and Happy


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