[article] Military PR Units no longer to receive special treatment.

Posted by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

*{Edited to Add: Oh. By the way, the last sentence… “The new rules were put in place following a great public uproar that sparked from news that singer Rain used his leaves for personal means and meetings.” …is faulty.

Leaves (vacation, off time) ARE supposed to be used for personal means and meetings. Don’t you mean “on-duty time”? Writer and/or translator, as usual, you blew it.

First of all: If PR soldiers weren’t supposed to be leaving the base alone to work on projects, somebody wasn’t seeing that those men had what they needed. “New” rule my eye.

Secondly: What about the REGULAR soldiers who right now have had way more leave/vacation than other regular soldiers and entertainment soldiers? Yes, we know they’re out there, because their family members have spoken up about it. We hold no grudge against them because they probably earned those days, but then we didn’t start all of this Tomfoolery. So, regular soldiers can earn special treatment, but PR soldiers can’t? Aren’t things supposed to be equal? Here’s a thought—let the military grant each soldier whatever days they’ve earned, and everyone not in the military mind your own business.

Lastly: We’re hardly inclined to believe this type of grandstanding statement from the military anymore. Want to know why? Because after this (he didn’t violate hat law: “We advise soldiers to wear proper military outfit including a beret during a holiday but a failure to do so is not a punishable crime,” the spokesman told AFP) and this (he did violate hat law: …a Defense Ministry officer said, “Rain violated the degree on military service… by not wearing his beret.”), we get THIS  at the January 19 walkathon, and tips about groups of soldiers recently walking into restaurants as bareheaded as newborns. I smell smoke, and it ain’t from a fire. ^@@^

(One minute, he’s got it on…)


(…the next, it’s off. And it stays off, even in front of VIPs and such, until the event is over. The news media is blind, we reckon. *NOTE: We do not hold any kind of grudge against this man, as soldiers only do as the military allows.)








eNews World / CJ E&M 1/25/2013 — written by Oh MiJung / translation: Erika Kim

Military PR Units no longer to receive special treatment

The Ministry of National Defense has stepped in to stop Defense Media Agency (DEMA) PR agents from receiving more leaves than the average soldier.

According to the Ministry of National Defense on January 24, the army has cut off leaves or other rewards usually given to PR agents following performances in outer events. It has also emphasized that the agency should give PR agents the same number of leaves that are given to the average soldier, stopping them from receiving special treatment.

PR agents will also no longer be able to leave their unit alone even for work purposes. According to the new rules, PR agents must be accompanied by an executive whenever they must leave their unit, and they must return to their unit before 10:00 p.m.

When they are taken to another unit to perform in a military event, they must lodge within the unit or stay in welfare facilities, and they will be stopped from meeting outside civilians.

The new rules were put in place following a great public uproar that sparked from news that singer Rain used his leaves for personal means and meetings.

Photo credit: DEMA′s official blog ′Harmony′

Reach reporter Oh MiJung on Twitter @isyutar!

~ by Cloud USA on January 26, 2013.

28 Responses to “[article] Military PR Units no longer to receive special treatment.”

  1. Great reply Terri to Cloud Atlas’ question. Regarding the news articles that Cloud Atlas shared links on, doesn’t it beg the question of why so much focus on Corporal Jung Ji Hoon? You would think the media of South Korea had a lot more pressing issues to report about to their readers/listeners.


    • Takitsubi said:

      “Great reply Terri to Cloud Atlas’ question.”

      I agree. At first, I was like….”woah.” Then it’s always good to step back and re-read some comments before reacting. I realized not too long ago that my particular brand of humor probably got lost in translation sometimes too. This began to dawn on me when it became apparent that a lot of Cloud USA visitors were not necessarily American. I had to reassess how I commented here. I agree with Stephe’s comment below. I think we’d probably have some pretty damned awesome conversations if there were no longer any language barriers. Who knows somebody in another country out there may just have the same crazy sense of humor I do. Now to find That person would be way cool. *SMILES*


  2. Today. When I opened my computer, I found these today’s news:

    – North Korean Leader Vows Strong Action

    – The Telegraph: North Korea threatens South Korea over UN sanctions


    I am not Asian, I’m not from USA, I’m not a really fan of Rain, because I love (f—in)Matt Damon too – ha,ha,ha.
    If you can’t acces these links, it is easy to find the today’s news, all are focused on “The latest warning re-focused Pyongyang’s anger from Washington to Seoul.”
    So, I’m thinking that this phrase(“The Ministry of National Defense has stepped in to stop Defense Media Agency (DEMA) PR agents from receiving more leaves than the average soldier.”) is not because of Rain, but because the North Korean Leader and they can’t say it, but everybody can read, isn’t it?
    I heard that in situation of war – men defend every country and women are praying.
    In my understanding, if you are fans of Rain and women, better to pray for his life and for peace in the world – and do not make so much noise for nothing.
    In fact, what really happened what anger you? Is he healthy, is he alive, is he in love? That’s good. But he is a man in the army of South Korea, don’t forget it and don’t expect to know what happen there, try only to read the news.
    Buddha said in Dhammapada – “The twin verses”:
    “ 3. ‘He abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me,’–in those who harbour such thoughts hatred will never cease.
    4. ‘He abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me,’–in those who do not harbour such thoughts hatred will cease.
    5. For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love, this is an old rule.”
    I hope you understood well my words.The media is the media and I’m sure they will forget everything until August 2013.


    • Cloud Atlas,

      What makes you think we don’t pray for Rain’s life and for peace in the world? Where in the world did you get that idea? O_o

      I have something for you to ponder, though. Please explain to me why we should should we sit back and let news reporters spread false information and let the public revile a person who didn’t do anything to deserve such unfair treatment? Why shouldn’t we stand up for someone’s rights?

      Standing up for people is what I do. I stand up for people in my own personal life just as much as I stand up for Rain in my life here on Cloud USA. At my work, a young man was almost fired due to a bad background investigation. Mine was the only voice raised in protest. I had to go to a gazillion meetings and try prove to my superiors that the investigation was bogus and defend this kid to people who literally got enraged at my audacity.

      Again, mine was the ONLY voice raised in protest and the push-back I received from my superiors (not my direct manager–he was great, btw, but others higher than him) was unbelievable. It was eventually proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the investigation was bogus and the kid was NOT fired. So there. I WON. Good for me. I was relieved and as painful as it was to go through such a thing, it was also an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. And I would do it again in a heartbeat. That is what we call having the courage to follow your own convictions.

      I defend people. I speak for the truth. I fight for the rights of others. I always will. Even Rain’s rights.

      We defend Rain here on Cloud USA because this is a FAN SITE FOR RAIN. Defending Rain is not “nothing” here. And it never will be. And why is this so hard for some people to understand, I do not know. It boggles my mind. O_o

      Bless you and again thank you for your comment.

      Terri :-}


      • Sorry,sorry,sorry, I didn’t want to offend Cloud USA – I really appreciate what you do here.
        And I really appreciate all the work of Rain – I saw all his kdramas and movies, the tv-shows, the concerts many times – he is a great actor and dancer and his voice is really outstanding. And he is a good teacher – I learned many things watching his activity – I bow in front of him, that is why I came on this site.
        Maybe I’m too wintry, too rational in my expression, English is not the language of my country. So, I didn’t manage to make you to understand my words.
        I apologize again, and please, delete my post if you think is wrong.


        • No problem, Cloud Atlas.

          Thank you again for your comment. Really. We understand the language barriers. We have not taken offense.

          Terri :-}


        • I wish there were no language barriers. Can you all imagine the amazing conversations that would be going on??

          Still, we all seem to be doing okay just working with what we’ve got, yeah? The problem would be if we were to stop trying. So let’s just keep going, and trying, no matter how long it takes.

          Stephe ^@@^


    • I had not seen these two particular stories. Thank you for the links.

      Unfortunately on this planet, some of the worse perpetrators of trouble are not interested in getting rid of their hatred. They love it. They revel in it as if it were tangible. They have so much as said so right out of their own mouths. What a horrific state of affairs. Unless something changes in that regard, we are doomed.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. i don’t this PR new rule matter fact it STUPID and it giving Rain hard time and totally mess up i am sad AND PISSES reading this the DEMA have mind of think what so ever it so even DAM to change this new rule When they are taken to another unit to perform in a military event, they must lodge within the unit or stay in welfare facilities, and they will be stopped from meeting outside civilians.”
    ARE U death serious i felt like he doing to even push himself working even more and yet it all sound so *Stupid * oh men HURRY up i just want him to leave that hell out the army RIGHT NOW 2 week not enough for plus the humiliated by kid and now this new RULE …. 😦


  4. I feel so bad for JiHoon cuz these new rules will make his work and the work of his unit more difficult. Sighh The only thing that makes me feel better is that his time at the military is almost done. I’m sure he is fed up with all this and want it to be over yesterday so the circus the military has made of his duty is over. :/


  5. Picking this apart :p “When they are taken to another unit to perform in a military event, they must lodge within the unit or stay in welfare facilities, and they will be stopped from meeting outside civilians.”

    Welfare facilities? Is that like a seedy no-tell-motel? Staying overnight at the unit they performed at seems like it would be hard to accomplish as well. Stopped from meeting outside civilians? No more handshakes, etc.

    Seems to me that those dear netizens who caused such a ruckus may have shot themselves in the foot so to speak. Next time that Train pulls into ‘town,’ it probably won’t be nearly as friendly as it had been at least for the civilians in the crowds.

    Where will they go eat after a Train event? Will the base/unit have its cafeteria up & running to feed these people? Will they have to eat at a restaurant that NO civilians are dining at and NO civilians are working there either because … no meeting outside civilians!

    It sounds rather like a chain-gang….without the shackles on their ankles…and no one having been convicted of a crime.


    • Yeah. It looked sort of like a chain gang at that Walkathon to me. Did you see the way they were like holding his hand and making him go from here to there?

      It was incredible. They might as well have had handcuffs on him.

      Terri :-}


  6. I am so saddened by what Ji-Hoon has had to endure emotionally these past few weeks. I am pi$$ed at the Korean people for turning on him like a pack of rabid dogs and I am sick at how the military is using him for a scapegoat to appease a few people who don’t even know what these PR soldiers are forced to do each and every day. I can’t even begin to express how I feel about the media (but pond scum comes to mind). They do this to a man who had brought nothing but recognition and pride to Korea? How is this possible for them to treat him so? I am shocked at the military’s handling of this situation and for the apparent apathy the Korean people seem to have. It seems that very few people have had the courage to speak the truth – mostly the military just let the media spread their rumors and lies and then they punish him for a rule (head covering) that by all purposes is either fraudulent or only applies to some of the soldiers, some of the time. I don’t get the “leave” thing at all. I’ve worried the other PR soldiers will be angry with, or treat, JiHoon badly because of this injustice the military seems bound and determined to pursue. I just don’t understand how something so trivial could have been turned into such a giant mess. Seems like the inmates are running the asylum. Hoping and praying somone in command comes to their senses. Waiting for July 10th!


    • Well, Silvercloud,

      I can understand your concern. However, I’m of the mind that the PR division having to “enforce” their rules more closely can actually be a GOOD thing for Rain and the other soldiers. I mean, honestly, we have absolutely NO idea how hard DEMA was working their entertainment soldiers before all this happened. I have my suspicions from some of the things other PR soldiers have said about their duties, of course, but that is all they are–suspicions.

      As nice as it might have been for Rain to be able to stay in his studio at night and to see his girlfriend once in awhile, you got to remember why he was there in his own private studio in the first place. He was there because he was asked to do extra work for the PR division. He was working on songs for the military–on his own dime, no less.

      If an escort had been with him when he was off base on duty would he have been staying out so late that he had to stay overnight at his studio? Would he even have had time or the opportunity to visit with his girlfriend?

      I think not.

      So, I actually like the idea of DEMA enforcing rules that they should have been enforcing all along. And would someone please tell all of those soldiers to put on their damned berets???

      Terri :-}


  7. This is how the military just keeps putting one “stupid” foot in front of the other and keeps on walking through this mess.

    What I see is the PR department getting cracked down on the hardest and that’s not fair. The public should no longer be dictating what changes the military makes. The outrage and all the brouhaha should be dying down right about now. So I say, hey DEMA if you’re going to play “hardball” with soldier’s leave, you do that “ish” ACROSS THE BOARD. You don’t just crack down on one department. I don’t care if it was the department the public went ape sh_t about. If you’re gonna make some sweeping moves then do it throughout ALL departments.

    We have a saying at my church…..”Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice” so I submit to DEMA that even though the PR soldiers seem (to the public) to have the cushiest job, it really is pretty much one of the hardest jobs. So if PR soldiers are required to give up some leave time and have added restrictions, then other departments should have the same happen in their area as well. It should also be commensurate with respect to what it is each department does. This is the only FAIR way to do it. Then once the crack down has happened and the new guidelines are firmly in place, then you can get on with the defending of your country right and PROPER.


    • Would not be happening in the U.S., nope. Our military would have straight-up put the public its place. And then handled their business internally.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Got that right! The public could b__ch all it wanted to over here, but government entities in This country answer only to the Commander In Chief…….period.


        • Yep. You can sign petitions or comment on line all day long… It will be a cold day in Hell before the U.S. military lets the public tell it what to do.

          And anyone who thinks they’re going to get their crazy-on over that will find the Men in black suits standing on their doorstep. We don’t play that crap here.

          Stephe ^@@^


  8. Someone needs to proof read they’re article before sending it out for people to read. Smh


  9. Many things struck me in that article but this part literally jumped right at me: “. . . .Rain used his leaves for personal means and meetings.”

    And here all this time I thought “leave” was when you could do whatever you wanted to do. Has The Ministry of National Defense redefined that word?


    • Taki,

      Yeah, leave is for personal time. The reporter screwed up. Rain didn’t use his “leave” to meet Kim Tae Hee. He used “on-duty time” to meet her. The reporter just got it wrong–as usual. LOL.

      The thing that bugs me the most about this report is we don’t really know what this means for Rain’s schedule. But I have a funny feeling that the people who are going to suffer the most with this change are Rain and his PR soldier buddies. If they are performing and rehearsing and traveling and such for DEMA shows all the damned time, and then completing their other military duties the rest of them time they are on duty, then when the hell do they ever have time to REST and RECOVER?

      I would be extremely interested to see the other side of this equation. So, I’m thinking that someone needs to investigate how much time these soldiers actually have to SLEEP in an actual BED on/in any damned given day/week/month.

      And sleeping on a bus while you are traveling to and from an event DOES NOT COUNT.

      Yes, they are in the Army. And yes the training is expected to be hard. I know that there were times that my EX was completely wiped from training. But those times were right after the end of major field/war exercises, not during his “regular” duty days.

      And after the exercises were over, he and his men were allowed to REST. I mean, seriously. What good are soldiers who are so exhausted that they can’t even fight? Makes no bloody sense.

      Terri :-}


  10. Hipocrasy at its finest. Good grief. What a fine slap in the face for Rain to watch this man without a hat and getting away with it. Deliberate? Crappy A**holes. I pity the PR entertainers that give up so much, then get treated like wayward chillden. Oops, punish the child then move on, they just don’t stop. Sadism anyone? Or am I just having a bad reaction to this?


    • Nope. Sure feels like a slap in the face to me. And I tell you what else it feels like. That this “hat rule” is bogus. They screwed up by admitted it wasn’t punishable in the first place.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • LOL.

        So stupid. And so stupidly written too, by the way. Who the heck is this reporter???

        Actually none of these rules are “new.” If this reporter quoted DEMA correctly, which is to me highly suspect since they are Korean Media, then DEMA is just blowing smoke to deflect from the fact that these rules have been in place a long time and yet they have never ENFORCED them.

        Terri :-}


      • LOL. Like I said. Not new regs.

        Terri :-}


  11. I really hope the haters will feel proud of themselves at this news. Damn does the South Korean military have any ba!!s…


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