[ETA 1/25/13][clip][learning Korean] More footage of Rain at the 1st Korean Citizens Love of Country Walkathon. (1/19/13)

Posted by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Video source credit: Hamban TV / courtesy of ratoka @vimeo)

(Images source credit: DC Rain Gall)


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*{Edited to Add 1/25/13:  I was wondering what Rain and the youngster were talking about right BEFORE the 2:50 marker, especially since there was a sweat bead of embarrassment beside what Rain said. Well, thanks to a translation by 화니 on The Cloud, it appears that Rain supposedly asked the kid if he recognized him, and the poor, innocent kid supposedly said, “I think I’ve seen you somewhere, but I can’t place you.” Then Rain whipped out the chocolate. LOL! Aw, that makes it even cuter. kekekeke! Thanks to Rain’s official SOOMPI Thread (Acting Endeavors) for the tip. 🙂  ^@@^ }

Minute marker 2:50 – 3:06 : The Power of Chocolate!

This little section just tickled me to death. I would like to have given you a direct translation, but all of the English that came out of the online translators was nonsense. Sorry for that. The gist of what seems to have happened is this, as best as I can tell…

The kid starts talking to Rain as they’re walking, and then Rain slips him something. The most important words on the screen are SOLDIER ( 군인 , gun-in) and, in brown letters, CHOCOLATE (초콜릿cho-kol-lit). 🙂 

The Media then asks the kid if he liked walking with big brother/senior (, hyeong, hyung) Jung JiHoon, or was big brother Jung JiHoon doing well on the walk, or something to that effect. And the kid gives Rain the thumbs up. 좋아요~ (joh-ayo). “It’s good!” “Okay!”

Unable to help himself, Rain smiles the smile of a satisfied dad who has made a son happy. 아빠미소.. 초콜릿의힘!! (appa-miso.. chokollit-uihim!!) A Dad smile.. the power of chocolate!!

Aw. So cute. ♥ — Stephe ^@@^




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3 Responses to “[ETA 1/25/13][clip][learning Korean] More footage of Rain at the 1st Korean Citizens Love of Country Walkathon. (1/19/13)”

  1. Very nice


  2. That is very sweet


  3. You can’t go wrong with kids when you give them some candy. Children all over the world just love a piece of candy.


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