[clip][Eng trans] Entertainers in the R.O.K. Army: Experiencing culture and art activities in uniform.

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This Y-Star News segment features the six celebrity soldiers who starred in the military musical “The Promise” on January 4, plus Rain, KCM, and Yoo Geon (who was discharged December 1).

(Video source credit: ystarnews @YT.)

(English translation of references to Rain by  화니)

Unlike in the past, when male entertainers put their careers on hold to serve in the amy, they have lately been much seen doing culture and art activities in their uniforms. Please stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Rain who was disciplined for taking off his beret, etc. after the rumors of his romance with actress ‘Kim Tae Hee’, showed himself in public for the first time after his probation period by participating in ‘the 1st Love Of Country Walkathon With Seoulite’ held last 19th.

[Rain] : “Loyalty! Hello, this is Corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ belonging to Defense Media Agency. I’ve come to participate in the event that is to look back upon “1.21 Attack” which happened 45years ago when armed agents infiltrated into the country. It’s great to be here at this significant event where there are many of citizens of Seoul who are inspired to participate, and I’ll do my best to do my duties today. Loyalty! Thank you.”

Rain gave a brief greeting in front of reporters before the event, and took a hands on approach to participate in the event after he cut a ribbon, and he concluded the event by being the first to breast {cross} the tape {finish line} in the race.

21 months, the term of military service, won’t be a long time for fans because they have many opportunities to meet their stars through many military events.
Anyway, we’ll look forward to seeing the stars again in good health.

~ by Cloud USA on January 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “[clip][Eng trans] Entertainers in the R.O.K. Army: Experiencing culture and art activities in uniform.”

  1. I thought the musical by the entertainment soldiers looked and sounded like it was a good show. I disagree with the reporter that 21 months of military service is not a long time for the fans simply because they can see their favorite stars at military events. It is good to see Rain at Consolatory Train performances but its not the same as how he performed when he was not enlisted. So fans really do have to wait 21 months to see their favorite stars give their best performances for their fans.


    • I totally agree with you..I would love to see Rain in concert so I can scream, dance, and lose my voice at the same time lol


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