For the record, Rain is still “Corporal” Jung Ji-Hoon


~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

For all of those people out there who were wondering:  NO Rain has NOT been demoted.


Terri :-}


~ by Cloud USA on January 20, 2013.

5 Responses to “For the record, Rain is still “Corporal” Jung Ji-Hoon”

  1. what joy that have not degraded a rain !


  2. @Terri thanks for the information, not that I thought he had been demoted. I know this might sound stupid but what has been all of Rain’s Rankings? Also, can you tell me what DEMA stand for? I think I have the initials correctly. I have totally forgotten what the initials stand for.


    • Flower,

      You’re welcome. Not all of us did think he had been demoted, but there were a lot of people who have been questioning it because of erroneous media reporting. DEMA stands for Defense Media Agency.

      Technically, Rain has had 4 ranks. All ROK Army soldiers start out as “recruits” with no stripes. Until they finish their basic training and earn some rewards, they stay recruits. The next rank up is a Private, which is the first rank they get. Rain then became a Private Second Class, which is one stripe. Next, he became a Private First Class, which is two stripes. And then he became a Corporal, which is three stripes.

      It’s a little confusing to us here in the U.S., because our ranks are a little different. Comparatively, my nephew, who is in the U.S. Army, is the same rank at Rain. However, my nephew is a Private First Class, because the U.S. Army has more enlisted ranks, which go like this: Recruit, Private (PVT), Private 2nd Class (PV2), Private 1st Class.

      To become a “Corporal” in the U.S. Army takes two more steps up (first to Specialist and THEN to Corporal). Rain’s next rank will be a Sergeant, with 4 stripes, which is the same rank as a “Specialist” in the U.S. Army.

      And I hope that didn’t confuse you even more. LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • WOWOWOW terri
        thank for all this info i am so PROUD that he not demoted i just happy see him is him still Corpal Ji Hoon they better RESPECTED and give him space and learn a hard way from Rain and yes…. nothing can pull him down he maybe sad and painful in his mind but he hid inside his body poor think it hard on him already ID THAT ENOUGH YET.!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
        THEY ARE SERIOUS NEED GET BETTER LIFE out their then just slaking one person gosh…. anyway am just saying for it coz i could keep in my sentence ahahahahahahah LOL
        he sure show his achiment through his dutie that make us and his Freaking country happy but they just to blank to see it bad that bad how he can never live in Seoul again but that again happen well… at leasse he have WORLD fans and cloud love him and well always strive with him that make us be his cloud but again i am happy to see the men

        Man in uniform without hat who is holding Rain’s hand to keep Him away from media reporters stated General,and 2,3 Stars of Army also surrounding Him to keep from possible evil person as Army realize how wrong media repeating same report about him


      • @Terri thank you so much for all the information. You know it is hard for me to keep up with all that is going on with Rain. Truthfully when I do have time in my life and I am looking to find out what is going on with Rain, this site is the first place I come to get my truthful information from. Then I might go some where else if some other site is mentioned or I just stumble upon it and there is info about Rain. So since your site did not mention it before, it did not cross my mind that he could of been demoted. I am happy that he was not demoted. Because come on, once again it is not like he traded military secretes, killed someone, build a bomb, or anything like that. Yes Rain did break the rules but no one is going to conveince me, that there has not been other soldiers who has also done the same thing he did. Come on he is a man and he was trying to spend some time with a women. Its just Rain is not a normal soldier in the eyes of the media and the crazy fans. I be glad when all of this stupid news go away. I feel even though someone is trying to knock him down they have not succeed. You can tell that Rain is still highly respected and liked. I feel that Rain is going to be ok. I cannot wait for him to get out of the military and move on with the next chapter in his life.


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