[Pastor Kim Guan Sun’s psalm] Rain’s right to date.

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Wow. Someone with compassion for another human being. And common sense. And courage. He even has a kid in the military. Color me impressed.



Nate News /Daily Kookmin 1/15/2013 — [English translation by huhuhuhu]

[Pastor Kim Guan Sun’s psalm] Rain’s right to date

I remembered when I was serving as troop information and education officer at the army, I had to work outside once with a broadcasting station on an important filming project.  I finished my work at about 12 midnight and went home to sleep.  The next day on my way back to the troop, I met with a friend, and resolved some personal issues.  It was just common sense.

Recently singer Rain (Jung Jihoon) was in trouble because compared to other soldiers he had more leave days, and he went out too often.  On top of these when he went out on business he had a private meeting, and did not wear a beret. There were photos as evidence.  All these had become news and created exhaustive disputes.  I watched these with a heavy heart.  I do not see why these should become issues.  Is this the so called news sense? I also do not know why so many people cry out loudly to abolish the entertainment soldiers. Utilizing various talents in the army is not limited to entertainment soldiers only.  There are soldiers talented in sports, music, languages etc.  It is a beneficial thing.

Because of the special characteristics of being an entertainment soldier Rain was seen as having special privileges.  It was ignited into disputes until a military official had to come out to make explanations and even had to talk about disciplinary action.  I am not sure if this is a right thing.  I cut in this exhaustive dispute because the suspicion I had on what caused such dispute cannot be erased. Rain is a famous celebrity.  As soon as he shows his face the traffic is blocked, that is Rain. “He is dating” someone who also happens to be a female actress known by everyone in our country.

We want to know every detail about the private lives and secrets of such celebrity or famous people.  Not just knowing.  After we grab hold of the information we engage passionately in malicious talk.  This case has the symptom and tendency in becoming a mass hysteria.  The public opinion just started on one side, netizens are spreading judgements on the internet. I know well this does not just happen in Rain’s case.  But this time Rain suffered more severe criticism than any other celebrity soldiers.  The reason seems to be: he is dating a famous actress.  I don’t quite understand why people react like this,  except perhaps I could say they just feel upset.  May be some unknown inside of them has been hit.

I hope people could be more mature.  I have well past the age of being Rain’s fan, and I do not know him very well.  I write this article not because I am biased towards special people like Rain.  Not only  do I worry that too much over sensitive reaction is causing a lot of stress to one person, and making the military in a difficult position.  I also believe we should protect everybody’s personal rights.  Let us let them enjoy their date relaxedly.  I also have a son who is serving his 13th month in the army, although he is not a celebrity.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130115n31097

Translation by: huhuhuhu

~ by Cloud USA on January 16, 2013.

8 Responses to “[Pastor Kim Guan Sun’s psalm] Rain’s right to date.”

  1. I like the comment I listed below that the pastor stated. What he said is what I have stated. To me he is saying he too after finishing his work one day, then on his way back to his troop, he met with a friend and resolved some personal issues. To me meeting with a friend to resolve some personal issues sounds like he might have met with a women. This is know different then what Rain did. Rain finished his work on all three days. Then he got a ride from the actress to take him back to the base. I mean what is the problem. If he finished his work and was going back to the base what is the big deal that she took him back. Yes he got a chance to see and spend a little time with her but he was going back. He was killing two birds with one stone, it was all common sense!

    Question: Hasn’t it been cleared that Rain has not taken more days then other soldier?

    “I remembered when I was serving as troop information and education officer at the army, I had to work outside once with a broadcasting station on an important filming project. I finished my work at about 12 midnight and went home to sleep. The next day on my way back to the troop, I met with a friend, and resolved some personal issues. It was just common sense.”


  2. I love this article, it is well stated! I still say this whole incident was so stupid. Yes Rain has the right to date and the crazy fans need to get over it. Also, I agree with BIA that this attack on Rain is probably something deeper going on. Because I am sure other soldiers, not all, have done the same thing and probably got caught. But they did not have to be crucified so hard like they are doing to Rain. So I would not be surprised that someone behind the scenes has it out for Rain. Unfortunately there are hateful and jealous people in this world.


  3. Wow! the best ever written article about Rain in the past 2 weeks I guess! Just like he said, It was really common sense.


  4. And Pastor Kim Guan Sun I pray that your son is not retaliated against in any way while he serves, because you have spoken out about what has been weighing heavy on your heart. I wholeheartedly agree with your point of view Pastor.

    Pastor Kim Guan Sun said:

    “May be some unknown inside of them has been hit.”

    BiA says: Yes the “nut bucket” side. Being a little upset that your favorite idol is dating is one thing, even talking about it for a few days was/is to be expected. However, as the Pastor said this “mass Hysteria” mentality is beyond crazy, but IMO this hysteria “frenzy” was driven to extremes by something/somebody else. I think this “anti-Rain movement” was driven by some “unnamed wicked malevolent jealous/envious people” behind the scenes somewhere in/around the entertainment field. For it to go on this long, is a personal attack and not just some random soldier stuff that Bi just happened to get caught up in.

    My opinion………………………


  5. very well said! agree totally with him and the most important message here is when he said :Lets us let them enjoy their date relaxedly” – even if it did not end in marriage (not all dates end up in marriage, right?) at least let him love and be loved!


  6. Netizens are pissed off that he has been having so many privileges in the military while others have less. and yet they this article are SO TRUE he stage they have their own PRIVATE OF LIFE and why bring such a big deal of RAIN & KIM TEA HEE dating is not like he only person gosh… give em break and hope this monitor can share all SEOUL that they have the RIGHT TO DATE and leave the F*U* them ALONE… & PEACES give them peace of mind and let Rain be human being…………good grief …. gesseaeeeeeeeeee and yes tell that ROK & Netizens all what about if they still can listing then they need WIPE that ear clearly 😦


  7. I just hope this article can get throught the netizens thick skull so they can see Jihoon isn’t the only person who would do something like that..Hatizens!!


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