[article] Rain did not request a change of assignment.

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I would just serve on the front right now if I could, but shifting my position won’t solve the problem.” — Corporal Jung JiHoon (Rain).

WHERE in that statement does it say that he’d actually requested to go to the front? It doesn’t. Can’t the South Korean Media READ? Oh, and some of them also pulled a mystery “Rain aide” out of their butts to “quote”? Anything to continue entertaining the masses, we reckon. LOL!



NSP 통신 / NSP Communications 1/16/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain’s requesting change of assignment has proved to be wrong

On the 15th, a news medium cited a military source as saying that Rain (his real name, Jung Ji Hoon) had never requested change of assignment.

This official said, “Corporal Jung Ji Hoon only said ‘It would be better to just serve on the front than to do it that way’ while taking with officials. His comment was misinterpreted as that he would request change of assignment. Corporal Jung will be always faithful to his duties for the remainder (7 months) of his military service.”

The Ministry of Defence side also dismissed the possibility of Jung’s change of assignment, emphasizing the fact that an entertainment soldier is also a soldier, “Change of assignment will be available only when it is required as determined by commanders. Change of assignment is beyond soldier’s control.”

Before this, some news media cited one of Jung’s closest aides as saying that he requested change of assignment in hopes of serving on the front, which attracted the attention.

Meanwhile, news headlines at the beginning of 2013 were heavily concentrated on Jung’s dating actress ‘Kim Tae Hee’. He violated the decree on military service in the process of dating with her while off the base for official military duties and was placed under a period of probation of seven days last 7th.

Source : http://www.nspna.com/news/?mode=view&newsid=55724
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on January 16, 2013.

6 Responses to “[article] Rain did not request a change of assignment.”

  1. I didn’t even looked to those articles cuz I’m fed up with all this bs!! Seriously? First words out of my mouth when I saw that twit was the same you said, “Can’t they read?” Arghhh!!! 😡


  2. I give Rain lots of props for even saying he would rather serve on the front. I do realize his statement reflects just how fed up he is right now….to the point he would like to get as far away from Seoul and the entertainment division as possible and just chill somewhere ……way …way …..way out there for the next seven months and be left the heck alone. I don’t blame him. I wish he could go out into the countryside for the next seven months and be incognito.


  3. Rain’s REAL statement (according to BiAlamode ONLY):

    “I would just serve on the front right now if I could, INSTEAD of having to listen to and take all this unnecessary and unwarranted bullsh_t. Then, as I hold this AK-47 in my highly trained, sharp-shooting hands, nobody and I mean nobody should have anything further to say…..should they?”


  4. THE MEDIA did read RIGHT and post or add misleading state that he want request this DAM!! i felt bad for myself at first that i though it own word coz it from a letter he WROTE u STUPID RUMOR 7 MEDIA need get think straight up before u JON FIRE ….. !!
    RIDICULOUS they are serious need catch that RUMOR are i could believed they keep do this to RAIN and state the wanted to request to FRONT -LINE i was almost to believed that also I HOPE RAIN SUE that RUMOR of CHECK and of curse i happy he stay on duty and work until 7 Month and so be more honorable to what he doing
    and again come to think about it a DOZEN ZONE
    request to be assigned in another station/Dept. isn’t as simple as you thought it would be -“Soldiers can only change their position if the leader judges that it is necessary for the job. I guess DMZ zone it very COLD and u must very well train their too i be so MAD if he does sent to that front-line he have all that physical and health problem is just not going to do for him !! The media & netizens are making Rain looks bad somebody have SHUT that netizens MOUTH and SUE the hell of them put them to jail see how u felt about but sadly he always have somebody attack him 24/7 WHAT a CRAZY scary country i have ever read and have NO RESPECTED to their own country men that accomplish many field and work… he true AMBASSADOR hello …………!!


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