[article] Rain included in Mnet’s 100 legendary artists.

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Other artists such as S.E.S., DJ DOC, Insooni, Lee SeungHwan, Seo Taiji, JYP, g.o.d, Drunken Tiger, H.O.T., BoA, PSY, and Dynamic Duo are also included along with Rain as an Mnet Legend100 Artist. Our congratulations go out to all of them! Congratulations, Rain! Here is the entire list, to be featured on the Legend100-Artist program on Mnet TV:

이난영(1933) 남인수(1936) 현인(1947) 신중현(1958) 이미자(1959) 최희준(1960) 하춘화(1961) 패티김(1962) 배호(1963) 남진(1965) 나훈아(1966) 윤복희(1967) 송창식(1968) 윤형주(1968) 펄시스터즈(1968) 김추자(1969) 조영남(1969) 김민기(1971) 양희은(1971) 이장희(1971) 나미(1971) 한 대수(1974) 이정선(1974) 한영애(1977) 산울림(1977) 윤수일(1977) 사랑과평화(1978) 인순이(1978) 정태춘(1978) 심수봉(1979) 조동진(1979) 조용필(1979) 김수철(1979) 송골매(1979) 김현식(1980) 전영록(1981) 시인과촌장(1981) 해바라기(1983) 이문세(1983) 노래를찾는사람들(1984) 이선희(1984) 안치환(1984) 김광석(1984) 주현미(1985) 다섯손가락(1985) 들국화(1985) 시나위(1985) 김완선(1986) 백두산(1986) 부활(1986) 어떤날(1986) 이승철(1986) 임재범(1986) 유재하(1987) 소방차(1987) 변진섭(1987) 동물원(1988) 박남정(1988) 봄여름가을겨울(1988) 신촌블루스(1988) 푸른하늘(1988) 이승환(1989) 이상은(1989) 장필순(1989) 김현철(1989) 현진영(1989) 015B(1990) 빛과소금(1990) 윤종신(1990) 듀스(1990) 윤상(1991) 신승훈(1991) 강산에(1992) 김건모(1992) 넥스트(1992) 서태지와아이들(1992) 이소라(1993) 김동률(1994) 박진영(1994) 솔리드(1993) 유앤미블루(1994) 토이(1994) DJ DOC(1994) YB(1994) 패닉(1995) H.O.T(1996) 델리스파이스(1997) 윤미래(1997) 자우림(1997) S.E.S(1997) 이효리(1998) 크라잉넛(1998) 노브레인(1999) 드렁큰타이거(1999) god(1999) 다이나믹듀오(2000) 보아(2000) 브라운아이즈(2001) 싸이(2001) 비(2002)

[Brief English summary of the article by 화니]

“Rain has been selected as one of Korea’s 100 legendary singers by 50 music experts recommended by cable channel Mnet. The project entitled “Legend 100-Artist” will be aired seven times, once a month, beginning at midnight on January 15th.”

You can see the Hangeul article on Nate News HERE: » Mnet, 韓가요사 빛낸 전설 100人 선정한다 


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7 Responses to “[article] Rain included in Mnet’s 100 legendary artists.”

  1. Of course, congratulations RainRain


  2. happy for rain , Congratulations !!!


    I AM SO PROUD HE deserved every min of this a vicarious truly WORLD ENTERTAINMENT OF INDUSTRY OF k_pop Seoul… and yes they SHOULD remember RAIN who bring this K-pop world became big and population this just make my day way go Rain ………it is a well deserved and keep-it SHINE !! Congrats to u and well always be 🙂 KUDO!!!


  4. Wonderful! Rain is an amazing artist and deserves to be honored as a legendary artist of S. Korea. He has blazed many trails and laid the foundation for artists who are coming after him to expand on his efforts. I look forward to when Rain becomes a legendary artist worldwide. I’m so happy for him and can’t wait to watch Mnet’s episode on him. Go….Rain…Go….Rain….It’s Raining…It’s Raining 😀


  5. Yay!!!! Go Oppa! You rock!!!!!



  6. This article can’t come at a better time! It will make people remember his career and how awesome Rain is. Congratulations Baby Boo!! 😀


  7. CONGRATULATIONS! this is awesome news…


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