Tie A Yellow Ribbon: New York

~Cloud cover by: Terri :-}, Managing Editor ^@@^

Clouds everywhere are tying yellow ribbon bows and sending them to Rain. He can use the support very badly these days, Clouds. So, we thank you, kindly, for participating in this project that is so very close to our hearts.

Also, thank you for sharing your pics with us. :-}

[Pic courtesy of Robin (RaRa), in New York]

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~ by Cloud USA on January 11, 2013.

7 Responses to “Tie A Yellow Ribbon: New York”

  1. Is this still going on? Havent ben on the site in a few days and just catching up on all the latest oppa news. I would love to do this forhim if i still can. Can someone please let me know!!! thank youin advance!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Very nice RaRa!!!!


  3. Thanks Terri for all your help


  4. Hi 1982RainLover Anything for our Rain


  5. HI (RaRa), in New York
    I AM SO GLAD u have participated this YELLOW Ribbon and supporting our men Rain he must so PROUD cloud USA and all over the WORLD that sent this ribbon to him he know he well at lease this heart well open to us knowing no matter far it is well always be their for his SUPPORT just THICK & THIN !! i going to sent my tomorrow again !!


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