[articles] Rain’s lodging issues explained.

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See what I mean about Rain simply being a target for everything? Where were the articles demanding to know why KCM or one of the other PR soldiers on that trip were staying in a 5-star hotel room? Huh? It’s always got to be Rain who’s doing something wrong. And it wasn’t even a luxury suite!

Sheesh. LOL!



Osen 1/7/2013 — [English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board]

Rain Stayed in a Super Deluxe Hotel? -“He officially stayed with 49 other military staff members”

While K-pop star Rain, who is currently serving in the military, is additionally reported to have stayed in the suite room of a five-star hotel after fulfilling an official military function, the military spokesman said that it wasn’t in violation of the related service rules.

In a telephone conversation with OSEN on Jan.7, the spokesman said “Rain stayed in the hotel as the accommodation was provided by the organizer of the functions and he stayed there with a total of 49 persons that consisted of 11 other “entertainment soldiers” and 26 military staff including the president for the Defense Media Agency.

The Defense Ministry stated on Jan.7 that the military PR team to which Rain also belongs stayed in the suite rooms of a five-star hotel after a military ceremony on Jeju Island last June. Rain and some entertainment soldiers including singer KCM, another celebrity corporal, were originally alleged to have stayed in the suite rooms and it turned out that other military staff including the soldiers belonging to the PR team also stayed together with them.

The military sources said “the business trip guidelines for the government employees state that the executives can be accompanied by their staff members on their official trip in case they have to stay out overnight, therefore his staying in the hotel wasn’t against the guidelines.”

The results of the disciplinary meeting in relation to his alleged excessive number of days-off and the violations of the service rules are expected to be available on Jan 8.

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20130107n21513

English translation by 화니



HanCinema 1/7/2013 —

Rain’s lodging issue explained

The cable association explained about Rain‘s lodging issue.

A media reported that Rain spent the night in an extremely expensive hotel after a military event.

This media reported, “Rain spent the night in the suite room of hotel C paid for by the cable association which hosted the event”.

This cable association explained, “We hosted the “2012 Digital Cable TV Show” in Jeju Island for 3 days and we provided all participants with lodgings and air fare. Even the National Defence Agency were supported by us”.

“Along with the sponsorship of the Shilla, Lotte and Hyatt hotels, we had to accommodate a large number of people but we ran out of rooms so we had to place the military in much lower ranking rooms”.

“Lodgings were necessary at this event as it was 3 days long. We have never given Rain separate treatment with a high and luxury suite and we remember that the military were given lower class instead”.

Previously, Rain was accused of having met his lover Kim Tae-hee during his National Service duty and since this is a breach of military regulations, this matter has been forwarded to the disciplinary committee.

Source : www.sportsworldi.com/… ( English )

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4 Responses to “[articles] Rain’s lodging issues explained.”

  1. When I was in Hancinema, i immediately sent the article to Terri and Stephe
    Witch hunt indeed, they want blood badly


  2. I AM SO NOT SURPRISE about this new either People dig celebrity gossip no matter who and where……u goes and what u do or even their own freaking privacy life WTH … with these peoples they can leave anybody alone esp RAIN it always some again him up and down top to left and right and HECK yeah…. and ……This is too much! for him to face esp how u are in public… and all over the new and media O_O resulting in those complaining looking ignorant. WHAT HELL wrong that netizens and media would leave him alone gossip until they get the ridiculous new ! abused government military funds. RAIN was just TOLD to be he would never abused this under anything HE NEED GET HELL out SEOUL if they treat him like he need LET GOES of SEOUL and MOVE ON …. ~i can’t stop reading way of topic beside Rain know better to be told he would never again any rule by him SPOILER gosh… give me break 👿


  3. I’m not surprised. This is why I said what I said earlier and stand by it. Yes….Korea, my home country, would get a nice long “look see” at the roundest part of my back side, just as soon as I got the chance. For real. I SO mean that. His country can take on a “turncoat” mentality just on a whim and often does. Their attitudes change with the wind and that’s not cool.


  4. Oh wow? Really? This poor man…… JiHoon until you get the hell out of Korea you better even wipe your butt the right way…. SMDH


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