[article] The shattering of men’s fantasy: The betrayal of Kim Tae Hee.

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Oooooh, that Jealousy Monster is a real biyatch. And not just for women. Hmm!

Honestly, celebrities have to be asking themselves, is all this Tomfoolery from the public worth it?



Nate News 1/9/2013 — [Brief English translation by huhuhuhu @The Cloud Rain News Board]


Brief Translation of this article

Shattering of Men’s Fantasy “The Betrayal of Kim Tae Hee”

Many men feel inferior in front of  singer and actor Jung Jihoon (Rain): he is tall and handsome.  He dances well, sings well, and acts well. He has a great body and he has a lot of money.  Just as many women are mesmerized under his charisma, these men try their best to look for his shortcomings.  Somehow they can’t give thoughtful consideration, but will only find fault on things.

They criticize Rain and others by leaving remarks in forums.  It could be trivial, like when Rain had a supporting role in Speed Racer, these people who assumed as having excellent command of English, criticized that Rain had overdone his pronunciation.  It could be more serious when they criticized an actress’ acting skills as suspicious of pro Japanese.

The news about Rain and Kim Tae Hee falling in love ended up in Rain having violated army regulations.  The issue was soon out of control.  I believe  this is related to the deep rooted jealousy these people have against  Rain. The “all capable” Rain, with his beret off, was able to enjoy love, at a time when it means cutting off from love relationships when an ordinary man goes to army, with the actress that all men in Korea admires.  They feel that Rain is having the best military life in the world, they feel that Rain has too much. Thus they are not able to see any beauty in it.  And they totally forgot Rain’s difficult adolescence and the painful effort he had made to get to his current position.

The affair is also a fatal blow to Kim Tae Hee’s image to them.  Honestly, there are other beautiful actresses in Korea, but Kim has a strong “premium”.  She is a graduate of Seoul University.  Thus she has a superb position between a “celebrity” and a “civilian”.  Men admire her beauty and her cleverness. They are curious to know what kind of man she will meet and what kind of love she will have.  Many men, blind to their own limitations, believe they can get her love.  They even criticize the actors she worked with.  But now Kim has given her heart to the 2 year younger, handsome and sexy Rain.  These people feel being dumped, being betrayed.

Because Korean men have such feelings or fantasies towards Rain and Kim Tae Hee, once they are erupted, these people are not able to think logically and reasonably.  They get crazy with celebrities or turn their backs to them with such absurd feelings.  Rain meets his “Busan Woman”, and was labelled a “Bad Guy”.  Surely he can find a way to “Avoid the Sun”.

~ by Cloud USA on January 9, 2013.

25 Responses to “[article] The shattering of men’s fantasy: The betrayal of Kim Tae Hee.”

  1. that is the prize of being famous (celebrities) like Rain. THEY ARE like fruits up in the tree, which other people keeps on throwing stones so that the fruit will fall. They are being criticized in everything they do. Even celebrities do good things or good deeds, still others will comment, find fault or will connect misleading interpretations/accusations to ruin the image. And the culprit is ENVY. Poor Rain


  2. It’s a shame, but the green eyed monster do exist Only the pure and innocent survives and this is what Rain is.


    • Robin … did you just say that RAIN was pure and innocent?

      Hardly, he’s a 30 year old man that’s works in one of the most rough and tumble kill or be killed industries out there. Where you have to get a thick skin and fight back (as he’s shown on many occasions) and fight for what you want. If you’ve read the transcripts of his radio show you will know that he has an ego as big as his talent. This is not a negative thing it’s got him where he is but he is not the sweet and gentle guy he seems to be from his public appearances. And, I’m pretty sure he has thousands of girls, women … “ladies” at his beck and call. He might be a good … even great guy but he’s by no means pure.

      Just my opinion


      • I second that Dot!……..*SMILES*


      • Thanks Dot for saying what I’ve been thinking. I can’t for the life of me wonder why some people think the man is “pure” and “innocent”. A far cry from that! Now, I’m not saying he’s some “man-whore” NOOOO! That would be just wrong! *winky face*


  3. agree with everything he says this quote! envy is very bad


  4. gosh i hate to say their are so many men jealous of this esp from who want attention and feel for this person but they get nothing back from her just a friend and worker or even just known by watching her drama and CF ect…. just coz she found a true HEART and knowing that RAIN is the one she dating and make her love him goes and criticize on him totally EVIL seriously they need to look back them self see what position are u in first before u even goes deep on any celebrities That article is SAID IT ALL…I BET a lot men out their very hate him
    and jealous as well NOW I SEE why he did like some serene men treat him maybe he know himself through out his hardship how they betray and mean to what so called his been famous good looking sexy and he the best of everything JUST CRAZY really how other have no RESPECT and u are same culture …men hate on Rain just because he could get with a beautiful actress and they can’t…I dont know why the Korean men and women are delusional…to make up these fantasies and really believe in them…Rain and Kim Tae Hee can date whoever they like and they should just accept that…KOREAN HAVE no heart to any OTHER FEELS-FISH and only think their way it TOTALLY NEGATIVE AND WRONG ….so what if Rain have deep dating or just starting that his LIFE they should never betray their other i felt like Korean nothing but BIAS country period no respect to their ARTIST CELEBRITIES and yet stalk OVER THEM AND MAKE ALL THESE nonsense story

    i think RAIN & KIM TEA HEE
    should come to USA and get marry and get away from that EVIL EYE and jealously and have his own family here so they can’t STOP when this all happen maybe it even better live in USA instead live as a happy family but he still do the same WORLD-STAR actor and singer and dancer same thing he did i hate SEOUL … it me me sick after one story to other it like a drama country menses make MOVIES about instead geessssssssshhhhhhhhh!!! 😦


  5. That article is right…men hate on Rain just because he could get with a beautiful actress and they can’t…I dont know why the Korean men and women are delusional…to make up these fantasies and really believe in them…but they need a reality check…Rain and Kim Tae Hee can date whoever they like and they should just accept that…you can’t help who you are attracted to…I’m pretty sure Rain has his reasons for dating Kim Tae Hee and the same goes for Tae Hee dating Rain…I think they make a cute couple and maybe one day can lead to marriage…he is of the marrying age especially Tae Hee…It would be good for Rain to bring his lady to the States and be able to date freely once he finishes his service…maybe we can even get a concert from Rain something that we all want…Question : Did Rain’s agency also admit to him dating Tae Hee or did only Tae Hee’s agency admit the two were dating?


    • Cheetara,

      No, Rainy has made no statement. First of all, he is in the military and has been in confinement since the news broke (and not just this week, by the way…). So, he is incommunicado at the moment and can’t make a statement.

      However, the military representatives did say that Rain admitted to going “out” with Kim Tae Hee. They made no judgements about the two stars’ meetings. They just said that Rain had admitted that they had meet up for “private meetings” three times while he was on-duty.

      And I am predicting that admission is all we are going to get. Although, I doubt Rain is going to disrespect Tae Hee and deny he’s dating her at this point. He will likely just let it go and see if the furor dies down.

      If, however, we do see more of them dating publicly after he is released from the military. Well, then. That would be a pretty definitive answer, won’t it?

      Terri :-}


  6. I am not particularly hot about this whole situation anyway but, I am not against him being happy .. I only want him to be happy and be healthy .. so what ever happens I am one step behind on what ever I can do to help.. Regardless what is said or done.. I will not be detoured from him.. I do support him even if I do not like something.. I send him my loving blessings on what ever choices he makes in life in general. For people reality can be a hard blow even if you are prepared for it.. But, life is not peaches and cream people cannot always have what they want. Sooner it is accepted the sooner it will be easier to deal with. Love is not peaches and cream, It takes two to make it and two to brake it… IF others are the reason the couple brake up than they are not meant to be.. Love when, you love someone and feel they are worth keeping than they are worth fighting for. Love does not come easy when it is real true love. I wish him happiness from my heart. Envious can destroy a person and a relationship . Learn to control it or you could loose those close to you. … Turning you back on someone because of something as simple as going on dates. “Envy ” T
    han it just makes the person a low person. A fool for not accepting what they can have.. Being selfish and needy is not a life to live.


  7. I think people (in general) be they male or female, can fixate on/fantasize about celebrities to the point of believing their own delusions. To make matters worse, over in Korea they also have this Extremely Intense sense of nationalism that couples with their celebrity fixations/fantasies. Rational thoughts no longer have room to manifest. If the celebrities do anything contrary to the “ideal” these poor deluded souls have conjured up in their own heads, then you get what we’ve seen. It’s bizarre.

    Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would want to be famous actually……Rich…..oh hell yeah. We can do Rich….but famous?? You really have to want to be that on some level. I would be like…..”just send me the checks and I’m good.”


    • BiA,

      I was thinking about fame this morning myself. Rich I’d love to be. Famous? Um…not so much.

      I was walking to my mailbox to mail my ribbon this morning and I thought about that. I mean really. I don’t think I’d like it very much if I stepped out of my peaceful home to walk to my mailbox, and found a pack of fans or paparazzi hanging out in my culdesac.

      So creepy. And YET..the very fabric of Cloud USA depends on these people following around Rain for us–so we don’t have to. LOL. Wow. I think I’m a hippocrite.

      Terri :-}


      • Well, not really. If fame is something that someone genuinely wants and seeks out, then hey you get what you get because you actively sought it. However, if fame comes by happenstance, then you say you don’t want it, I don’t think that’s hypocritical. (*trying to maneuver around this gray area*)

        Did Bi actively seek fame? (not sure on that one). I think he actively sought the quickest way to not be poor so he could eat 3 squares a day. I think fame came by happenstance, technically. However, he did say he “wanted people to know his name” (one of his many quotes)….so I’m not really sure.

        I’m with you, Rich is definitely something I would have NO problem with. LOL! But, if I lost the right to pull a wedgie and it ends up on the 6:00 news….that would irritate me greatly. *SMILES*…………..

        (*not that I go around pulling wedgies………not all the time at least*)

        Fame is “mutha” that’s why I wonder do people Really want it or do they Think they want it? Because, no sensible person could possibly want this (scandals and what not). *SMILES*…………..


        • BiA said: (*not that I go around pulling wedgies………not all the time at least*)

          LOL. SURE you don’t. 🙂

          I think every kid who wants to be a rockstar hopes that they will reach the level of fame that Rain has, but do they ever really think that they will actually achieve that? Not really.

          I think fame comes in stages. They get some minor local fame and it’s cool. They date and probably get in some trouble with the ladies cause–you know–they’re local stars with promise. And the guys are being a little bad themselves, because once you have a little rep, it’s easy to go a little crazy with it. But then, sometimes all of a sudden, they find themselves getting bigger and then bigger and then suddenly their lives are totally out of countrol.

          Did Rain ever think he think he would ever be as famous as he is now, where he can’t even go anywhere or do anything without every single thing he does being scrutinized to the last minute detail? I doubt it. It’s just not imaginable. Oh, sure, it’s a dream, but we all know that not every dream comes true. So, who is really “looking” for a dream like that to happen? Not very many of us, I imagine. We can see it, we can even try to visualize it (or what we think it might be LIKE–all the “good” parts, anyway), but then we shove that thought into the back of our mind, thinking, well that ain’t possibly gonna happen to ME.

          There’s a difference between being hungry and using your God-given talents to do the one thing you know how to do well, so that you and your family can eat and so you won’t have to live on the streets or sleep on your manager’s sofa anymore, and being so famous that you can’t step out onto the streets without a mobs of people accosting you. Like you, BiA, I think fame, by nature, is happenstance. No one knows where fame comes from or how or why it happens. ‘Cause if they did, then more people would be taking advantage of THAT little formula.

          Interesting discussion.

          Terri :-}


          • Yeah, I agree with your assessment also. Fame does come in stages, but I think what separates the stars from the superstars from the megastars is that intangible thing (it factor most people call it)…that thing that just draws people to you. It’s just who a person is. It’s the individual You. That “thing” a person would have if they were famous or not.

            That’s why I always thought it was funny when you see lead singers who leave a group and the remaining members try to do their own solo projects. Somehow, those projects never equal their collective group success or even the success of the lead singer (who is now solo) and they wonder why. I’m talented, good-looking just like the lead singer….so why don’t the people flock to me? Well, it’s that intangible thing….your essence. You can’t duplicate that intangible essence that comes from a specific person, even if on the surface you have some of the same qualities and access to the same “formula.” So with that in mind, we are in agreement. Fame at its root IS happenstance.


            • Yep. “It” is something you can’t duplicate and a quality that can’t even be defined actually. There are people in this world that just have “it” and people are drawn to them like moths to a flame.

              Bi is one of them.

              Terri :-}


              • True that. Like I said before too, you don’t have to be famous to have that quality either. I’ve seen it in my own family (*people being drawn to certain individuals*). No, it can’t be defined….it just is.


  8. Smh. This people are crazy -.- I don’t even know what to write tbh… Sighs. Rain, I’m waiting for the day you are released from that hell that you are doing so much for only to have them repay you with BS and come to the states and just relax. Maybe master the English language, right a book and maybe a CD because, God, his voice is a gift. It’s so soulful ;;


  9. I always thought jealousy has a role in all this reports. How dare Rain be tall, ssexy, rich, goodlooking, popular with so many fans, and talented… ;P. They disregard he works really hard getting to that point. Nice article by whoever wrote this at Nate News. And I love what he did at the end with the last sentence, very kool.
    Gosh, Ji Hooney, babe have to play it soooo cool untill July 10. On that day he will be one happy man who will celebrate and his cloud will be happly cheering loud in the streets. I need to find a Mich. fan to go out somewhere with me to celebrate and cheer to that period in his life being behind him.
    As far as dating, Rain will go about this at his own time as I know he wants to make sure Tae Hee is the right one. I wish for him to have fun finding out (although in my dreams I will be her), lolllsss ahaha.


  10. HA!


  11. Yes, that’s it! Pure green ENVY!! Which is why Rain and Kim Tae Hee should take off when he finish his duty to take a long vacation, get married and spent their honeymoon in any part of planet Earth except Korea! 🙂


    • Envy is right. If anything, I would want someone to show me the “key” to the success they are enjoying. Why waste time being envious? Show me how to “make it happen” for myself. You know?



  12. well said!!!!! that’s the truth after all!


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