[article] Rain who violated the decree on military service, is placed under a period of probation of one week.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Yes, RAINmaggeddon 2013 is over and the earth is safe from destruction. And the punishment fits the crime.

There are those of you out there still ignorant and so disappointed that (after hard 5 months in Infantry at the DMZ and 10 months in DEMA) Rain isn’t having to repeat his mandatory service. Get a grip. It’s not like the man was spying for the enemy or running illegal military activities underground. He accepted rides back to post from his girlfriend so he could spend that time with her. Three times. And the hat thing doesn’t even deserve any air time, what with soldiers galore and even the top brass running around outside without their head coverings every other day. Talk about a scapegoat.

He was told to go do military work and not even given an escort or Army transportation to do so. I guess he was supposed to walk there and back. Or take a taxi or the subway, and get mobbed. If he was your idol, brother, relative, son, or family friend, you would have been rending your clothes and begging for leniency. As it is, he can’t even eat a dry crust of bread without you having to whip out a ruler and measure it.

Serve your time in confinement, Rain, get on out of there, and continue doing the great job you’ve always done for South Korea’s tourism. There are some out there who do appreciate your loyalty to your country. ^@@^


YTN News 1/8/2013 — [English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board]

Rain who violated the decree on military service, is placed under a period of probation of one week

Corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (singer Rain) who violated the decree on military service in the process of dating with his girl girlfriend while off the base for official military duties, has been placed under a period of probation of one week. The degree of the punishment for him is the lowest among ordinary private soldiers.

Therefore, corporal Jung must take time for self-examination by writing letters of apology, only in designated areas inside the Defense Media Agency where he belongs, for a week from tomorrow. He’ll sleep and eat in the same place as his soldier mates do, but he will be excluded from all the usual training schedules. He is alleged to have not raised any particular objection to their decision.

Before this, a Defense Ministry officer said, “Rain violated the degree on military service four times by moving alone not led by any military official in charge while off the base for official military duties and by not wearing his beret.”

Source : http://www.ytn.co.kr/_ln/0101_201301081752067562

English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on January 9, 2013.

10 Responses to “[article] Rain who violated the decree on military service, is placed under a period of probation of one week.”

  1. […] course, that’s not to say that Rain has been completely without […]


  2. i hope how men Rain are doing fine today i just set here curious what he gritting a letter about maybe ?
    i hope u are doing just fine in their STAY STRONG and just follow what they have give you i know you can SURPASS this if u can do it more then just one which is u can do it again it hard to inside that ROOM but i know u can do this !! punishment is for all the violations imposed. You’ve got a week probation of self reflection and …. writing apology letters i it FAIR to other men too
    WHY the media always come again rain WHY???????????

    it SO NOT FAIR they only took action and again only you just like crazy meida post anything just make u look bad and their are such a HATER and Jealous of you out their THEY SHOULD get BIG SLAP and SOCK up really


  3. Ditto, Welcome Juni


  4. I truly appreciate your updates as well. I’m a Cloud for life and Terri and Stephe, you both are true sisters to me. Thanks ^•^


  5. Though I understand JiHoon violated the military rules, didn’t DEMA break their own protocols and decress? Why are the powers who are suppose to be in charge not being held responsible for breaking their own rules? Where is their apology letter to JiHoon for putting him in this situation, or the the nation for not doing their duty? I cannot understand the hypocrisy of punishing JiHoon for accepting rides from KTH to get back to base when DEMA was providing him with neither an escort or transportation. Yes, I know, he could have made a better choice and not ridden with her, but if DEMA was doing its job correctly in the first place he wouldn’t have had to make a choice. The head covering situation is just laughable with all the proof showing numerous soldiers and commanders without their hats, but none of them are being punished. This whole situation just makes DEMA look foolish. Yeah, I know, its all been said before, but I’m still p#$$ed. LOL!
    Having said all that I am very thankful all he received out of this mess was a week of “time out”. I know this is still difficult for him, but he has a will and strength that most will never possess, so he will get through this. And I hope that when he starts receiving his yellow ribbons that they lift his spirits and he can see just how much he is supported. I also hope he is unundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of them. Wouldn’t that be something? Stephe, this was such a great idea to show him our support! Just MHO for what it’s worth.



    • I know, Liz. Yes, DEMA is at fault too. They should not have asked him to do work after hours and not provided him the proper escort and transportation.

      However, two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s what I tell my kids and that’s the rule I live by myself. Just because someone ELSE isn’t doing the right thing, doesn’t mean YOU have to follow suit.

      Ji-Hoon was wrong for breaking the rules and he should have been disciplined. Period.

      It is a fact that the PR Division also neglected their duties. His superior officers shouldn’t get away with their dereliction of duty either–and they probably haven’t. We’re just not hearing about their punishment because they aren’t famous.

      Like we’ve said a hundred times here on Cloud USA. We love Rain to death. But when he does something wrong, we’re gonna say so.

      And then we’re gonna move on and love him some more. :-}

      Terri :-}


  6. Now I can rest in peace! haha…I’ve been waiting for this and stalking your site for the updates. Thank you so much. I am a fan of rain ever since Full house but just discovered this site a few days back. I’m glad I found it. Once again thank you.


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