[opinion] Why can’t we all just be HAPPY for Rain and Kim Tae Hee?


~Written by Terri :-}, Managing Editor


One of the first things I thought when the news broke that Rain was dating Kim Tae Hee was, ‘Wow, good for you, big fella!”  The next, I was wondering where they met and how they first caught each others’ eyes.  I also wondered how long they had been dating.  If it had been awhile, how had they managed to keep it a secret until now, especially with Rain being in the ROK Army?

However, not in a million years did it ever enter my mind to hate Kim Tae Hee or to think that she was lying about her relationship with Rain, a relationship which, according to the ROK Army Defense Media Agency (DEMA), has been corroborated by Rain himself, whether anyone wants to believe it or not.

Besides, do you honestly think that a top actress in Asia would LIE to the public and her fans about dating another one of the top stars in Asia for publicity purposes?  Or that she would announce their brand new relationship without knowing what Rain would want her to do?

As far as the depth of their relationship goes, she was not being in a hurry.  She was not imagining things.  She was not “jumping the gun.”  She was simply being truthful. Those photos from The Dispatch were some of the best-put-together evidence I’ve seen in a long time, as proof for celebrity dating.  Seriously, most tabloids jump the gun and end up getting sued over the stupid stuff they print, but this time, The Dispatch was extremely thorough.

Even I had to be impressed, and I hate tabloid news rags.  Who knows?  Maybe they’d heard about Rain’s new penchant for suing tabloids for getting it wrong?  Whatever the reason, they did a darned good job making their evidence irrefutable.

Still, those photos did not tell the whole story.  The dates captured by the paparazzi photos were reported to have occurred while Rain was “on duty.”  That is a FACT.  Therefore, those are the ONLY dates that he got in trouble for.  That doesn’t mean, however, that Rain and Tae Hee didn’t go on OTHER dates.

It has been reported that the couple has been spending as much time together as they could manage since they started dating at the end of November.  The Dispatch, which broke the news about their dating in the first place, also said that the couple spent December 23rd and Christmas Eve together.  However, since Rain has not admitted that those other dates occurred while he was on duty (which as of yesterday he hadn’t), then all of those OTHER dates he had with Tae Hee can’t be counted against him, because they occurred on his off-duty days.43954674

So, yes, dear Clouds.  It’s true.  Your Prince Rain, the man who can apparently do no wrong in some Clouds’ eyes, has been a bad, bad boy.  He got hot for a girl and thwarted rules he KNEW he should not have broken and he went on three dates while he was on duty.  Oh, and he was SO hot about her that he forgot to put his darned cap back on while he was switching cars.  Silly man.  :-}

Fans’ bizarre insistence that Kim Tae Hee is somehow “wrong” or “mistaken” or even “lying” about their relationship, or that she “caused” all of the problems he is having with the military is ridiculous and baffling.  Rain is not in trouble with the military because he is dating Kim Tae Hee.  He is in trouble because of how he was dating her.

Frankly, Rain is a big boy.  He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway.  So, to blame Tae Hee for all of the troubles Rain is going through now, after it all went bad, is simply unfair.  Sure, it was probably not a good idea to go along with it, but that’s assuming that she even knew he was on duty.

Heck, we don’t even know if he even said anything about that to her at all.  She could have just assumed that what they were doing was allowed, because she trusted him to know what he could and couldn’t do.  Maybe she didn’t know, until after the news broke, that he was violating Army regulations.  After all, they hadn’t been dating that long—and she’s not in the military herself.

The bottom line is this.  They are dating.  They were dating while Rain was on duty.  They got caught.   They felt it was best not to perpetuate a LIE, because that could have gotten Rain into even bigger trouble with the military.  So, they didn’t.  They told the truth.  Which good people do when they get caught doing something wrong.

Most people aren’t bothering to read all of the news properly and are now making up wild stories based on their own fantasies about Rain.  I say that because there is no reason in the world that people should be so hateful about this news if they are in their right minds.

PrettyTaeHeeI have done some research on Kim Tae Hee, and she appears to be a smart, reputable and extremely beautiful woman.  She is also a wonderful lady who is  talented in her own right as an actress and a spokesmodel.

Could she use the publicity?  Of course.  Always.  But how could it possibly help her to expose her relationship with Rain carelessly (no matter how old it was), especially in Korea, where the admission of celebrity dating is almost taboo?  Especially if your new boyfriend just happens to be Rain, of all people.  I mean everyone in the world knows, especially Korean celebrities themselves, that Rain has some of the most obsessive fans in around, and that these fans aren’t going to be particularly fond of him dating anyone at all.

Haven’t any of you ever read about the hate mail, the scathing netizen comments, or even the death threats surrounding celebrity couples who decide to publicly date in Korea?  Wow.  It’s nuts.   Anyone who follows Korean news regularly would know that it is not particularly GOOD press in Asia to admit that you are dating one of the hottest stars in the world.

And that doesn’t just happen in Korea.  Anybody read any Belieber comments about Selena Gomez when she started dating Justin Bieber?  (Oh, by the way, apparently Justin and Selena had another fight and it’s splitsville again.  I feel bad for them, but they really should stop fighting in public.  But they’re young.  They’ll learn.  :-})

Let me see how this would work.  Okay, Tae Hee thinks, ‘I need some publicity.  This is perfect.  I’ll admit to the world that I’m dating Rain and everyone everywhere will love me and will be just dying to see my upcoming drama.’  She would never ever stop to think for one moment about all of the hate mail and even death threats she would get from Rain’s “quasi-girlfriends,” or how much trouble Rain would get into with the ROK Army, which is notorious for its extremely hardcore culture?  Surely, there are better paths out there for moving yourself up in the Internet search rankings?

The bottom line is that sometime in November 2012 Rain began dating Kim Tae Hee, and the sooner everyone gets over it and gets happy for them the better it will be for the new couple.  Do I believe this will ever happen?  No, because after running a fan site for three years, I know that fans love to perpetuate drama over the silliest things.  Like dating, for example.

I’m sorry to have to break this news to you, ladies, but Rain is likely never going to marry one of his fans. db918a161a1306a0f7203307f12d3c63Especially not when there are sexy, beautiful, and perfectly eligible women working with him every day, women who can catch his eye and win his heart much more easily than any of the anonymous fan faces at his concerts or fan events will ever be able to.  He’d love for you to believe that, of course, because a dating and/or married artists makes less money, but from a practical point of view, the idea of that ever happening doesn’t make any logical sense.  So, if any of you are having too much trouble emotionally accepting Rain’s decision on who he is dating or marrying and having children with, then you really need to take a long, hard look at yourself, because there is something really wrong with you.

If, when you all read our posts, there are links to sources of information embedded in the articles, please click on them, so that you can read for yourself where we got our information.  I know we are a fan club, but we are not just making up things out of our heads over here.  We are printing the truth.  At least we try to do our best to.  That means, though, that sometimes you may not like what we write.  Like now.  Because sometimes the truth can hurt.

So, please Clouds.  Would you PLEASE try really really hard to be happy for Rain and Kim Tae Hee? Their budding romance is in its most delicate of stages—and now Rain’s in trouble.  No one really knows if their relationship will blossom into real love or even then if that love will last.  They probably don’t even know themselves.  So, do you really want to cause Rain more damage by disrespecting the one woman he has chosen to date right now?  Really?

I was so delighted when I discovered that Rain had finally found himself a little sparkle of joy this holiday season.  What a terrible shame it is that he couldn’t hold onto it for just a little while longer.

Terri :-}
Written by terri@cloudusa.org

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~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2013.

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  1. Awesome write up here Terri. Am gonna share this as Rain just got discharged and need time with his love ones. Crazy fans should be reminded again about their idol’s personal life, idols are human too and you don’t expect them to marry each one of the fans.
    It’s time for him to do things for himself now and we will always support him at all times, be it happy or sad!!!


    • Thank you N unnie. I’m glad you enjoyed.

      It always makes us feel great when an older article we’ve written awhile ago pops back up again in the comments. Writers love that stuff. 😛

      Terri :-}


  2. im not against her or any other girl that he choose as long as she has no bad reputation morally and if they r meant to be with each other at the end, just happy for them


  3. I’m in and support Rain100%, Lord , help him to go through this difficult period .As for both Rain and Ms. Kim that they first need to feel acknowledged and given the emotional space to experience their feelings Andy do hope that the public gives them spaces. all things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever. If going wrong, don’t worry, they can’t last either. Dear Rain, it is not the strongest species that survives nor the most intelligent survives. It is the one most adaptable to change. You have been thought so much in your life to what you are today and supporters like us to continuing to supporting you through every precious period so please be strong by heart. Bless you!
    Renn11 from USA


  4. As I huge fan, I was hoping that this day would come along and it has. I am so happy for him. Remember that he said that he wanted to get married and start a family after he turned 30. Duh, he’s 30 and for those who don’t approve; get a life of your own. Let our Rain be happy and start the next chapter of his life without stress, especially the stress of his fans. We are supposed to be his Clouds, you know the ones that support our Rain; not bring him down…JMO


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  6. Dear Cloud USA, I love this opinion piece. I could not agree more. I myself am ecstatic for RAIN. If it makes him happy, I am Happy. I have preferred to hold my opinion till I hear RAIN’s statement. Not because of hope that he will marry a fan, But because I feel that it is what is fair to him. As for the CLOUDS, Most are taking it out on KIM TAE HEE because they fear that RAIN will Forget about his clouds. That is their BIGGEST concern. And Keep in MIND that RAIN has also reached a younger audience now. Not all FANS can be adults about the situation. I have ran across fans that are in their early teens.

    As CLOUDS we are suppose to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE, and give HOPE to EACH OTHER, as RAIN has given us through his countless endeavors. I for 1 have always seen RAIN differently. Yes, I found RAIN at a very difficult time in my life. But I have always seen RAIN for who he is and not what he is. Personally I LIKE a BAD BOY. All work and no PLAY makes RAIN a VERY VERY DULL BOY. {So the Saying Goes} He is Human after all. I prefer to think of him as an angel sent from heaven with a little bit of mischief.

    The REAL ISSUE is not him dating KIM TAE HEE. But the STRICT POLICY of DEMA. A Policy that has not changed in almost 70 years. The hat is peaty. A good stiff wind can blow a hat off. As for meeting her while on duty, well most would give anything for that kind of devotion. RAIN has always led by example, so take what he shows you and raise your expectations and never settle. Lets face it, this is a case of rotten luck. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish they could have waited to tell the world. It would have been Less trouble. But they were CAUGHT. And if any one who don’t know what it feels like to be in love then know this. you want to shout it from the highest mountain so you can tell the world “YOUR MINE and NO ONE ELSE’S”




    • I just want to clarify when I said we are suppose to support encourage and give hope to other clouds. I say this not in support of delusions. But in support of RAIN. 1) He would not want us to be any other way to each other. 2) Encourage FANS that this is not the end, it is just the beginning. Like a book one chapter ends and another begins. Support their work and efforts. 3) give hope. when you give hope you inspire a different way of thinking. give them another way to think. In the possess you help maintain the current fan base and with some luck even grow. This is the responsibility of every fan. Being a FAN is a love for someones work. A belief in a school of thought. I LOVE MY CLOUD FAMILY as I do RAIN.


  7. I think this goes for all celebrities that once you become famous all eyes are on them and so the private life goes out the window and you have to become creative how to keep it private and sometimes you get caught.
    I am in agreement that in order for KTH to acknowledge the relationship they must have already talked about it together.

    I am all in support of Rain having a private life and a romance with whomever makes him happy. Looking at these pictures they look really good together so Rain, if you like her and she makes you happy, hold on don’t let her go.

    Also thinking that there will be some great song writing in result of these emotions and feelings.

    And on the fan thing I just don’t get it to what extent some will go to but I know its out there.

    Sending out my second yellow ribbon today, I love this idea so much that I am thinking I will continue sending one until his discharge. I often wonder as he must get loads of mail at the army what really happens to all of it, how does he find the time to go thru it all.


  8. I am happy for Rain, maybe now he can have those kids he desires so much. I never understood the whole idea of being so crazy obsessed over a celeb….but there people out there that don’t have a grasp on what’s real. Hopefully they can both move past this and people learn to accept it….and not hate on them because they’re together.


  9. Amen! Be Happy for Rain….

    I’m happy for JiHoon and TaeHee. ❤ 😊


  10. Amen! You said it Terri.

    I’m happy for JiHoon and TaeHee. ❤ 😊


  11. Amen! You said it Terri.

    I’m happy for JiHoon and TaeHee. ❤ 😊


  12. thank you. …it’s so good. i’m realy proud to be one of clouds of rain.


  13. Ah rats, and here I thought the 29 year age difference wouldn’t matter!!! Just joking – tee hee hee, ha ha ha!! If this is indeed a budding relationship all I can say is hallelujah go for it. I just hope that his fan base will be smart enough to see him as human and not carry this vile debasement on after he is out of the army. It is going to be so hard for him if those people are really gunning for him. I have high hopes for his private and professional life. To err is human to forgive – divine—-looks like the CloudUSA folks are all divine.


  14. I just hope this ordeal does not spoil things for Rain and Tae Hee. Rain deserves to have a life and a love life at that. People need to move on and leave them alone. I hope Tae Hee is Rain’s soulmate. Thanks Terri for the article


  15. @Terri thank you for a wonderful informative article!!!!!!!!! I for one shipped Rain with Kim Tae Hee way back when they did the commercial together. I thought she was very pretty and they looked like they would make a very nice couple. It is funny because I hoped he would start a relationship with her. I am so happy as a fan I do not live under a dislusional rock but I Iive in the real world. Every human being needs someone to love them and to love. Rain needs love just like anybody else. I really hope their budding relationship can withstand all of this crazyness that is going on with Rain.


  16. Hi, Terri, I can see the emotion even frustration of this incident and you also bring up the points of being a fan and how so many things in life that has been judge in a wrong way because of untrue fact ,gossip and even become political.
    Rain is a mature adult so does Kim Tae Hee and they can date or do whatever they wants as long as they don’t break the law and we should be happy for them specially for Rain who has have finally found someone that he is be able to share with his feeling with and his love to, we, as fan should bless them and to be happy for Rain or any woman Rain is going out with. And that’s how a fan should be react and support to the person who we are admire with. Isn’t this the way you would wish to your family ? Besides, he is one of our cloud family, isn’t he?
    I’ve been wondering since this event started, who is giving the ok to release Rain’s day off when the accusation says that he has had too many? and the curfew ? Isn’t the defenses department has responsibility too? and, since this incident happen that the defenses department has to find some kind of reason to act out so the only excuse they can comes up with is Rain wasn’t wearing his hat? Well, if this is the less excuse they can comes up with then just let it be so the horrible incident can stop asap and it doesn’t continuing to ruining Rain and Kim Tae Hee lives and the publicizes can not find any more of their ridiculous accusations.
    Fans and cloud, please just be support to Rain, support mean comforting, helping and to be with your love one under any circumstance when they are in a state of difficulty. And this is the time. Thank you! #WeBelieveInRain.


    • Yes, Renn.

      The PR Division does need to be accountable as well. From what we have been told anytime a soldier is on duty and they need to go off-based a staff member is supposed to accompany them and when they have completed their duties, they are to accompany them back to base. In other words, whenever Rain was working on songs in his studio, then he should have been escorted–or at the very least–someone should have come and picked him up at the designated times in some kind of Army vehicle.

      So, yes, they are partly at fault too. However, let’s also not forget, as much as we love Rain, he should also not have broken the rules. Regardless of how much freedom they gave him, he was wrong to do that.

      But that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes. So, he should just take his punishment and move on. Hopefully, DEMA will make the punishment fair. But yes, DEMA should be reprimanded also for not following their own policies.

      And then everyone should just move on.

      Terri :-}


  17. WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT!!! BRAVO ENCORE (or ancore as the koreans say)

    You have out done yourself on this article my dear. Hit the plunger right on the head and sent the ball up and rang that big ole bell BING!!!

    I think it is wonderful and a am rooting for these too, who knows if it will last but at least now we can see obvious signs for Jung JiHoon living a (somewhat) normal life, working and dating and getting into trouble and being persicuted and dragged over the coals … did is mention the “somewhat normal” part? LOL

    I look at the pictures above and they make such a handsome couple I can only image the perfect little cloud babies they will make together. I hope everyone is crossing their fingers, toes, eyes and anything else they can cross that Jung JiHoon and Kim TaeHee make it and live happily ever after together.



  18. TERRI
    AMEN to all this post and i totally agreed i know muself for the fact Rain well always never end up with his fan frankly that i assume that he found TRUE LOVE that are smart and business and understand same culture as well i am 100% sure this yet i even keep telling most fan and friend i chat most time that DON’T keep your dream to high about Rain he never marry his fans and yet i even try to explain how i felt about THAT NOT HAPPEN …. apparently i SO HAPPY yes it so true and SHOCK Rain & kim Tae Hee fans but the TRUE is right now and what u see they dating they are in love they are relationship PLEASE … stay strong and be happy for them and also if u called yourself a fan then u must accept the a FACT and true ans YES…. I accept them both together actually i am happy i want them to do drama together i hope it happen

    WELL i very love them two so much as soon i see them in CF coupang I ALREADY think them are such Beautiful & handsome couple not to mention Rain way better then with Song Hye Kyo…SORRY no offense to anybody here i just telling how i feeling for Rain and he turn mature and full grown men and yet time for his heart to OPEN wise AHAHAHAH ….. AND I LOVE TO SEE THEM DATE !!!!!!!!!!!! did i said that YUP….. u hear that right not to mention they both so looking good together how i want them both in K-drama one day together about that ekekekeke Two beautiful people having a wonderful love story!i hope this be be long term and long time to their relationship will grow time to time i know rain is very hard and picky person to even date a girl in Korean their is something about her turn Rain head on his need and love her ekekeke which i would love to see in REPUBLIC more … C’MON only S. Korean leave their privacy alone it would peace of mind and more happy to this world that finally their SONG of culture have found a women and time to share … who is women BE!!!! 🙂 rain CAN have his own blossom now so i just hope they can BE FAIR to the both relationship and STOP HUNT back to back somebody plain jealous IT MAKE ME SICK also

    rain have done to much and have been DEVOTE to his for 10 years don;t they see that gosh…. he been so lonely for long and he finally found and accept this tru realtionship give him FREE Space .

    and stephe & terri
    i agreed u statement about how this all happen and went through LOL ‘
    Rain & Kim Tea Hee Spent December 23rd and Christmas Eve together. no wondering everybody wondering he at ahahahah THE TRUE have speaking and i am so happy he did have such a wonderful Christmas time this ending 2012 he deserved that sis he said he been lonely ever Christmas eve & day now it time to see him Happiness and enjoy his holiday like hum being as reality is as usual life move to be but yet coz that it give a problem for forgive wear his hat i understand men fall in love sometime they do forgive it i have no again about that did i said it on Fb somwhere ahahahahah ….!!


  19. The idea that Tae Hee would lie about dating Rain makes absolutely no sense.

    First off, this chick is a big name all by herself with more than a few dramas and movies and awards and accolades under her own belt. She has a reputation to protect, a reputation that would go straight to hell in public and in entertainment circles if she were caught in a lie of that magnitude.

    Secondly, what top actress with everything to lose is going to tell a whopper like that about Rain her CO-WORKER, her co-spokesmodel for the same company, not to mention her friend, and then have to talk to him face to face again? What. an. embarrassment. Answering to him, getting told off, and knowing he was telling everybody that he told you off?

    Personally I would rather die. LOL!

    The speed with which she admitted it told me without doubt that he might have already told her it was okay to spill. Otherwise, it would have taken the Jaws of Life that they cut people out of cars with to pry her mouth open. South Korean celebrities keep their mouths wired SHUT about who they’re dating until the cows come home. They will deny it unto death, even with pictures. And it takes a hell of a lot to even CATCH them.

    *clears throat*

    Just my opinion and buck fiddy.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Stephe says:

      “……The speed with which she admitted it told me without doubt that he might have already told her it was okay to spill.”

      Exactly. I always felt this was the case from minute one. Nobody’s going to just tell JiHoon’s “bidnez” without him having some kind of input/say so. I will never believe he didn’t give her the go ahead. Especially with the relationship being SO new. Nobody tells about a budding relationship after only a month, not even most of us “joe schmos.” I know after hubby and I first became a couple (our situation started through correspondence….he was in the military at the time…..ironic huh?), we put our business on lock down…even from the friend who first introduced us. That friend got angry about it too, because that person wanted to be “all up in” our relationship. We are former friends now. I haven’t seen or talked to this individual in years. It was not easy. We grew up in the same church together, but that person wanted to overstep and I/we wouldn’t allow it. This person thought they had “special privileges” simply because they introduced us…..umm….Not. We were introduced and their part in the equation was over….this individual didn’t get that, so I had to help that person understand.

      Budding relationships and all the peripheral “stuff” can be difficult, even for non-famous people. I am sure Bi and Tae Hee felt hard pressed to do it otherwise, brotha would be in the delivery room holding his second child before we would even know he had gotten married. Heck if I ever “decide” to commit criminal acts, I want a Korean k-pop star to be my “partner in crime” because my dastardly deeds will be taken to the grave jack.


      • BiA,

        I understand exactly what you are saying.

        Seriously, even I don’t tell anybody if I’ve been dating someone for only a month. I mean, come on. A month-old relationship isn’t even a relationship, really. I imagine my family who lives with me would know, only because if I didn’t show up home when I was supposed to, or went out when I usually didn’t, someone would be hollering for me. I swear they are like the Gestapo. O_o (And Stephe would know, because she’s nosy and she’d wanna know all about him. LOL. :-)) But other than that who would I be telling? It would be none of their business!

        As for Rain and Tae Hee, I do suspect they’ve been chatting online and on the phone since the Coupang work, especially if they just up and started actually dating during the holidays. I mean, that just makes sense, doesn’t it? But going on actual dates for a month? That isn’t anything at all, really.

        I feel really terribly bad for them. Living under a microscope. And know that’s funny coming from someone like us who keeps an eye on him all the time for Cloud USA, and who wouldn’t have much to write about if his fans didn’t keep up with him. Still, there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. It’s got to be awful.

        Terri :-}


  20. Congrats, Rain!! We’re all happy for you and hope your relationship goes far! ❤


  21. I for one am so happy for our Prince! As I said on the forum, he deserves it. Hopefully that “lonely” feeling has been replaced by that beautiful Kim Tae Hee. ^_~


  22. Honestly, I have always been more curious about how these “red-blooded” kpop men keep their women in the “shadows” like ninjas. They do that “ish” with stealth like precision, the kind you don’t even see in the States. There has never been a trace of public feminine companionship on Bi’s part until now. He’s like a dang magician. So, when I saw the pics I more was surprised by the “they got caught” than the “he’s in love” of it all.

    Frankly, I don’t care one way or another because ultimately who he dates has not been and will never be my business. I will never have any input or say so about who he brings home to meet the family, nor will I ever be asked for my input in that regard. In the ever so “eloquent” words of Evelyn Lozado…..my opinion about Bi’s woman is a NMFF. Plain and simple.

    As far as the fan adoration, I’m a woman of a certain age and of the few celebs I have followed I don’t think I have Ever come across an instance where the singing idol has ever dated a fan. I have read that certain celebs will accept….umm….other “delights” from groupie fans (referring to American celebs), but full on dating….relationship status? Never heard of it happening. Maybe it could happen but that would be long, long, long after that celeb’s “hay day” and nobody cares who they are anymore. Then they’ll be relegated back to “regular” people status once again (in some instances). Tabloids won’t care by that time.

    “Midnight hour fantasies” are real for some of these fans Terri…..poor things, they just can’t help it. This romance was a “shock” to their systems. There’s probably some poor naive fan out there that thought 30 year old Bi was still “pure” and innocent. LOL!!


    • BiA,

      Some great insight. Yeah, only unknown musicians and such can afford groupie girlfriend types. I should know…but let’s not go there. LOL.

      All I can say is if a man can stay “pure” and innocent until he’s 30 years old…okay, well, I don’t exactly know what to say, actually.

      So, never mind. LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • Is it possible for a 30 year old man to stay “pure?”…..possibly (won’t even talk about innocence). Is it likely? Heck no!! Especially not for a man in the entertainment industry. If anyone truly believes that, then I feel sorry for the rude awakening you are now getting. Your world has officially been “rocked.”



  23. Wow! I am really happy that handsome Rain finally found someone beautiful to share his life with! I hope they find peace and happiness together! And sometimes love doesn’t always have the best timing sadly…but if its meant to be-it will be. If the love grows to be true I believe it can bond them together though the toughest of times. True love can bond two souls together for a lifetime. I don’t know how their relationship will grow because I don’t know either one of them, however I hope it grows positively and that they find peace and happiness together.

    P.S. Terri, I do agree with you that some of his fans are way to obsessed and crazed, its not fair to the people around them or to the people they actually do know. I mean picture this, a guy that they are around on a daily basis is ready to sweep them off their feet and is CLEARLY obsessed with them but these girls don’t even notice because they are too busy obsessing over Rain, ITS NOT FAIR TO THEM! And then they find out that Rain has finally found someone that makes him happy and these girls cry themselves to sleep at night and they wonder why they are so lonely, why Rain isn’t their boyfriend, hating whoever he’s with, sending hate mail or whatever because they are jealous. THIS IS NOT FAIR TO RAIN AND KIM TAE HEE!! Wake up and smell the reality roses. Some people are just crazy. I can’t even wrap my head around it!


  24. Well all I can say is I was happy from the begining. JiHoon needs a true love.


  25. You are revealing the facts as usual.Great read Terri.I’d love to get a man like Rain but as you said it is unlikely 😉 I am happy for him,if he thinks that he has found the real love or a real blossom which may turn into a real love.I not thinking Kİm Tae Hee or anything because he has a bigger problem.I don’t understand who do people only stick to that.Grow a set ladies,dating Tae Hee isn’t the main problem.


    • Sorry for the typos,I forgot to write things while typing 😉 Damn keyboard and silly me 🙂


    • Thank you for your comments, Elgiz.

      And you bring up a good point. There are a lot of men “like” Rain all around us in real life. But we have to be looking around us to find them. Not at an unattainable pop-star thousands of miles away that we may never even meet.

      So, look around ladies, and smile at those men around you that catch your eye. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be your real-life “Rain.” You’ll never know unless you bother to look.

      Terri :-}


      • My thoughts exactly 😉 He is a talented,sexy man but we can find a man like him,who knows maybe a really good one,in real life.This is more likely than meeting with him.His music and his ethuiasm for doing the best thing guides my soul sometimes.He is my inspiration through when I am having hard times.He gives me the strength to carry on with his words and his sayings.This is why I do love him so much.If Tae Hee is the girl he wants he deserves this happiness.


      • Amen on that Terri. I might know a little sumptin’ about that too! Bi is certainly not the only tall, dark and handsome slice of sexy in the world. *SMILES*…………………….


  26. Oh, but I am happy for him; he isn’t getting any younger lol. I wanna see some mini Rain’s already and probably mini Tae Hee’s :3


  27. AMEN!!!!! My thoughts and feelings EXACTLY!!! I was thrilled for Rain cuz I knew he was happy. I think they’re perfect for each other, he loves her and that’s enough for me!! As a fan I feel extremely happy when I see my beloved star glowing from hapineness! I’m sad he got caught and at this moment concern cuz she left Korea to celebrate her father’s birthday leaving behind Rain in this awful situation. I hope he’s ok with it and this isn’t the end of their beautiful love. I’ll be so sad if that happens cuz Rain DESERVES to be happy! He suferred enough already! I hope Kim Tae Hee can make him extremely happy!!!


  28. rain is a picky guy.. so there must me something about Kim Tae Hee that really made Rain ask her for a date and to the extent of having some sweet escapes in the military camp. Yes Rain did a terrible decision on sneaking out while on-duty. Yes, we get it. But please lets help Rain ease his undertaking by simply just being happy on whoever girl he picks. By doing that, Rain can focus more on his official issues and not on the public bashing Kim Tae Hee because Rain chose her of all the girls in the world. Rain has been a busy public figure for the past decade, now lets give him the privacy he deserves.


  29. Amen!Two beautiful people having a wonderful love story!wish them the best of luck!oh,the fans that do not agree,well,they should get a life.


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