[Just for fun] Our Coupang Cuties: A Love Story


~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

There has been so much angst these past few days in Rain’s world that I just thought you all could use a smile.  So, below you’ll find MY version of how the budding romance between Jung Ji-Hoon and Kim Tae Hee might have gotten its start.  (Assuming it was all in Terri’s head, of course.  LOL.)

Cloud USA sincerely wishes the new couple all the best,  and we truly hope they experience much love and happiness together.

Terri :-}

[Video and images courtesy of Coupang.com & coupang on Youtube; “Love Story” by Terri :-}]









~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2013.

12 Responses to “[Just for fun] Our Coupang Cuties: A Love Story”

  1. Thank you Terri, this is so cute


  2. Aww, cute!


  3. ROTFL Terri OMG! So so so cute your story! I loved it!. I enjoyed lots. The Full House hairdo hahaha! True that. “Too obvious, sweetheart? Nah, not even a bit” LOL my favourite part, Terri well done! Thanx for sharing.

    Adri ☆


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ….. Omg Terri so good.


  5. They are awfully cute together. If she is his Busan lady I hope and pray for them to have much happiness.

    Also I now see why he’s been talking so much about getting double eyelids so much, hers are. But still I hope he doesn’t.


  6. Terri
    U JUST MAKE ME laughing and smile here . ROFL………….. i watching again …. 🙂


  7. awawwaawaw SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE……….. this very CUTE perfect couple ever i very enjoy watching i keep reply this together and again WHO SAID they are NOT perfect match UH??? they have romantic RIGHT their did u see it well it said it all sweet charming and la la al al ala Coupang…… ROFL…. it considering a poll here eekekekek both them have chemistry here LOVE IT ~
    oh it should have them do drama together and Rain Kim Tae Hee be princess again ekekek but this time more Romantic i want to Rate _R here *Sigh*


  8. I wish them the BEST! ❤


  9. I wish them the BEST. ❤


  10. ROFLMAO!!!!


    OMG, chingu, in the words of KCM, omonaaaaaah. ROFFFFFL

    Love it. 😛

    Stephe ^@@^


    • I know, right Stephe?!

      Okay I’ m watching again!

      Adri ☆ … *scrolls up humming “…coupang, coupang, coupang” *


  11. ROFL @ noona have you eaten? Ji Hoonie I thought you’d never ask!!!!! Too funny.


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