[interview summary] Rep. Shin In Gyun: Singer Rain’s “71 days of leave time” is a distortion.

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Channel A News 1/5/2013

Interview with Independent Defense Network Representative Mr. Shin In Gyun

The first part of the interview is related to Rain. Title of video clip: “Singer Rain’s 71 days of  sleep out/leave…  A distortion”

Translated by: huhuhuhu

Source: Channel A News (http://news.ichannela.com/politics/3/00/20130105/52072657/1)

Summary as follows:

If Rain really had taken 71 days leave during the 10 months time he is with DEMA (from March to December 2012) then it was really excessive and not acceptable by any Korean soldier.  But looking at the material provided by DEMA, the so called 71 days leave is a distortion.

As a soldier attached to DEMA, Rain has the duty to go to various army units for “Consolatory Train” performance.  Out of the 71 days, 19 were for staying out in various districts because of Consolatory Train performance. At the same time, there are activities like the Lisui Expo when DEMA had to support the government on such an important national event.  In order to attract tourists within the country and from overseas, such as Japan or China,  a special stage was arranged for Rain.  In fact we did attract over 120,000 tourists.  Rain hasn’t performed for a long while since he joined the army.  He needs to rehearse with his back dancers.  DEMA does not have studio and facilities for such rehearsal, so he has to go out to do this.  The problem now is that he was not accompanied in these rehearsals, because the schedules were not fixed.  They could be early in the morning or late at night as they had to work around the schedules of the back dancers.  Such trips should be classified as business trips.  They were just like soldiers who had to go out for their field training.

Such activities and the sleep out nights due to regional Consolatory Train performance constituted a total of 44 days, which were included in the 71 days leave.  Grouping these 44 days in the 71 days is a distortion.  They are business trips and should be deducted from the 71 days leave. After the subtraction Rain actually had only taken 27 days leave.  On average, an ordinary soldier who has served 10 months will have earned 21 days leave.  So compared to him, Rain had 6 days more in terms of leave days.  (Note.  In a later news DEMA confirmed that Rain has applied for 4 days personal leave during his time at the No. 5 Division, because of health problems.  These 4 days had been included in the 71 days, which will be deducted from his unused leave.  So in actual fact Rain had only taken a extra of 2 days leave compared to an ordinary soldier who served the same amount of time as he does.)

Because of the distortion of this number, 71 days, Rain suffered mass criticism.

DEMA has already made it clear about the details of these 71 days, and confirmed the sleep out days were in order.

The problem then moved to private encounter during official business.  Note it is not truancy.  If Rain played truant then it is a problem.

As for walking in public without wearing his beret, all soldiers will agree being caught on this is pure bad luck.  If it is a problem then the whole nation’s soldiers will have to be very cautious.  You could easily see soldiers without their berets on if you care to walk to any bus terminal.

People have the wrong conception that entertainment soldiers have an easy life.  Actually they had a hard job.  There is a 99.9% chance they cannot take their holidays and rest during the weekends, due to performance, radio programs etc.  During week days they have to do just what other ordinary soldiers do.  They have to receive training, they have to clean up.  In fact Rain has earned himself Special Warrior by going through the same training and hard work any other soldier did, and did it well to earn the award.

Some people questioned that the rank and file do not need entertainment soldiers, we could just invite girl groups.  This is not true, the soldiers actually like to watch the performance of these entertainment soldiers who also give them great strength.  It is more demanding for Rain, because all units wants him to go to their place to perform.  If he goes to just one unit, others will question why he does not go to theirs.  So he had more performances, and there were times when he had to hurry off after one performance to go to another one.

The article said at the moment the position of DEMA is that on three occasions while Rain was out for official duty, he had private contact on his way back, which could be deemed as having violated military regulations.  It asked a rhetorical question.  DEMA does not have the rehearsal room, the sound systems, not even the costumes, which are necessary for the preparation of major activities, and has to go outside to source these.  With such a system, shouldn’t it fully anticipate there will be private contact during a business outing?

Source: Channel A News

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3 Responses to “[interview summary] Rep. Shin In Gyun: Singer Rain’s “71 days of leave time” is a distortion.”

  1. Thanks girls for making this issue clearer for us!! What a mess!! It’s all DEMA’s fault, there’s no doubt about it! After reading all these articles, is obvious that cleaning the house is in order, many people will be pissed but it’s necessary! :/


  2. […] statement by the Defense Ministry is backed up by Representative Shin In Goon’s statements to Channel A News HERE. Rain’s 17 days of actual leave/vacation + 10 overnight leaves for performing + 44 overnight […]


  3. Thanks CloudUSA and huhuhuhu. Again for keeping us all so well informed.


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