[article] Rain’s vacations and leaves totaled 27 days, not 71 days… The controversy spirals into a witch hunt.

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The article also gives insight into the tiring back-and-forth travel that Rain has to endure as an entertainment soldier most in demand by the troops.

“It is improper for the media and the commentators on the internet to indiscriminately attack Rain’s conduct based on an exaggerated total of 71 days. I think we should at least accurately establish the fact that his leaves actually amounted to 27 days, in other words, only around 6 more days than the average, before venturing to criticize.” — Rep. Shin In Gyun

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JoyNews 1/3/2013 — [English translation by: 화니]

“Rain’s vacations and leaves totaled 27 days, not 71 days … the controversy spirals into a witch hunt”

Representative ‘Shin In Gyun’ of the Self-Reliant National Defense Network made an incisive statement about the public controversy over the conduct of entertainment soldier Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) that is threatening to deteriorate into a kind of witch hunt.

In a phone call with Joy News 24 on the morning of the 3rd, Mr. ‘Shin In Gyun’ commented that “There appears to be a tendency to escalate this issue into a severe witch hunt in a manner that reminds me of past incidents involving Tablo and Tajinyo. It’s necessary to evaluate the situation more level-headedly” and disclosed the results of his research.

According to Representative Shin, as had been disclosed by the Defense Agency for Public Information Services, Corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ received a total of 17 days of reward vacations and 10 overnight leaves granted based on individual performance and 44 days of overnight leaves for the performance of work duties in the 10 month period he worked as an entertainment soldier in the Defense Ministry beginning in March of last year, making a sum total of 71 days of vacations or overnight leaves.

Representative Shin explained the reasons for the leaves in detail, arguing that “It is incorrect for the media to exaggerate based on this data to give the impression that Corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ used as much as 71 days of vacation or leave days.”

Representative Shin pointed out that first of all, it isn’t reasonable to include the 44 overnight leaves that were granted for work duties within the total of 71 days. Those 44 days consist of the 25 days that Corporal Jeong spent rehearsing choreography for the performance he had to give at the Yeosu Expo, as well as the 19 days in which he performed for the ‘K-Force Special Show’ performances.

Representative Shin claimed that “The 19 days during which Corporal Jung performed on the ‘K-Force Special Show’ should be regarded as a work assignment rather than a personal leave. He went to the location to perform his duties as in the case of expedition training, and therefore those days should be subtracted from the total in question. ”

Representative Shin also gave specific explanations regarding the 25 days used for choreograph rehearsals in preparation for the Yeosu Expo performance. Meticulous practice was necessary to prepare thoroughly for the Expo, an event of national importance. Although initially Corporal Jeong was directed to ride the taxi to make the necessary trips including rides to the Defense Ministry, since the schedule of the choreography team often made it unavoidable to attend practice at dawn or at 8 in the morning, Corporal Jung was ordered instead to stay at the rehearsal site.

Representative Shin emphasized that during the two days of the Expo, Rain contributed to national pride by performing 8 songs each day, and that he has worked hard to raise morale through his ‘K-Force Special Show’ performances.

If the 44 days that Representative Shin claims to be have been used for work duties are subtracted, there are 27 days of overnight leaves or vacation days remaining.

Those 27 days include 17 days of reward vacation, and 10 overnight leaves granted based on individual performance. Representative Shin clarified that “Overnight leaves based on individual performance are allocated to each soldier to be used over the course of 21 months, and Corporal Ji-Hoon Jeong used 10 of those days early because he needed to meet with his attorney and attend court about a lawsuit. Therefore, he will not be able to claim any more the overnight leaves based on individual performance.”

Representative Shin pointed out that “As of 2012, ordinary soldiers in our military use an average of 43 days for vacations or overnight leaves over the course of 21 months. If we divide this total by 10 months, that is 21 days per month. Compared to this average, Rain was granted 6 more days” and he criticized the “tendency to exaggerate the situation as though Rain had enjoyed some enormous preferential treatment, when it is a matter of six extra leave days.”

Representative ‘Shin In Gyun’ argued that “It is improper for the media and the commentators on the internet to indiscriminately attack Rain’s conduct based on an exaggerated total of 71 days. I think we should at least accurately establish the fact that his leaves actually amounted to 27 days, in other words, only around 6 more days than the average, before venturing to criticize.”


English translation by 화니.

~ by Cloud USA on January 6, 2013.

32 Responses to “[article] Rain’s vacations and leaves totaled 27 days, not 71 days… The controversy spirals into a witch hunt.”

  1. […] The military could have left the situation at that, but they went even further, basically saying outright that their wrath is being misplaced. […]


  2. […] Rain’s vacations and leaves totaled 27 days, not 71 days… The controversy spirals into a witch h… […]


  3. A little clarification for my previous posts: when I said “who paid – ??? the 3000 people who signed the petition on the Republick of Korea’s military website?”, I was thinking that a person can give 100 signatures, who knows? The internet provide the resources for confusion and misconstruction.
    A person can give 3000 of signatures – who knows?
    And he will be paid not only with money, but some desired advantages – who knows?
    Did you see the kdrama “The Fugitive plan B” with Rain? The will of Kevin was a fake, and the signature was a fake – so, maybe this is the case with the 3000 people.
    When you have an information, you always must check the source of this information.
    That is what I said in that post – the chiefs of Rain must check the source of the information.
    About Tae Hee…I watched a lot of interviews with Rain and he said that the privacy of “miss right” is the most important for him. Tae Hee didn’t respect his privacy, so maybe she is not “miss right” for Rain, he can’t trust a person who expose him this way in a moment of maxim sensibility.


  4. I understood that Kim Tae Hee said she is dating with Rain in the morning, and in the afternoon cames that photos.
    My understanding is: if Kim Tae Hee said she is dating Rain for one month, the legitimate question of reporters is “When?_that guy is in the army, so, when you two were dating?”
    No wrong in this.
    And Bi_Rain had to say that he is dating her because this was the true, or because he is very polite. But the fact that she accompanies him from studios he sing, to the army – is not a date, it is only her wish – Bi Rain went only his way.
    So, my understanding is that, if Kim Tae Hee likes Bi – she wold not say nonsenses to the media – knowing that he is in the army and to date with him is illegal.
    Maybe she wanted a lot of free publicity for herself?
    Yes, it is right for Bi to be punished, but I hope that he will keep this time of tranquility, calm and peace for himself, to think to all what happened.
    And if he was falling in love with Tae Hee, maybe he will understand that she is not a girl of trust for him.Of course, he can be with she, but he can’t trust her.
    In fact, everything is happening because her statement she is dating Rain. Why didn’t she wait until Rain finished the army? Why is she in hurry?
    I hope that Rain will keep his mind clear to think and to decide on his life. It’s not so bad the punishement, it can be used for reflection by Bi.


  5. Reblogged this on tranceanime and commented:
    A Rain le dieron 27 de vacaciones no 71 como los netizens estaban afirmando!!!!


  6. Now we know in fact how many days leave Rain was given not the 71 like people were saying!!!


  7. Reblogged this on kissychocolates's Blog and commented:
    To those who bad-mouthed Rain, this is what you all need to read. You can’t tame the rain. It’s impossible (“:


  8. This is what we needed when all those ugly rumors broke out, trying to tame Rain’s image, but you can’t tame the rain no matter how hard you try (“: I would like to thank you, Cloud USA for keeping us updated on the man we love with nothing but the truth. This North Korea being behind all this mess kind of confuses me at some point because I am not informed about the problem… Er war that NK and SK are in, but I don’t doubt they would use Korea’s top iconic artist to get all this heated and messy. Can we say that those 3,000 people have no life whatsoever?


  9. […] CloudUSA is always there to help set the record straight, and published several articles in the past few days dispelling this nonsense. The Defense Ministry, true to their name, and Rep. Shin In Gyun, have come to Bi’s defense and confirmed that the amount of days he had taken for vacation were no more than 27; and nowhere near 71, as was previously reported. Which begs the question: what in the world is going on?? Why is Bi being subjected to this?? […]


  10. Ok That’s the explanation we needed from day 1 but it comes a little too late! After Rain’s reputation has being cut to pieces! Another thing, now it seems the 3,000 people who asked for Rain’s head are all North Koreans? Wow! If this is true, there’s clearly a conspiracy were they used Rain’s good name to make South Koreans go nuts which they obviously achieve! That’s great! Mission complete! Please make a movie cuz this story is worthy of an Oscar ! >.<


    • You know Mari……..that’s (unfortunately) what politicians do. While it’s great that someone in the political realm has finally come to Bi’s defense, he waited until he could be assured his own reputation wouldn’t be tarnished. Do I know this personally? No. However, this is what people in these types of positions do. They weigh the consequences for themselves to see just how much heat they themselves will be able to take, then they make the decision to support or not support the “accused” publicly. It’s age old politics.

      In the meantime, Bi is being crucified. Hmm, the 3000 signatures. Now there’s an intriguing question for us. Like Terri said, we’ll probably never know (with any certainty) who those individuals are and what their True motivation for signing the petition was. Like I said on an earlier post, some of this seems like some “dark alley” deals have been made in a clandestine way. Bi is just the public face of all the “back door” dealing that I personally feel is now going on. (*IMO*)


      • Yeah I know, they wait until they can get an angle that will bring them leverage or bring advantage to their agenda. You know I feel that there’s definetely something going on backstage that we’ll probably will never know or maybe we will know but not yet. The other day I read an article that talked about Kim Jong Un, he made a statement that he wanted peace and the unification of Korea. I was so happy! Also there are rumors that his wife is pregnant and today I read that maybe she already gave birth. This personal situation can change a any man’s life even a dictator! We all know that when you have a child you want the best world for him to grow up. Also, South Korea’s new leader is a woman who probably has a warmer, kind vision for her country. Peace can be achieved between both Koreas, I can’t see the future but I think is the best moment in time for it. But as always there are people that will never want a unified Korea, they want war, caos (remember King2Heart’s plot line?) so I was wondering, maybe Rain’s troubles are related to a change in the vision of the government. Maybe he’s doing some work for the government, not as a spy, God I hope not, but as liasson? Maybe I’m dreaming but at this point, we know there’s something fishy going on and is more than he being in love with Kim Tae Hee. I believe this is bigger than that.


        • Now Kim Tae Hee left Korea to celebrate her daddy’s birthday! Just awesome! Lord, I hope she’s not leaving Rain. :/


          • Just because she’s going to visit her dad? That’s a bit of a stretch. LOL

            Stephe ^@@^


          • terri
            what this mean by she leaving to celebrate her daddy RIGHT after Rain have all this matter ?? now i am fishy here why not after everything settle sound like i would let her be their for a dad or something i did mean to said but………… now???


            • It’s her dad’s BIRTHDAY, ladies. She’s not going to diss her dad. Besides, it’s not like there is anything she can do for him.

              Besides, her dad may wanna congratulate her, ya know?

              Terri :-}


              • Terri
                yup i know of curse u going to celebrate it VERY IMPORTANT just i was surprise to read this no nothing wrong just wondering … also what i said now i was thinking about BD their …!! my bad i Kim Tea did after after-all LOL i know it bug for her i hope she bring her daddy happy also 🙂


          • LOL! I feel you Mari….it does seem mighty convenient for little miss “Korea’s golden girl” to leave the country at this specific time AND without any fanfare. Talk about a serious “Stealth” move. I get it’s her father’s birthday, but now (and this may seem mean on my part…but I don’t really care….*SMILES*) unless her Dad is seriously old or ill or lives in a country far, far away. I’m sure this is not the first birthday she has celebrated with him and probably won’t be the last. If that is the case, then I think a Hallmark, some flowers and a birthday cake would suffice….*just saying.*

            The “heat” in the Korean kitchen might be getting a little too warm for miss thing. Hey, Kim Tae Hee remember You decided to tell everybody about your month long relationship….so you get what you get. I don’t dislike Tae Hee, but it’s not a good look to leave while your man is “fighting” for his reputation. Even if it is for daddy’s birthday.


        • To be honest, I have a whole other perspective (or two) on this Tae Hee situation, but it would fan unnecessary flames, so I’ll keep it to myself. I just wish I could truly give my deepest of opinions. LOL!!

          Terri, not necessary to tell me. My “thoughts” will stay in my head. *SMILES*…………………………..


          • LOL. Good plan. Although I’m about to do a post fussing at all of the fans who are being mean as snakes to poor Kim Tae Hee.

            They are pissing me off.

            Terri :_}


            • Aww Terri, don’t get mad. Let me say this one thing. Like I said, I don’t personally dislike her nor am I mad at her. Having said that, I will say this situation just goes to show that whoever Bi ultimately ends up with will have to have “b_lls of steel” just like her man. This kind of intensity is what ANY woman of his will get (famous or not), at least in Korea.

              What “Dr. BiAlamode” would suggest…..Bi, Honey Love, when you are discharged, come to the States, set up a home base here, chill for a while….get your bearings, then find you a girl HERE Before you are fully on the American radar, have your family, then let your career take off like gangbusters (or do it somewhat simultaneously). This way your career will keep its momentum and you can establish the family you desire without the Korean intensity. Americans don’t know him that well yet (to be as intense as Korean media/netizens, etc.).

              As far as Kim Tae Hee, if it lasts….nobody will be more shocked than me and I’m being kind.


  11. I’m glad that someone finally came to defend Rain against the media!!!!


  12. They are rats indeed, whoever (and wherever) they are.

    Stephe ^@@^


  13. 🙂


    • Rain is considered to be a symbol of South Korea, and now he is part of South Korean army, so, the slap on his cheek is a kick of South Korean army.
      I have only one question – who paid – ??? the 3000 people who signed the petition on the Republick of Korea’s military website? My understanding is that is North Korea.
      So, better to keep the distance on this subject and have faith in the wisdom of the leaders of Defense Ministry of South Korea – these things always happen between North and South Korea because there is a war without ending.
      Maybe the Defense Ministry will put questions to that 3000 people with the petition, because the army is the army, is not entertainment to vote for top ten of the sexiest singers. My understanding is that these 3000 people who interfere in this way in the business of an army – are only rats.


      • Thank you for your comment, Cloud Atlas.

        That is an interesting perspective that I had not even considered. Where DID these 3000 people screaming for Rain to be severely punished come from? Who are they?

        It is a good question, but it is unlikely that we will ever know.

        Terri :-}


      • WOWOWOW 30000 peoples are serious sound like it somebody must pay this peoples to do RAIN WORLD-STAR even his fans would even to again up to 3000 i know of a number to reach only if u are in concert and BIG event and traditional to even get this much attention to make they sale ticker really … some PAY to much to make Rain get this punishment and just want pull him down OMG this so ridiculous ineed i have ever heard OMG they such a RAT for real …..and what they are North Korean WTH ??


      • Yes they are RATS! And I hope they do investigate these 30 people. It seems to me if your so gun hoe to destroy someone’s life you should be able to back up your reasoning behind it.


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