[article] Defense Ministry: Rain’s total vacation days are 27. Official Army duties overnight = 44.

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This statement by the Defense Ministry is backed up by Representative Shin In Gyun’s statements to Channel A News HERE. Rain’s 17 days of actual leave/vacation + 10 overnight leaves for performing + 44 overnight stays for OFFICIAL Army duties = 71 total times he was off-post. NOT 71 days of VACATION, nor all the other inflated numbers that the Media is happily doling out to their readers without regard.

In fact, according to this statement, he hasn’t even taken the amount of vacation leave that is given to an ordinary soldier (44) OR an entertainment soldier (75). If anyone has been abused here, it is Corporal Jung JiHoon Rain.

The people who have participated in vilifying him should be ashamed. ^@@^



TVReport 1/4/2013— [English translation by: 화니]

Defense Ministry: Regarding the alleged special privilege granted to Rain … Rain’s vacation days included overnight stays at the Defense Agency for Public Information Services

The authorities have issued a statement clarifying their position regarding the controversy that has arisen regarding whether the singer Rain(age 31, Jung Ji Hoon), known to be in a romantic relationship with actress ‘Kim Tae Hee’, received special preferential treatment during his military service.

On the 4th, the MBC TV show entitled ‘Section TV Entertainment Communications’ (hereafter referred to as “Section”) reported on the controversy regarding the special preferential treatment Rain allegedly received as an entertainment soldier.

The controversy about the military’s preferential treatment flared up after the entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported that Rain and ‘Kim Tae Hee’, were in a romantic relationship, along with a photo of the two celebrities on a date.

Initially, criticisms were made about Rain’s outfit. In the photos disclosed, Rain was not wearing the regulatory military hat, and was wearing a civilian jacket over his military uniform. A spokesperson for the Defense Ministry stated that “A soldier must always maintain an orderly outfit to uphold the dignity of the military” and added that “Rain will not necessarily be punished, but the plan is that he will be instructed to wear the military outfit properly through training and guidance.

According to the report made by Dispatch, Rain went on dates with ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ as frequently as around once a week since last November, while on overnight or daytime leave. Immediately following the report, there was a deluge of critical comments on the internet claiming that “The military granted Rain preferential treatment as an entertainment soldier.”

In actuality, the average number of days that an ordinary soldier receives for vacation is 44 days. Entertainment soldiers receive an average of 75 days, which is around 1.7 times more. {NOTE: To repeat, the difference in ordinary and entertainment soldier’s vacation time is NOT preferential treatment. Representative Shin In Gyun explains why, in this interview with Channel A News. — Stephe ^@@^}

A spokesperson of the Defense Ministry explained that “There were two large scale performances given by Corporal Jung during the Yeosu Expo. He needed time to prepare for the performances. Also, when he needs to go far for a ‘K-Force Special Show’ performance, he sleeps over on location. Even if the location is closer, it is around midnight by the time he returns to Seoul.

In such cases, he sleeps at the Defense Agency for Public Information Services, and those days have totaled 19. Those instances were included in the number of Rain’s vacation days disclosed to the public (a total of 71 days including 17 vacation days, 10 overnight leaves based on individual performance, and 44 overnight stays for official duties).”

The spokesperson added that “A disciplinary committee is planned to be held regarding the issue of having gone on a personal date after military duties, and the failure to wear the military hat.”

Source : http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=297646

English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on January 6, 2013.

14 Responses to “[article] Defense Ministry: Rain’s total vacation days are 27. Official Army duties overnight = 44.”

  1. […] Well, it turns out his treatment wasn’t that special after all. […]


  2. They need to leave that man alone i feel that they go overbroad in korean entertainers lives they are to deep in thier personl business he still has a business to run and a personal life to live


  3. Good explanation but too late now! The milk is already spilled and you can’t get it back! Rain’s agency will have to work hard to clean his image. But if Psy could, anybody can!! People will get over it eventually. 😀


    • Mari,

      Your comment made me curious about Psy’s case and in reading about his case I came across another former Korean celeb Yoo Seung Jun who was effectively exiled from the country (still to this day). Granted it was kinda chicken sh_t to do what he did last minute, but as one of the commenters said on the post I read, he didn’t really break a law. He was asked to decide are you a Korean citizen or an American citizen. Well, brotha decided. Korea was not happy.

      Now, I get more and more why there would have Neeeeever, Ever been a love scene in Ninja Assassin….not “nevah” and with a chocolate girl too….oh nooooo. Koreans are….in a word……INTENSE. Whatever scene was filmed will be buried With Bi. That scene is so far in the dirt under some concrete in a desert somewhere, it ain’t even funny. Now I Completely….get it….without question. Korean nationalism is off the chain.


  4. I JUST sick about reading this somebody just won’t STOP no matter and seriously THE EVIL EYE 👿 well still hunt him down can’t even leave the man alone and yet PEACEFUL LIFE…. such a STALKER and u be DEATH by one day and i mean it ~


  5. Yes they do Terri


  6. O also I know that certain people are sounding off about President Obama taking a vacation in Hawaai and I;m thinking how coincidental.


  7. I t was in a peacefull debate ,lolls, with a girl on Dramafever page about Rain; she originally stated,”he’ll get away with it,”and after I showed her this article, she backed off a little but still commented that “he still has more vacation days than other solders”,…” sigh”, what can you do, you know.


  8. 🙂


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