[#11] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.


Nope, still not done yet. No no no.

When I’m rolling in my custom Land Rover Hyundai and listening to my very favorite songs, these are the sounds from my playlist—whether he were to do an occasional cover or match the vibe—that I think would have Rain lighting up our airwaves like a Christmas tree. (JiHoon, are you listening?)

What’s on your fantasy Rain playlist, dear fans? Why?

» Numbers 48 through 53 on my fantasy Rain playlist are HERE.

— Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


#54. Heaven Must Be Like This – Ohio Players. Courtesy of DallasChitown and p4soul) This legendary song is perfect for your pipes. If D’Angelo can knock it out of the ball park, you sure can too. A 4-minute version like his would be epic, my dear Hoon.

#55. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind – The Delfonics. (Courtesy of MRTERRYBRETURNS and gorilliona) This would be awesome as a surprise during a concert. Get KCM to do that s-w-e-e-t falsetto in the background. You will blow our minds. Even New Kids on The Block had the b***s to hit that back in the day (the dang thing sold over a million copies, I hear), so hey, I know you do.

#56. Magic Man – Robert Winters and Fall. (Courtesy of Jack Frost) Magic Feet, Magic Stick… a Magic Man with Magic Hands touching your heart ain’t that far behind. 😉 

#57. Harvest For The World – The Isley Brothers. (Courtesy of CrustyBrown and soundping) Put this in your key and grab your tambourine, JiHoon. 🙂 The Power Station did a great version of it, too.

#58. Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden. (courtesy of stevehero2003 and poperboy510) No explanation necessary, I reckon. And someone actually did a MASHUP of Truly, Madly, Deeply and Jay Chou’s Dan Ai (Simple Love). Do you see where I’m going with this, JiHoon? I knew that you would.


~ by Cloud USA on January 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “[#11] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.”

  1. I try to back away from commenting so other Clouds can put their selections on these playlist posts, but no one ever does. Either they’ve forgotten that That’s what you want them to do or they just look at your list and think that’s the only list you are referencing. Don’t know?

    Stephe, maybe you should remind Clouds that you still Tweet these playlist posts to Bi. So he can See which Clouds like what. So he’s got at least 3 consecutive lists with a whole Lot of what BiAlamode likes.
    *SMILES*……….(*just saying*)


  2. OMG “SCREAMS” Like a middle school girl …..savage garden!!!!!..how do I love that song..it brings back old memories :)… thanks Stephe!


  3. Girl, you are funny… Can you imagine if he took your advice and re-recorded these classics. OMG, I would truly die…


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