[fan art] Happy New Year, JiHoon Rain, from across your Rainiverse…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Artist NAO. Posted by raimy@The Cloud Photo Board)


(JJ @Cloud USA / JessMK on Facebook / Rainthetreasure)


(Pollyanna, Japan)


(Yuko @Rainstorm, Japan)


(MagiSaez on Twitter)

A_VUUheCQAMQu4A (1)_MagiSaez

(ShiningForRain Chile on Twitter)


(RoseHoong @The Cloud Photo Board, Malaysia)


~ by Cloud USA on December 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “[fan art] Happy New Year, JiHoon Rain, from across your Rainiverse…”

  1. I love you my love bi rain ❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔☔☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔☔☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔


  2. I totally agree Alisa. Rain is the man


  3. The kiss of the dragon is hilariously creative. All this stuff looks amazing. I tell you if the South Korean entertainment industry ever has an award for the Korean artist with the most dedicated fans and fan club Rain would win hands down.


    • We try, we try. *BIG GRIN.*

      Terri :-}


    • Alisa
      girl u got groove move ekekekek and that so right Rain would be perfect one to win hands down. i am in with u on this u know he very dersved and matter fact KISS i mean simple KISS he have that JUICY DELICIOUS kiss make women melting their heart i would like get some good SCENES of that forgive ALYK LOL …… just saying ekekekekekek


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