[article] Bulletin Entertainment’s Top 10 Korean Entertainment Stories.


Super Junior's Leeteuk.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, a new private.

Manila Bulletin 12/26/2012 — by Jonathan M. Hicap

Bulletin Entertainment’s Top 10 Korean Entertainment Stories


10. Super Junior’s Leeteuk and other stars enlist in the military – Fans became sad when Super Junior leader Leeteuk enlisted in the Korean military last Oct. 30 as part of his mandatory service as a citizen. Hundreds of fans went to Gyeonggi province to see Leeteuk for the last time. He already finished his five weeks of basic military training and will be on active duty. Other Korean stars who enlisted in the military in 2012 were SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong, TRAX’s Jay and Jung Mo, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu, Lee Jae Hoon, Ryu Sang Wook and Kim Moo Yul. Stars who were discharged from the military in 2012 included Kangin, Hyun Bin, Lee Jun-ki and Kang Dong-won.

Our wish in 2013: Fans to continue supporting their idols. Super Junior’s Heechul and Korean pop star Rain will be discharged from the military next year.

» You can see Numbers 1 through 9 and Jonathan’s article in its entirety on the mb.com news site HERE. ^@@^


Corporal Jung JiHoon/Rain.

~ by Cloud USA on December 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “[article] Bulletin Entertainment’s Top 10 Korean Entertainment Stories.”

  1. Time is moving so fast, July 2013 will be here before we know it
    Support always for our RainRain


  2. YES!!!!
    u can’t wait for his DISCHARGE come this 2013 i am happy yet patient to see what our men being to us his next filed be oh man i saw that @ love of country Joint Winter Concert that kill smile just bright up my day
    i am here to support and forever !! 🙂


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