[review][HanCinema] R2B: Return to Base: Come Rain, Come Shine?

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HanCinema 12/15/2012 — written by CJ Wheeler

“R2B: Return to Base”: Come Rain, Come Shine?

Film: “R2B: Return to Base” (R2B: 리턴투베이스)  

Director: Kim Dong-weon

Stars: RainSin Se-kyeongYoo Joon-sangKim Sung-sooLee Ha-na & Lee Jong-suk

Review Score: 3 / 5

Also Try: “The Red Scarf”, “71-Into the Fire” or “Taegukgi

Shin Sang-ok’s 1964 film “The Red Muffler” was the first film to be released nationally in Japan and, prior to its release there, it was also shown at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival in Taipei. It was this acclaimed classic, this “expertly-filmed motion picture”, that inspired Kim Dong-weon‘s 2012 action drama “R2B: Return to Base“. The film was made with $10,000,000 and Time magazine’s 2011 ‘most influential person’ and Korean superstar Rain. However, it also had the unfortunate luck of being released alongside Choi Dong-hoon‘s record breaking “The Thieves”, as well as the historical comedy “The Grand Heist” (which itself brought in close to 5 million admissions)-it lasted three weeks before it fell off the radar.

R2B: Return to Base” is, if anything, a great spectacle….

» You can read Christopher’s movie review in it’s entirety on the HanCinema news site HERE.

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