[past interviews/SPOILER] Revisiting 2007 and 2003: Writer Lee KyungHee on SangDoo, BokGu, and Rain.

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It does not matter how many old interviews from writers, directors, actors, photographers, dancers, or anyone else in the entertainment industry that I read and post here. They all come down to the same thing—that JiHoon always is and always has been an inspiration to the people he works with. And that he doesn’t just talk respect and compassion, and doing your very best. He lives it.

THIS is why I am a Cloud and not afraid to show it. ^@@^


Writer Lee Kyung Hee (author of Sandoo! Let’s Go To School and A Love To Kill)

“Thank you for the Trust” An Interview (May 18, 2007) 

Chinese to English translation: huhuhuhu @Rain-Asia

Source credits : RainingAllDay / Bi-music thread / Baidu RainBar


Lee Kyung Hee’s latest work “Thankful” was a very successful TV series. It received good comments from both critics and audience.

Journalist: What is your feeling about this work? Any difference compared to your previous works?
Lee: If you are asking me about my satisfaction, then in all my works I am most satisfied with Sangdoo! Let’s go to School.

Journalist: What gave you the idea of writing such a kind drama series “Thankful”?
Lee: To tell you the truth, I suffered a lot because of  A Love to Kill. The blow was great because of the criticisms. Of course sharp criticism was necessary, but I was thinking at that time, why couldn’t people be more gentle to comfort and to encourage… I even thought of putting an end to what I loved most: writing a TV series.

But I got through with the “trust” I received, the trust of people around me… the actor named Jung Jihoon who was the lead actor in A Love To Kill. He gave me courage…. That friend (Jihoon) was badly hurt because of this drama (A Love To Kill). He probably was very tired himself in many ways, but to me, the not-so-good writer, he said, “Teacher is the best”, “As long as teacher insists, we would have no doubt it’s the best.” Besides… Jung Jihoon gave up releasing an album because of this drama (A Love To Kill). He agreed to star in it just based on his trust in me. So I really felt very sorry, very ashamed, in every way. But he gave me trust. That’s why we have maintained very good relationship.

Recently I have seen actors blaming writers for an unsuccessful TV series. When I saw that, I would think “I was really a lucky writer.” In any case, such kind of “trust” allowed me to be thankful to the world, and it made me stand up again… From that trust I wanted to write a story about “trust”, and hence “Thankful.”

The Story behind SangDoo: (an interview with Lee Kyung Hee in 2003)

Chinese to English translation: huhuhuhu @Rain-Asia

Source credits : RainingAllDay / Bi-music thread / Baidu RainBar


In the beginning I was very strict with Rain. I told him, “You star in this drama. If you perform badly, everything will be over. So you must work hard…. You should stay with Hyo Jin (the leading actress) and learn from her.”  So from the beginning I made Rain very nervous.

But Rain really did very well.

At first I gave him this Sangdoo character, but gradually I felt from him what kind of character Sangdoo was. Of course Sangdoo was Rain. Rain brought out life in Sangdoo.

I then felt that without Rain’s interpretation, there wouldn’t be a Sangdoo. So he really did very well.

Rain was really hard working. I believed he suffered physically as well. He even contracted symptoms of hair loss because of the drama, so you could imagine how hard it was for him. He had to play the past and the present, he had to be a gigolo and then a student, so Sangdoo had to change his hair style very often – sometimes as many as over 6 times a day. That’s why he suffered hair loss.

Originally the script was only for Sangdoo to die…..Originally I wanted Sangdoo to die blissfully. When I was writing chapter 15, I received mail from (Gong) Hyo Jin [Rain’s co-star ^@@^]: “Please do not let Sangdoo die. If you must let him die, then please let me die as well. Because I can’t live on if Sangdoo dies.”

When I received this mail I was wondering how could there be such a thing, but she sent me 6 identical letters. So I called her and asked her what she was doing, and she cried. I told her it was only Sangdoo and not Rain who’s going to die. But she answered, “Yinhoon (the female character) couldn’t live on without Sangdoo. Could you let Sangdoo live? If not, then let both of us die together please.”

I couldn’t and had no intention to change the script. I told her we were short of time, but she still pleaded me to change. I got mad and called her an idiot. After I hung up I called Rain and asked him what he thought.

Rain said, “I don’t know, but if Sangdoo was to die alone, isn’t his life too pitiful? What has he done wrong that he has to die alone?”

When I saw these two kids in the studio, I suddenly realized that it would be too cruel to follow my script and let Sangdoo die alone. These two children could not be separated! Whether alive or dead, let them be together – so I changed my mind.

The scene where Sangdoo talked lively to Yinhoon in the prison cell is the feeling I had planned well in advance. I wanted to show though in jail, Sangdoo was not tired, not self pitiful because he always had Yinhoon in his heart, and so his life was not so tragic. But during the prison cell shooting scene, Rain always cried.

My scripts were very detailed. I did not ask him to cry in that scene.

Rain was totally into the character, so he cried badly. He cried so hard he was choked and could not continue his acting.

I discovered that Rain was right, because Rain had totally became Sangdoo.

~ by Cloud USA on December 14, 2012.

8 Responses to “[past interviews/SPOILER] Revisiting 2007 and 2003: Writer Lee KyungHee on SangDoo, BokGu, and Rain.”

  1. Terri
    me too i have never follow any celebrities LIKE RAIN…. i come from Chinese artist before i have even known who this man called and what is he and what so special about this person overall why i so ADDICT to him could NOT let goes here why i never though i ever end myself this excited and yet happy follow Rain ever but sent i found out he not have BIG HEART workaholic person sacrifice anything who make many promise to his hard-work and LOYALTY
    to his fans and what he do that all bring me to one ….TALENT beyond everything this guy is everything that no doubt that i admire him so and yes… it took me a while ti INVESTED about Rain popularity and why he so amazing and why so many foreign and National do dictated to him i have LEARN so many thing that BRIGHT my life and who are WORLD-STAR give me life and enjoy who Rain is founding out his are singer, dancer, actor Model,… who have such Beautiful mind though heart and feeling toward many think he care and show to us that why i love him so much that this the one i have been as a fan & clouds i never regret is at all….. not to mention that he care for other and esp his Mother when in i watch his story on Golden Fishery 2008 it melting how much Rain miss her and even concert he sing out his out for her and when come to some need he even took extra mile and help the donation and no complaint period that why his true character always AMAZE & EASE me he truly down to earth and i would said if they ever interview me about artist who i would choice i said RAIN the ekekekek and yes he is such interact us ahahahah 🙂


  2. Very touching, thanks for sharing


  3. I feel the same as Terri, Rain is the only star I was compelled to follow in such a way! I was a fan of Ricky Martin for years but I never got into his fan club or felt so much love for him. I don’t follow just any performer, when I follow a performer is because he/she has an amazing talent that impresses me, have a beautiful heart and I feel that he/she appreciates their fans, their loyalty. Rain have all that and more! Rain is a wonderful actor, he lives in his character’s skins, he add layers upon layers of emotions, he seeks every angle of that character to make it his own. I love that inner light that shines in Rain, that’s what makes him special and that’s why I’ll be a proud Cloud for years to come. 😀


  4. This review brought tears to my eyes, Thank you for posting it as I never would have discovered it on my own. Happy to read these behind the scenes details. Sangdoo was my very second K drama ever that I watched. Originally I wanted to watch any of Hyo Jin dramas (first K drama was Pasta) and once I clicked on Sangdoo, I instantly fell in love with the story and Rain’s character and that was the start of my Rain fandom. Rain has shown over and over whether it be the love and passion with the characters he portrays, his performances, the fancy foot and body dance moves or simply being Jung Ji Hoon that by giving it your all there is nothing you can’t do. I am proud to be his fan and really looking forward to what is yet to come.


  5. I have to say I’m not surprised by any of this, I’ve never ever followed a celebrities career not alone be so invested in their life. But I’ve felt he’s special, his heart is good, he’s so open and sweet with a wonderful sense of humor. Yeah his looks was naturally the first thing that drew me in but its him JiHoon the man that’s made me a cloud. I truly respect and admire him and want nothing but the best for his life. His soul is good and I love him for it.


    • Thanks for saying this. It is the same for me just didn’t know how to say it. I have never followed or cared to follow celebrities either, but somehow with this man I do. Funny how it is not his sexiness that draws me but his life, if that makes any sense. That is what made me a cloud and very proud to be one.


      • Kathy,

        You make perfect sense to me. I am the same. I have never followed any celebrity…until Rain. And it’s not just one part of him that draws me…it’s just everything.

        There’s a completeness, a real presence in Rain, that is simply not there in any other celebrity in the world.

        Terri :-}


      • I t does Kathy. 🙂


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