[article][clip] The Wachowskis want to work with Rain again, and make a movie in Seoul.

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Well, of course they do. They’re not world-recognized movie directors for nothing (The Matrix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas, etc.). They know a good thing with they see—and work with—it. 🙂

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Lana Wachowski: “Working with Rain was a dream. He was a… he’s a physical genius. He’s like Mozart, the way Mozart could hear one thing and play it. You show him one dance move or one Kung Fu move, he can do it instantly. I mean, he was so talented, and so sweet, such a generous, beautiful person.”

Andy Wachowski: “Yeah, we hope that he gets out of the Army soon so that we can work with him again.”

Lana Wachowski (tongue in cheek, sort of): “Yeah. Why does he have to go to the Army? Forget the Army! Let’s get rid of it!” (laughs)

Somebody: “Uh-oh!” (laughs) 😉 ^@@^


Andy Wachowski, left, and Lana Wachowski speak during the press conference held Thursday in Seoul. The directors, known for “The Matrix” series, came to Korea for the first time to promote their new film “Cloud Atlas.” Photo credit: Yonhap News

Andy Wachowski, left, and Lana Wachowski speak during the press conference held Thursday in Seoul. The directors, known for “The Matrix” series, came to Korea for the first time to promote their new film “Cloud Atlas.” Photo credit: Yonhap News

The Korea Times 12/13/2012— written by Rachel Lee

Wachowskis wish to make a film in Seoul

For world-famous movie-making team the Wachowskis, shooting their recent science fiction film was like a game.

Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski known for their worldwide hit trilogy “The Matrix” came to Korea Thursday for the first time with German director Tom Tykwer and English actor Jim Sturgess to promote their new film “Cloud Atlas.” Korean actress Bae Doo-na, who stars in the film as one of the six main characters, also attended Thursday the press conference with them.

“We were actually going to cancel the press conference so that we can get out and see this beautiful city,” said Andy jokingly during the press conference held Thursday in Seoul.

Their new drama and science fiction film, written and directed in collaboration with Tykwer, was adapted from the 2004 novel “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell. World-famous movie stars appear in the film including Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Ben Whishaw.

The film explores how the actions of individuals affect others throughout the past, present and future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is transformed from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future. Each member of the ensemble appears in multiple roles as the stories move through time.

“It was quite easy (for me to make the film), because the book was wonderfully constructed. We had a lot of fun finding all the connections. It was a process that continued all the way through the creation of the film, even in editing. Even after watching the film, we still found a connection we hadn’t made. It was like a game,” said Andy.

During the conference, Lana, who described her wife as a big fan of Korean food, said she first got to know Bae when she watched “Take Care of My Cat” (2001).

“I kept watching her films (after I watched ‘Take Care of My Cat.’ I watched almost all her movies,” Lana said.

The director spoke highly of the Korean actress Bae for her superb portrayal of the role Sonmi-451, a genetically-engineered clone. The director said that Bae is capable of expressing “pure emotional vulnerability” and underneath this there is “toughness and strength that lead to a revolution” an effect similar to that caused by Sonmi-451 in the film.

Lana also expressed a positive view about the Korean film industry, actors and actresses. She also shared the desire to make a film in Seoul.

“We think the Korean film industry is very exciting. There are many great films being made out of here,” Lana said. “We want to make a movie in Seoul so if you have a good book or good ideas, send them to us,” said Lana. She previously worked with Korean singer Rain for “Ninja Assassin” (2009) and said working with him was like a “dream.” She described him a “physical genius like Mozart,” adding that when he asks him to perform something, he does it instantly.

Andy Wachowski, 44, teamed up with his older sibling Lana Wachowski, 47, and began working on films. Their first script was optioned, and formed the basis for the film “Assassins” (1995). The Wachowski’s went on to make their directorial debut with the self-written “Bound” (1996), which was well received. They followed this with the smash-hit “The Matrix” (1999) and went on to produce two successful sequels, “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) and “The Matrix Revolutions” (2003).

Other projects include scripting and producing the cult hit “V for Vendetta” (2005), a live action version of a Japanese anime series, “Speed Racer” (2008) and the ambitious epic “Cloud Atlas” (2012).

“Cloud Atlas” will be released on Jan. 10, 2013 in theaters nationwide. Rated 18 and over. Runs for 172 minutes. Distributed by NEW.


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  2. Great write up! I would like to be an extra in Ninja Assassins 2


  3. oh wow…this was the first thing i saw in my inbox today and i’m all smiles 🙂 ..


  4. In a perfect world North Korea would join with South Korea and stop the nonsense. Looking forward to seeing all Rain does when JiHoon is a freeman man again. He’s gonna turn it out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..


    • TALKING ABOUT North Korean it BAD very Bad that i could NEVER forgive what have them done to SOUTH … like u said on perfect if they know how to share LOVE together and STOP try destroyed SOUTH it would PERFECT but the fact that just TO MUCH ………… and u know i hate to said they have bad planing which i hope nothing go worse btw…. this 2 gosh when well NORTH STOP….!!

      i would looking forward to Rain COMEBACK and see what he going to next i just excited and yet patient to him be treatment as i know he well be BIGGER then all ~


  5. Arghhh Ninja Assassin 2!!! That would be awesome!!! Oh man but his training was really hard, I don’t know if Rain wants to go thru that again! It would be a challenge, that’s for sure. Anyways, any movie with these directors would be awesome, their creativity has no bounds. Besides, every movie they make gets attention and that will be a great starting point for him. I can’t wait for Rain’s comeback!! 😀


    • Lord knows I would love to see a Ninja Assassin 2, but unless it’s Bi and Naomie…….ain’t interested. Besides, he didn’t like the hard training so I don’t think it will happen with him. However, I’m sure whatever the Wachowskis’ “cook up” will be great with Bi in it. So I look forward to any future collaborations with them. *SMILES*……………………….


      • I agree if there is a Ninja Assassin 2 the leads need to be Rain and Naomie. The Wachowskis are too brilliant of directors to try and pull Ninja Assassin 2 off without Rain and Naomie. I am curious if Rain is willing to go through that physical challenge again. I know he has the will to do so just not sure if he has the reason to do so. Unless there is more to Raizo’s character he wants to portray.


        • @BIA
          I AGREED ALSO
          we all know Rain have hard-time during his training yrs esp the training & DIET that eh have to go through and training among what he can’t and can eat ahahhaah as follow up for Ninja part 2 i doubt that NOT going to happen again once it take first place it would not going to be his habit again which i understand it already HARD-CORE on that workaholic who known rain is already it sad that Ninja is very ACTION BLOOD Movies but the sad part is they either they did film Rain & Naomie in kind love story or not it all cut off anyway, if he is filming with Wachowski i it BOM!!! for sure coz their movie always GOOD AND best to watch as for rain such a talent and learn so fast who would pay more pocket money for him uh ahahhaahah i know right his have a lot attention in USA and many scrip are looking at him i just can’t wait to see what he do next reading this new and how they compliment about Rain i just so i just BLOW AWAY i know if Rain decided with them again it going be awesome indeed and i can’t wait for his comeback again ya….. they sure love our Rain so do we 🙂


  6. Yes let this man be done with his army duties so he can pick up where he left off taking over the world!! Let there be a Rain thunderstorm’s world over!


  7. I’m all for a Ninja Assassin 2 and turn on the romance between Raizo and Mika! I hope Rain gets to work with the Wachowskis again in the future. I would love to see Rain in more movies. It seems to allow him a wider range of expressions and emotions than the stage. You see a different side of his performing attributes.


  8. Wow that is awesome that they want to work with Rain again!!!!!! I really hope he gets a chance to work with them again!!!


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