[#10] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.


Nope, still not done yet. No no no.

When I’m rolling in my Infinity Hyundai and listening to my very favorite songs, these are the sounds from my playlist—whether he were to do an occasional cover or match the vibe—that I think would have Rain lighting up our airwaves like a Christmas tree. (JiHoon, are you listening?)

What’s on your fantasy Rain playlist, dear fans? Why?

» Numbers 42 through 47 on my fantasy Rain playlist are HERE.

— Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


#48. Earth Song – Michael Jackson. Courtesy of michaeljacksonVEVO@YT) Let me explain. You need a strong visual platform now, especially for those folks who have yet to notice how dedicated a philanthropist you are and always have been. You’ve already thrown your hat into several arenas—human trafficking, water conservation, child welfare, and disaster relief, just to name a few, so it’s not that you need to find a cause, just be more vocal about the ones you have. Know what I mean?

#49. You Are My Life – Michael Jackson. (Courtesy of prettyliberiangirl @YT) Don’t have to explain this one, I’ll bet. Mmmm.

#50. Smile – Nat King Cole (Courtesy of lvcatable @YT) Get your croon-on, son. Here are two of your favorites together—singer Nat King Cole and actor Charlie Chaplin.

#51. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole. (Courtesy of deenclassic @YT) Ho, ho, ho. Oooooh, yes.

#52. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Vanessa Williams and Bobby Caldwell. (Courtesy of GregWn  @YT) Grab the female artist of your choice (or heck, get Vanessa!), and let it “do what it do”, JiHoon! 🙂

#53. Please Come Home For Christmas – Eagles. (Courtesy of  cornbreadobrien @YT) If not for Christmas, by New Year’s night…


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: Rain singing a small sample of “White Christmas” on Music Bank in 2003. I know there was a medley going on, but they should have let him sing the whole song. I do not know what they were thinking! (courtesy of  manloverain8)

Not to mention, if the man can sound like THIS live on the radio with a head cold, you know doggone well he can croon you into a stupor. Bet! (from July 2012, courtesy of ratoka)


~ by Cloud USA on December 12, 2012.

22 Responses to “[#10] From Stephe’s desk: My fantasy Rain playlist for the U.S. continued.”

  1. Lastly, ain’t ‘nutin like an “old school” party. Here is Deniece Williams again from the same album as the previous song. Bi the dancer can have a lot of fun with this old school dance classic. Love Niecy!!


  2. This is a “just cause” song. Just because I want to introduce Bi to Deniece Williams’ music, if he doesn’t already know of her. Bi this was back in the late 70s when people really sang. I hate this kind of talent has a shelf life in the industry. I wore out my Deniece Williams records growing up.


  3. Another song that would fall into the social commentary category. A young Tevin Campbell sang it so beautifully. I could see Bi doing an updated version of a song like this.


  4. Speaking of the social commentary type songs. Bi could do a version of a song like Stevie’s “Conversation Peace.” From the 1995 CD of the same name. I have it and it’s really good of course most everything Stevie does is.


  5. Oh…what a great playlist for Bi…

    I would love to hear him sing one of my favorite Christmas songs someday…

    Terri :-}


    • Love it Terri! I think Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie have THE most timeless voices or at the very least timeless music. She learned at the feet of one of the greatest voices of all time, as far as I’m concerned. I like where Stephe went on this playlist and I tried to keep with the theme. I’d also like to see what other Clouds come up with, but it seems only myself and maybe one or two others ever participate on the playlist posts. Oh well.



  6. Reblogged this on walking through the rain.


  7. Wow………..is all I can say. Some music is just TIMELESS and Nat King Cole is the EPITOME of that. Bi I hope you can appreciate my choices today. I’m sure you do. Many people have done their own versions of this song. Even his daughter, but……aah……just…..Wow!


  8. Now listen to how the “master” does it. Very few voices touch this one…..sorry but that’s my humble opinion. Enjoy the original version of Nature Boy by the late, great Nat King Cole.


  9. Celine Dion covers this wonderful classic Nature Boy. This song is also on the (A New Day Has Come) CD. This song fits in well with the holiday theme today.


  10. This one is just for you to listen to Bi……because it’s beautiful. Celine Dion has such a beautiful voice. I also have this CD (The Greatest Reward).


    • Oops……the album title is written right on the picture.

      The Greatest Reward is one of the songs on the same album. Sorry. *SMILES*…………………………………….


  11. And another one from the great MJ………for the balladeer within you Bi.


  12. Bi……drop the key on this song by your musical mentor and I could SO see you singing this song. This was on the soundtrack to the movie Lady Sings The Blues starring Diana Ross as Billie Holiday. It’s one of the “gazillion” favorites of mine by Mike.


  13. Now back to the sounds of the season. No need for commentary. This is the lovely Toni Braxton singing a soft, jazzy version of the ultimate Christmas classic. The Christmas Song.


  14. Bi I put this one here…..well….this is one of my “just cause” songs. I don’t expect you to sing this song, but I can Definitely see you “working it” to this latin/hip-hop song (one of my favorites). I have this CD by the latin/hip-hop group Yerba Buena who the late Celia Cruz gave her stamp of approval to.


  15. Thanks Stephe for this mellow mood I now find myself in.

    Bi this would be great from a male perspective and since you’ve done Sad Tango, this would be perfect for you. I think you SHOULD get with Babyface. He is the ultimate melody man and I think he could give people another “Bi” to listen too. The sexy balladeer, not just the dancer. Your audience has grown up and it’s ok stretch the maturity boundary……just a little.


  16. Speaking of duets, I guess Vanessa Williams is on the brain (you did that Stephe….SMILES).

    Bi I think your voice would blend well with the mellow, jazzy and sexy song stylings of someone like Vanessa Williams. This is not a holiday song, but I think it fits in with these selections.


  17. Bi I can also see you performing a male version of Do You Hear What I Hear? I particularly like Vanessa Williams’ version of this song. It has the perfect mix of R&B, Gospel and African rhythms with neither overpowering the other. I would love to see you perform something like this with a snippet of a gospel choir singing behind you. I think you push the boundaries in the K-Pop wave and how beautiful it would be to see a Korean artist performing with gospel sung behind him. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it.


  18. I like Ledisi’s sexy, soulful and modern version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. I can a male version of Her version.


  19. I’d like to see you tackle a nice soft, soulful, jazzy musical Classic. Goodness knows I can see you in a tux doing a soft shoe dance to this song. Since we’re in holiday mode, here’s one of my favorites by one of my favorite singers miss Ledisi.


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